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In fact, the flexible display rumor about the Galaxy S6 has been bandied about before, and it also included the Note 5 in the whisper, so next year might be when Samsung's bendy screens really take off in production volumes. Latest Reports suggests that Samsung is working on designing the Galaxy S6 from scratch, the team gave the S6 a codename "Project Zero" , and some unnamed "insiders" have allegedly come forward and shared a few of its specs.

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The screen resolution will be QHD x , just like that of the Note 4, which is hardly a surprise. The exact display size is still a mystery, though, possibly because Samsung execs haven't yet decided on it. In either case, hopefully it will come with optical image stabilization.

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The S6 will pack a selfie snapper 5 MP front camera , matching the sensors in the recently unveiled Galaxy A series. Handsets with 64 or GB built-in storage will also be offered, and we assume the microSD expansion will stick around too. In terms of chipset, the Galaxy S6 will be powered by an Exynos , which is on track to be the company's first SoC with active bit support. The Exynos in the Galaxy Note 4 is also technically bit, but Samsung has only enabled bit support for it until now. That might have something to do with the fact that Android will only work with bit chipsets starting with version 5.

Galaxy S6 is expected Early Next year. Samsung has issued a court filing regarding its collaboration with Microsoft on Windows Phone and states that it refuses to fulfill its end of the deal as it now sees the software giant as a direct competitor. Microsoft took action in early August in an attempt to collect the cash. However, that's unlikely to happen if the New York federal court, where the filing is made, decides in favor of Samsung.

The company says that because of the Nokia acquisition, Microsoft violated its deal with Samsung. According to the deal, Samsung had to pay Microsoft royalties in exchange for a patent license on its Android smartphones. However, Microsoft won't give up and is "confident" in the strength of its case.

These two Android smartphones is targeting young buyers with entry-level and mid-range specs, variety of colors, and decidedly premium all-metal unibody. Samsung Galaxy A5 packs 1. There's 16GB of built-in memory, which can be further expanded via microSD card slot. Samsung Galaxy A5 Full specs. Physical measures of the Samsung Galaxy A5 are The handset is powered by a 2,mAh battery. Samsung Galaxy A3 on the other hand packs 1.

How to Track A Samsung Phone Remotely

Onboard memory is 8GB, which can be further expanded via microSD card slot. The display of the Galaxy A3 is a 4. The device's main camera is an 8MP unit, coupled with 5MP front-facing snapper. Full connectivity suite is also on board, headed by Cat4 LTE. Like its bigger brother, the A3 boots Android 4. Samsung Galaxy A3 Full Specs. The last Samsung Galaxy Note References to a Galaxy Note And it's not a typo either, the Galaxy Note Not that it's a big surprise that Samsung will be reprising one of its models.

We can speculate, of course, at this point a bit processor is not unlikely and it's an easy guess that the new tablet will incorporate the improvements in the S Pen of the Galaxy Note 4. The screen will have a 5. The profile also reveals that the Galaxy A7 will have a bit processor ARMv8-A instruction set and will be clocked at 1.

Tinder for Samsung Galaxy A3 - free download APK file for Galaxy A3

Even the entry level A series phone, the Galaxy A3, will have a bit processor a Snapdragon probably, with a quad-core Cortex-A53 processor at 1. It seems that the Galaxy A5 will use the same chipset, but it's not clear yet if the Galaxy A7 will go up to Snapdragon 61x or simply go for an overclocked The Samsung Galaxy A7 will launch with Android 4. A smartphone as good-looking as the Samsung Galaxy Alpha takes quite the display of beauty to advertise it properly.

After carefully evaluating the video from various angles in our research center, we're happy to confirm that gorgeous Doutzen, who we'd totally swipe right on Tinder by the way, has done a satisfactory job promoting Samsung's beautiful metallic phone.

In the video, you can watch her do typical supermodel stuff, such as partying with friends in high-class establishments, taking a group selfie with super-fast autofocus, and looking especially happy chatting on the Galaxy Alpha in the back of a limousine. The video carries a "Your Style, Your Alpha" tagline that we're not totally sure what to make of, but every ad needs a tagline, so there you have it.

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Ad Video [YouTube]. Samsung announced its first bit Chip , the Exynos 7 Octa. It will be the first chip to fully supports Android 5. With the Exynos 7 Octa, the company is going to have a much better time with customers differentiating the more powerful Galaxy Note 4 from the Galaxy Alpha, which also packs an Exynos 5 Octa However, it's a much less powerful one with a quad-core 1. The Exynos 7 Octa features a octa-core cpu consisting of four Cortex-A57 and for Cortex-A53 cores made using Samsung's 20nm manufacturing process. You may have Smartphone with Wi-Fi However, Samsung is already looking ahead to improve this Technology even further.

The company has announced that it has managed to complete the development of the Wi-Fi The new That's an increase of 5x times compared to the Samsung says that the The 60GHz frequency is more than 10x times faster than that of 2. The Smartphone market is unstable, it has its ups and downs. Samsung announced its earnings guide for Q3 The company expects to record profits of 4. Smartphone sales by Samsung are slightly up for the period. However, increased marketing costs and declining product prices hurt the company's bottom line.

That's the biggest investment the company has ever made into a single plant. According to Samsung's plans, the plant is going to be built in Pyeongtaek, which is 75 km south of Seoul and create , jobs. Interestingly, the company hasn't made a final decision yet on whether the factory will create processors or memory chips. But with Samsung estimating the new factory is going to be finished by the second half of , there's a lot of time to make this decision.

Rumors suggests Samsung is going to be making the upcoming Apple A9 chip, which will go into the company's future phones and tablets. Samsung is very proud of its Galaxy Alpha , so that the company today released an Infographic which tries to convince the world that the Alpha sets "a new standard for smartphone design". The infographic reminds us that the Galaxy Alpha comes with a diamond-cut metal frame that makes it durable, in addition to a smooth back that should provide a firm grip.

The handset's five color versions aren't forgotten Black, White, Silver, Gold, Blue , and neither are its main features: an octa-core Exynos processor, 12 MP rear camera, 4. Check out the Infographic below! They're made using the 20nm manufacturing process and are designed with high performance smartphones and tablets in mind by achieving data transfer rates of up to 2,Mbps.

Reports of a more affordable variant of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha first surfaced last week. Back then we heard that Samsung was in development of an SM-A device for the midrange market. Notably, the 2,mAh battery is expected to be of the non-removable kind unlike on the Galaxy Alpha while a 5MP front-facer is also expected.

Despite the current trend for curved TV displays, lots of people think its another fancy gimmick. Just press a button on the remote control and it transforms itself from a flat screen to one that's curved. As far as pricing goes we don't have any details yet, but we think it's safe to assume that it won't be cheap. Certainly not if Samsung's latest "regular" curved screen 4K TV is anything to go by, anyway. Demo [Video]. Samsung Philippines tweeted a photo mocking Apple's latest iPhone 6 Plus. Apple's CEO Steve jobs said in the past on the matter of large smartphones "No one is ever going to buy a big phone," The quote from Jobs dates from July at an event related to antenna-gate iPhone 4 release However, Apple's made a pretty big 5.

As you may recall Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at 4. Naturally, the comment on Samsung's side is snarky and goes "Guess who surprised themselves and changed their minds. While at it, let's also remember another popular Apple ad regarding the perfect phone size, released back when the iPhone 5 became the company's flagship. The slender Galaxy smartphone with a metal frame will be hitting all three countries within the next few weeks.

The Android Icons List

The UK will be getting the Exynos octa-core model and it will be resealed on September It appears though that the contract-free version will launch with some delay on September We also found various retailers offering the Samsung Galaxy Alpha on pre-order in Germany. An Android ROM often several gigabytes in size is partitioned split in to different sections with each section responsible for different features and functions which have been explained above. The Samsung Android phone you want to backup has been rooted by you.

We explain how to backup the phone and do all this here. All successful backups are stored in the EFSProBackup folder and all the backups have the model name, as well as date and time of when the backup occurred. At the time of writing this article the date is 9th September , so, just to prove this works.

As you can see we have selected just the EFS partition this time to backup and this will be explained why in the next section. We click the Backup button and the process starts — this can take some time and depending on how many applications you have installed and such the backup filesize may be large so make sure you have enough space on the phone itself or inserted SD card before starting the backup.

As you can see the backup archive data matches the time of writing 9th September and the device name is that of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that we are using GT-I When it comes to backing up a Samsung Android phone before downgrading the OS the only partition you really need to backup is EFS as we have done above we still recommend you back up everything just to be sure and we will explain why in the next section. Click the Firmware tab at the top.

Click the Check your firmware option.

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  5. Search for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using the dropdown menu. Note — In this example using the Note 3 we chose Thailand as the country but you would choose your own country e. You would obviously choose the Samsung Android phone model and country that applies to you which matches the Samsung Android phone whose OS you wish to downgrade.

    How To Fake GPS Location On Android Without Root

    The latest firmware will appear. Click the Download button again when ready to proceed you may need to register a free account on Sammobile before you can download ROMS. As you can see, the filesize is 1. Once downloaded save it somewhere that is easy to access such as the desktop. Download Odin. Put the Samsung Android phone in recovery mode — a.