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That same source is claiming the price of the phone will be similar to the original.

Apple shows a White House coronavirus PSA to App Store users

There aren't many rumors or leaks for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, as they all turned out to be of the Galaxy Z Flip, but we do know one or two things so far. If the foldable phone was to launch alongside the Galaxy Note devices, that'd make a lot of sense. Shipping with a stylus would make sense in order to make the most of the big screen, and this patent specifically describes a stylus that can even work on the curved part of the screen while the phone is partially folded.

This sounds similar to the Huawei Mate X. I just got word that Samsung will likely be launching the true Galaxy Fold successor in Q2 of this year.

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If I've conglomerates all the different reports correctly, it should have an 8" display, MP camera, ultra thin glass, SPen, Snapdragon and 5G. January 24, We've heard that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 might have a MP main lens and a lens with 5x optical zoom, although since that we heard the more believable rumor that it'll have a 12MP main camera and 12MP sensor with ultra-wide angle lens. One report also claims the phone is set to land with an in-display selfie camera to avoid wasting room on a notch in the screen.

This is something we've heard Samsung is developing for quite a long time. Elsewhere it has been said that it will have a 10MP front-facing camera and a Snapdragon chipset. That's the same chipset as the original Galaxy Fold and would be a bit dated by standards. Confusingly, Samsung has binned the chronological numbering system it has traditionally used when naming Galaxy phones — the S20 is the followup to last year's S The world's biggest smartphone maker said the jump was meant to represent that it had entered "a new decade".

The S20 comes in three versions: The entry-level S20 6. All three S20 phones can connect to 5G — the next generation of mobile phone networks. The standard S20 also comes in a 4G variant. Most of the UK's major networks now offer 5G contracts, though coverage is limited to select towns and cities. Once connected, you can download an HD movie in seconds.

How to Spy on a Samsung Galaxy Fold Remotely

Like Apple's most recent mobile, the iPhone 11, the S20's key draw is its top-end camera system, which Samsung describes as "super-high resolution". The telephoto lens is enhanced with a new "Space Zoom" feature, which uses AI to zoom in on your subject. This much magnification is impressive on a phone. Samsung accomplished its zoom feat by using new high-resolution sensors for its cameras.

Anti Spy Pellicola Protettiva Privacy per Samsung Galaxy Fold Protezione | eBay

Most phones shoot 12 megapixels. That records any scene in more detail and lets the phone crop in on areas to simulate a zoom lens. The S20 Ultra sensor goes up to megapixels. Did I mention that these specs are ludicrous? On top of that, the S20 Ultra also has a periscope. Really: It's hidden inside and expands sideways with a mirror to provide four-times optical zoom, similar to technology we've seen from Samsung rival Huawei. Many photo buffs don't think twice about spending a few hundred extra bucks on a camera.

But I have serious questions about how all of this will perform in the real world. During my hands-on time with the S20, using all that zoom felt a bit like trying to press an elevator button with a 5-foot pole.

You have to hold super still or prop the phone up against something. And for all of us who aren't professional spies, how often do you actually need to zoom in that much? The S20's camera has one other useful trick up its sleeve: A mode Samsung calls "Single Take" does the shooting for you.

Just hold up your camera for 10 seconds, moving around to different interesting angles. Then the phone uses artificial intelligence to pull out up to 14 of the best still shots and clips.

Galaxy Fold: Official Introduction

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