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  3. A top-notch screen, processor, and battery
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Like the Galaxy S10, the G8 uses the newest Snapdragon chip. LG has upped the battery capacity from 3,mAh to 3,mAh, and the difference is clear. During my testing, I never had to plug it in before I was ready to put it down for the night. Only once did I reach a critical state below 15 percent. The G8 runs on Android 9, but you won't find Digital Wellbeing or any kind of screen-time monitoring.

Unfortunately, the rest of UX 8. Much like Samsung did with the excellent One UI, it could use a complete makeover. The G8 is the first Android phone shipping in the U. The concept is the same—move your face in a circular motion to register it and simply look at your phone to unlock it—and in my testing it worked well.

Not only did it fail to recognize my hand more than half the time, but I struggled to find a legitimate case scenario in which it would be useful. Even if it worked, raising your palm to your phone while holding it with the other hand is cumbersome at best. Presumably LG is thinking of those times when your G8 is lying flat on a table.

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Hand ID lets you unlock your phone by holding your palm in front of the time-of-flight camera. In theory, anyway. Instead of taps and swipes, you hold your hand about a six inches from the front camera until your hand is recognized.


Then you can wave to do things like play music and answer calls, and twist to raise and lower the volume. It's something people are going to want to try out and it might even convince a few people to buy one. However, it doesn't nothing to make the G8 better. It's still easier to press the buttons. Does the G8 change that? Most people find that the G devices have inferior displays, inferior cameras, or an inferior build. These, along with some smart marketing, have led to Samsung crushing LG in sales. LG G8 first impressions: Finally taking Samsung head on?

LG G8 ThinQ: Hands-on with the hands-free phone

After a few weeks with the device, I finally feel ready to answer that question and give a few more insights on just what the LG G8 brings to the table. I have one admission to make: LG has long made the phone I find perfect for my hand. In a world of expanding screens, shrinking bezels, and slippery materials, LG seems to strike a balance between the three that few others can.

The LG G8 is another in a long line of comfortable devices — but I do have a few gripes. Much like every other premium phone on the market, the G8 is a glass and metal sandwich. The glass on the front and back of the device lend to a premium feel but come at a cost. That title used to be held by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but the G8 ups the ante by seemingly sliding off completely flat surfaces.

LG G8X Dual Screen Foldable Phone Impressions!

This has led to multiple falls. Luckily, as JerryRigEverything pointed out, those are pretty cheap and can be replaced somewhat easily. What cannot be replaced easily is the battery. Another revelation from the excellent video above is that LG used glue to hold down the battery in the G8. Other companies use pull tabs or glue that easily comes off, but not LG. Personally, I love it and think that the G8 is one of the best looking phones on the market. I get frustrated with the curved display edges of the Samsung Galaxy series and LG offers an excellent alternative.

The displays on the Galaxy S lineup are both better and more power-efficient too. Not that this is a bad display. In fact, I quite like how it looks, but seeing the Galaxy S10e and LG G8 next to each other in a carrier store will tell you everything you need to know. The glass that covers the display is still in perfect condition, despite lacking a screen protector.

The rear has only seen minor scratches. During our initial hands-on , I was not impressed with the battery life with our review unit. In my early testing I would top out at around four hours of daily screen on time and occasionally have to charge up before bed. A funny thing happened when LG switched out my Verizon-branded unit for a factory unlocked version; my battery life skyrocketed. Despite LG assuring me that there were no real differences between the devices, the proof is in the pudding.

A top-notch screen, processor, and battery

Kudos, LG. One thing LG started before anyone else in the Android world is caring about the vibration motor.

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  • While Android as a whole has been slowly improving especially over the past two years, LG is somehow getting worse and worse by comparison. That skin is full of bloatware and bizarre UI changes. For one thing, gesture navigation on this phone is largely broken. The swipe gesture which goes back and forth though apps, for example, often skips over two or three apps even on a quick swipe. Sometimes, the drawer will even just leave blank spots on pages for no reason at all.

    LG G8 ThinQ Review: A Good Phone Marred By Gimmicks

    LG, why are you like this? Diving further into this, I have a smaller but still annoying complaint. Once you go to save the screenshot, it also saves as a copy, leaving you with a duplicate. Over time, things have gotten slowly worse as Android as a whole has been getting better. Instead, they developed AirMotion.

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    This feature takes a scan of your hand and tracks its movements to do things like adjust volume or control playback. The pitch is to use this when your hands are dirty, which is a good idea, but the implementation is too horrible to make that worthwhile. You have to perfectly place your hand to get this sort of thing working, and even then, it takes so much longer to get the feature working.