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The 5 cameras shoot simultaneously, and all the data that is obtained from the 5 cameras is fused into a single HDR photo. Nokia was gracious to give the Nokia 9 Pureview GB of internal storage, which is decent. The image fusion process from all the 5 cameras is some pretty nerdy stuff. The ASIC controls the camera modules by calculating exposure levels, white balance, and all of that.

This allows the Nokia 9 to process these huge files without dramatically harming battery life. Nokia partnered with Adobe where they even added a lens profile to it so that you can better process the files. When you load these RAW files to Lightroom and start playing with it, that is when you notice what Nokia is aiming with this phone. The phone has an extensive dynamic range for a phone, and it was awe-inspiring in some cases. The colours were also rich, and you can do a lot with these RAW files. The other trick with this phone is that you can shoot portrait photos.

Spy message app for nokia 9

HMD says that the Nokia 9 Pureview can identify over layers which it uses for depth mapping which is insane. When you have an obvious subject, turn that setting on and take the picture. Wait for it to process this is the Nokia 9 way and you can adjust the depth level on Google Photos. The results were surprisingly good. Since this phone has 3 monochrome sensors, it also has a dedicated monochrome mode.

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For those people who love taking black and white photos, you will love the output from this camera. Low light performance is pretty bad, and it is thanks to the lack of OIS. This phone is only to be used during the day or in a place with good lighting. The selfie camera is the normal part of this phone.

It is a regular 20MP camera that shoots decent photos, and it could be the same one on the Nokia 8. The Nokia 9 PureView also has high-end video shooting options. You can shoot up to 4K HDR on both the selfie and main cameras which is uncommon. However, there is still a Google Camera app mod for it in the webs that could make your photo taking experience great.

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A typical person might find the image fusion process a little too slow for their taste. This phone will be appreciated by camera enthusiasts like me who understand how to take those RAW photos and edit them on Adobe Lightroom. Photographers who shoot with dedicated cameras will understand this process of thinking about a shot, taking it, processing the RAW files, and enjoying the outcome. The Nokia 9 is a terrific device for people who know what to do with. It is also an excellent day-to-day smartphone with its PureView moniker that has succeeded before.

Nokia 9 PureView - Wikipedia

While local availability is limited, third-party retailers have the handheld at KES 70,, a substantial amount, to say the least. Some may say that the images captured by the phone are very good, although low-light performance fails to deliver compared to rivals from Samsung. Nevertheless, you can get groundbreaking photos if you capture RAW images and wait for the device to process them.

Afterward, you can edit them to suit your needs with apps such as Lightroom and Snapseed. The P30 Pro has a more diverse camera with X50 zooming capability on its periscope lens; the S10 has an ultra-wide lens with more pluses like a headphone jack and a much better screen. The recently […]. Nokia 9 Pureview Full Review and Nokia 7. The recently launched Nokia 6. Sign me up for the newsletter! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Nokia 6. Nokia 7. Nokia 3. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. Displaying of 11 reviews. Umesh Tripathi Jul 4, on Gadgets Recommends.

Photo click krke dekho naak ke baal gin loge. Bhai nokia kya phone launch kiya hai Gadar katai zeher. Is this review helpful? Nokia 9 Pure View Excellent. Aashik Kihsaa Apr 11, on Gadgets Recommends. Best for camera lovers. Niranjan Bujji Jul 26, on Gadgets Recommends. Seems to be a good Smartphone. Runi Berg Dec 15, on Gadgets Recommends. The things that changed my mind about giving it 5 stars, is that it hasn't got expandable storage, and that the screen does not go all the way to the edge. Nokia Mobile Services Review. Last year they launched Nokia 8 and I was early user of that phone.

Rear camera had issue withing intial few days only.

Nokia 9 PureView Review: A Snapper for Camera Geeks

When checked with customer support , they asked to wait update. I had no choice then to continue use of phone as I spent so much money on this. Once warranty period of 1 years was over, they started asking for charged for the issue I raised during warranty period. After all efforts I failed to get my phone camera issue fixed from Nokia. Do also vist service center of Nokia who make fake signs to close job sheets. All this is well supported by Nokia Management as I escalated this to senior officers of Nokia. I have all proofs available with me.

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Nice product from nokia with pros and cons. Best in camera but u have to use pro mode for best resultScreen awasome but little shorter just 6 inchSound great but speaker little bit lowFront camera not very sharperThey should provide micro sd slot. Nokia is back!!! Apart from the fingerprint reader which is a bit laggy , the phone is worth the money. If you are looking for good alternative for Oneplus, this phone is worth it.

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Better than apple. Very nice and unique designNever disappointMost trusted brand in marketLove it. Mind Blowing In-Hand Feel