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  1. Verizon LG G8 Just Got Android 10
  2. Verizon LG G8 Just Got Android 10
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  4. These are the key settings to change on the LG G8 ThinQ smartphone

It supports wireless charging , and all models will support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3. All models in all markets will include quad Digital-to-analog converters DAC to enhance sound output. The G8 retains the G7's biometric options but introduces a new "Hand ID" technology which reads the user's circulatory and hand patterns. The G8 also features AirMotion gesture control. These are enabled by the addition of a time-of-flight sensor called the Z camera. Additionally, the G8 keeps the G7's Boombox speaker and adds "Crystal Sound" which vibrates the screen to work as a speaker in place of a traditional earpiece.

However, the G8 still has a conventional bottom-speaking speaker. There is a button on the side of the phone similar to Samsung's Bixby button; while it cannot be remapped, it launches Google Assistant when held, rather than a different A. Double tapping the button launches Google Lens. The camera is a dual or triple setup depending on the market, with a primary lens, wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens; the primary and telephoto units are 12 MP, while the wide-angle unit is 16 MP.

The telephoto lens is omitted in markets with a dual camera setup. On the front, an 8 MP selfie shooter lives inside the notch.

The G8's battery is a mAh increase over its predecessor. Like most modern smartphones, it is non-removable, but the adhesive used to secure it is permanent, making replacements dangerous. The G8 ThinQ ships with Android 9. The Verge gave the G8 a 6. Engadget gave the G8 a 73, calling it "a wasted opportunity". Velazco praised the design, display and performance and had similar complaints. CNET gave the G8 an 8. The G8x received mixed reviews as well, with a 7 from The Verge, [11] a 74 from Engadget, [12] an 8. The G8s received praise from Notebook Check for having decent battery life and good speakers, but was criticized for its poor low-light camera performance.

You can add, remove, move around on the more page, or move these options into the mode slider. I love the ability to full customize and optimize your camera preferences on the LG G8.

Verizon LG G8 Just Got Android 10

Icons appear on the right side of the viewfinder to switch between the two rear cameras or you can pinch and zoom to move between the wide-angle and standard cameras. Digital zoom up to 8x is supported on the LG G8. T-Mobile also offers 50 percent off this phone with a trade-in or if you add a line. For some reason, there is a place in my heart for LG devices.

They look great and fit well in my hand and pockets. I've been able to count on them for solid performance and the phones do not tend to bog down over time. Updates are a serious concern and I wish LG would stick with its promise made last year to provide timely updates.

Verizon LG G8 Just Got Android 10

With fantastic sound through the headphone jack and solid sound through the BoomBox capability, I'm mystified why Bluetooth audio is very quiet on every headset I have tested with the LG G8. Other phones with those same headsets play music louder and I can't explain the issue. Air Motion works about 20 percent of the time and even then it is slower than standard tap interactions. I can't find a legimitate use case for it and it seems to be a waste of the time-of-flight front sensor.

At times, I do enjoy pretending I can use the force and direct the phone to open a selected app as I say, "These are not the droids you are looking for.

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The rear fingerprint scanner is awesome so Hand ID is also a waste of development time. Skip the gimmicks and use the phone like you would normally use a smartphone for a great overall experience. The camera software is easy to use, full featured, and helps you get very creative with your subjects. I love the cine video options and the other functions provided by LG in the camera software. Even though the night mode cannot compare to the latest Google, Samsung, or Huawei phones the cameras will still help you take great shots in other situations.

Real Depth Sensing Camera

Don't even worry about trying the Air Motion or Hand ID, but do explore the camera, floating bar, and superb audio experience. My main SIM keeps going back to this phone because of the solid, reliable performance as a communications device. Doogee S80 hands-on: A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone. By registering, you agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices outlined in the Privacy Policy.

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Amazon Echo 9. Google Pixel XL 8. Triple Camera. Shoot in super-wide, telephoto, and standard at once, with no lag or colour distortion when zooming in and out. Choose the best angle for your shot with Triple Preview. Triple Shot stitches the three angles into an animation. Video Depth Control. Shoot movies with beautiful background blur.

Now, smartphone videos look like they were made with a professional camera. Video Depth Control keeps the subject in sharp focus with a soft cinematic background. With advanced 3D depth sensors, the LG G8S ThinQ helps you capture standout selfies with custom background and adjustable lighting effects.

These are the key settings to change on the LG G8 ThinQ smartphone

Studio-quality lighting anywhere. Take breathtaking selfies, adding light from any angle. Spotlight detects your facial curvature to create natural shadows and gorgeous highlights. Flawless contours are now effortless. Stereo Sound. Give your ears a show. Real stereo sound jumps from the top and bottom speakers with clear two-channel separation. Ushering in a new decade of transformative user experiences. What people are saying. What can we help you with? Register a Product Find out latest product information and useful tips by registering your product.

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