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Yes, via external computer []. Yes, using external computer []. Bookmarks [] before 4 , SMSs and Settings []. Yes []. Yes Apple Push Notification Service. Yes [60] []. No, [] but 3rd party app available []. Yes AirPrint []. No, 3rd party software on jailbroken devices []. Gecko []. QtWebEngine based on Blink. No [] 3rd party software []. Google Chrome for Android []. Bing , Google , Yahoo! Search , DuckDuckGo. Bing, Google, Yahoo, Yandex. Yes, but only links, not embedded media. Yes, Chrome for Android. No, not working anymore on Android 4.

Samsung Galaxy Fold review | TechRadar

No, removed on Android 4. No, [] 3rd party software [] []. Next button []. Previous, Next, AutoFill, and Done buttons []. Yes [] [] []. No, [] but 3rd party apps available []. Google Hangouts. Via iCloud or 3rd party software []. Yes SIP [] or 3rd party software []. FaceTime ; 3rd party software []. Available on any device that supports the hardware. Samsung Pay. No, 3rd party software on jailbroken devices. Note: AirDrop utilizes Wi-Fi as well. No, was available on bada , [] but removed on Tizen.

Yes [] but limited to images, videos and contacts. Partial []. Limited Search is not diacritical mark-insensitive. Built into keyboard app. Available on every device. No, [] 3rd party software []. Google Keyboard; [] ; []. AirPlay []. DLNA []. Only Podcasts []. Yes [] []. With Camera Connection Kit [].

The new Hangouts app for Android

No, [] available on some phones. Only date and location; more with 3rd party software []. No [] 3rd party software like TouchWiz []. In silent mode []. In silent mode. Yes Notifications and settings.

[Q] Hangouts doesn't work on data plan but works on wifi

Full Widgets on Android 4. Media player; Notifications SMS, call. Via the Patchmanager app []. Only search Contacts name field but not any other field []. Only searches contacts by name. First name, last name, nickname, also the multiple field called "Details" []? Bookmarks []. Samsung's says "the possibilities are endless with Multi-Active Window".

That's true if "endless" is defined by up to three active apps open at once. It's cramped for sure, but we had a Google Sheet open in the biggest window, a Hangouts call going in a smaller box, and Slack in the tiniest windows to at least see the latest message from our TechRadar team.

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While the 4. Developers are able to code apps to fit the aspect ratio nicely, with the likes of Clash Royale and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds filling the space nicely without any stretch or pixelated elements. However, there are some apps and games which don't take to the aspect ratio quite as well. While Pokemon Go displayed as expected when viewing the map and catching Pokemon, the menus appear 'zoomed in', resulting in less information displayed on screen at a time, more scrolling required and a slight down tick in graphical sharpness. It's still perfectly playable, but the menus are a little frustrating.

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It's down to the developer to address this - and it can do with an app update - but there's no guarantee it'll put the work in to support just one handset. Samsung Galaxy Fold isn't going to outpace the performance of current phones, as if this were a specced-out gaming desktop at an absurd price. You're paying for the screen innovation, not the latest chipset. That said, it matches the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 performance numbers thanks to its use of the Snapdragon chipset. Yes, Samsung could have opted to include the higher-end Snapdragon Plus, but it stuck with the configuration announced in April.

It earned a multi-core score of 2,, according to our Geekbench 5 benchmarking tests, with only the iPhone 11 Pro earning noticeably better marks 3, Without any noticeable lag, your foldable phone should be good to last — internally at least.

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There are six Samsung Galaxy Fold cameras, and they're all technically the same as the five S10 Plus and four Note 10 cameras. Let us explain and show you the mix. The Cover Display has a single 10MP selfie camera with a f2. It's the same configuration as the Note 10 front camera, only it can't shoot Live Focus video, the Live Focus photos are just okay, and we've mostly used it for unlocking the phone when device is closed. The latter is meant for depth-sensing and comes from the S10 Plus dual camera hole-punch the S10 Plus version is only a hair wider with a 90 degree FoV.

We used this for Live Focus selfies with fun filters like the selective black-and-white Color Point mode. Samsung has the best ultra-wide camera, even with the iPhone 11 series getting a very similar degree camera. You're going to be impressed no matter what with these cameras. The app is robust, yet easy-to-use, and launching it is still a cinch — just double press the power button.

Side-by-side photo comparisons show some odd coloring and Night Mode isn't as bright as in the iPhone 11 Pro, but no one is doing ultra-wides as well nor have filters as good as Color Point, and that makes Samsung's cameras the most fun to use.

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Rule of thumb: the bigger the smartphone, the larger the battery capacity. That rule also comes with a caveat: the bigger the screen, the more battery life the phone requires. The combination of big battery and big screen averaged out to a day-and-a-half of battery life with steady use in our tests. We had the main display open two-thirds of the time, and the Cover Display active one third of the time when we actively used the phone.

Subsequent testing proved that we could deplete the battery in a single day by gaming a bunch, binge-watching videos, and running multiple apps at once — basically running screen-on time to the max, the way a power user would on a long-haul flight. Fold battery life varies wildly based on which of the two screens you use and for how long.

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