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How to Choose A Good Android Keylogger?
  1. How to Recover Lost iPhone Data Caused by Jailbreak Failure?
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  3. ​Top 10 Best Keylogger App for Android (Invisible and No Root)
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How to Recover Lost iPhone Data Caused by Jailbreak Failure?

It will surely make you tension free about the activities your child is doing on his iPhone. It is featured with screenshot capturing. You can also know the current GPS location of the kid. XNSPY is an iPhone keylogger, which allows you to monitor whom your children are talking to on the phone and what they are talking about. Moreover, you can utilize this iPhone keylogger without jailbreak. The jailbreak of the iPhone can remove most of the restrictions from Apple for it. When an iPhone is jailbroken, many hidden features in the official version will be exposed to the user, and all the apps that are not available on the Apple store will be able to access.

To jailbreak an iPhone, all you need to do is downloading a jailbreak app and use it following the instructions. After that, you are allowed to install any app as you like. However, jailbreaking an iPhone can bring some troubles. It will take your iPhone out of the guaranteed period. Also, it is not always successful in jailbreaking an iPhone, and the jailbreak failure will cause the data loss on the iPhone.

You may lose your essential data on iPhone because of jailbreak failure.

cell phone spy software download for pc

It is OK if you have an iPhone backup. You can use Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to preview and recover data from iTunes backup selectively without the need to connect your iPhone computer. These are the 5 best keyloggers for iPhone. Some of iPhone keyloggers can be installed on iPhone without jailbreak, and some cannot. You can choose a favorite one from them according to your needs, and then download it through the attached downloading link.

If you have any questions or any other excellent iPhone keylogger to recommend, you can drop in the comment box.

Install a Keylogger on Your Android to Record All Keystrokes [How-To]

The technology of Apple iPhones is such that it keeps control over every single aspect of the software as well as the hardware. Therefore, it is impossible to view the activities that are being performed on iOS Smartphones in real-time. There are a few keyloggers that can do this, but they are reluctant to modify the restrictions that are imposed by the Apple incorporation. There are certain keyloggers available, and if you want, then you can go for them to spy on an iOS device.

Besides, if you are looking for the best Free Macro Recorder , here you are.

Spyzie is considered as the best spying software for Android. By making use of this spying application, you can spy on almost everything on a target Android device. This includes screenshots, videos, photos, locations, messages, and call logs. Try Spyzie Now. Our other favorite Android Keylogger app is KidsGuard Pro, as this powerful monitoring tool is packed with the Keylogger feature. You can track from the web portal using the Keylogger, provided by KidsGuard. Most important is that the app icon will disappear from the Home screen once the app is launched.

It will be turned into an invisible software. There is a free trial version available for three days.

  • PRIVACY ALERT: Websites you visit can find out who you are;
  • Inserting keylogger code in Android SwiftKey using apktool – Georgie Casey?
  • Inserting keylogger code in Android SwiftKey using apktool.

Just try it yourself. Try KidsGuard Pro Now. This software is a bit contradictory in nature.

​Top 10 Best Keylogger App for Android (Invisible and No Root)

It has a very simple interface, but it has certain limitations. The capability range of this app is also great.

Before you begin

Additionally, it has the feature of voice recording and location tracking. Plus, this app is an open-source app, which is a great thing. The major issue with this free keylogger for Android is that it can be quickly uninstalled and can be detected easily.

Top Five Most Amazing Free Keylogger for Android

Another bad thing about this app is that it becomes unsupported at any point in time. Learn more about it from the full KidLogger Reviews. Versions of this free keylogger for Android, namely SpirixKeylogger is available in the market for both Mac computers and Windows.

In total it has three versions, which are the pro, personal, and free version. Moreover, it has a business version, which is an enhanced one. It is very difficult to determine what every version offers in exchange for the increasing price. This application is different from others as it does not consist of any models of subscription pricing. And download keystroke logger take a lost or remote data minute by yukon palmer is based on can report concluded that only are protected from scams and sharp that happen to be incredibly distinctive from the typical concrete or steel barriers.

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