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The failed update would mean that you couldn't get into Android, which in turn would mean that you couldn't enable "OEM unlocking. On the other hand, if you have "OEM unlocking" enabled, a failed update is no big deal. You or a repair technician could simply unlock the device's bootloader and flash the factory images using fastboot , which would then overwrite the corrupt update and restore your firmware to working order. Failed firmware updates are not exactly commonplace, but the risk is real. In fact, a corrupt update file recently left many Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 owners with devices that failed to boot—but luckily these devices were released before California SB went into effect, so they weren't equipped with the extra Factory Reset Protection options.

If you'd like to prevent the disastrous scenario described above, it's a relatively simple process. For starters, you'll need to enable the hidden "Developer options" menu by heading to About phone or About tablet in Settings, then tapping the "Build number" entry 7 times in rapid succession. From there, simply head to the "Developer options" menu, then toggle the switch next to the "OEM unlocking" entry to enable it. Once you've done that, you can rest a lot easier knowing that a failed update no longer has the potential to render your device useless.

Keep in mind, though, that having the "OEM unlocking" option enabled is technically less secure. Theoretically, a tech-savvy thief could fully wipe your device with this option enabled, which means you would no longer be able to track the device's location using Android Device Manager. But the rest of Android's security measures would still be in place, so no one could access your data without your pattern, PIN, or password.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Is Factory Reset Protection more trouble than it's worth? Would a better idea not be to switch the OEM bootloader prior to installing an update and then locking it afterwards? That would definitely be a safer option in terms of security, but if anything other than a firmware update were to brick your phone, you could still be locked out.

Does it mean that my bootloader is locked too? Or what could be the reason for this to happen? Samsung phones work different with each model you might need to look up your phone model to see if it's possible to unlock your bootloader. What I also seen is that oem unlock option seems to be available on 7.

I know this article is old, but what you described here is exactly what has happened to my S7. What can I do?

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My phone just stopped working after an update. If I cant then flash it, is there anyway other way to get it back? There is no other way to be able to get into Android the best is that you can do is contact Samsung for a replacement. I have decided to root the phone only because it is no longer being recognised by any computer as usb device and my upgrade is 7 months away. It's a cheapo little Pixi 4 4. I s there a work around or should I just ask to take my upgrade early?

Following their usual trend, you can be sure the OnePlus 4 will also be a big hit. The only unclear thing is whether it would be named OnePlus 4 or OnePlus 5. With Googles stopping the production of Nexus, OnePlus has taken advantage and moved up to the peak of the market within a short time. Nokia has officially declared that they are making a comeback with Android Mobiles in You can be sure that Nokia still has a huge fan base so we are highly expectant. Nokia has always been known for their colorful, sturdy and artistically pleasing mobiles.

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Nokia registered its presence in MWC , which started from 27th Feb. So far, 2 Nokia's upcoming smartphones are already in the works - D1C and C1.

Nokia D1C will come with a 5. Both phones will come loaded with Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor, 2K-display, Android 7. Lastly, these 2 phones are expected to be waterproof, water resistant and dust resistant. Sony Xperia X6 Ultra phablet is in the spotlight again. Popularly known for its strong selfie cameras, the Xperia C6 coming with an edge-to edge display will likely follow in the footsteps of the Xperia X6 Ultra phablet. It will also have a megapixel rear camera with megapixel front shooter with LED flash. Now, the competition is about to increase with the release of LG G6.

This new LG Mobile will come with more momentum and precision as well as a larger memory and other interesting features.

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It will also have a big screen and will be quite handy too. LG G6 combines smooth and slim design with next generation technology. Rumour has it that Microsoft already has a Surface Phone in the works. According to rumours, the new exceptional device will be Surface branded, Intel powered and have 3 different variations. So, take your time and choose the one that best suits you and your needs.

Also included are Retina Eye Scanner, Wireless charging, waterproof capabilities, etc. It is actually a new smartphone brand that started making waves in Asia in the last couple of years.

Whether you speak best with emojis, GIFs, or words, you can chat with Kik

Nubia just recently started making moves to break into the Western hemisphere, although its parent company, ZTE has been around for quite a while. It comes with a bezel-less design as well as a camera technology that some think may supposedly rival a DSLR. With the recent launch of One Plus 3T, Nubia had to come up with a phone that would catch the attention of their loyal customers and also beat One Plus 3T in the market. The intention is that this new smartphone would push Nubia to the peak of the market. After months of intensive work, research and effort, Nubia Z11 was released.

Here are the phone specifications to help us decide if Nubia Z11 is a winner or not. This automatically makes it a must-have device for many phone lovers. Another unique feature of Nubia Z11 is that the body is made completely out of metal, which gives it a durable feel when you hold it. The metal frame is more rounded than you would see on other phones, which makes it easier to hold. The color combination at the back is also quite beautiful. You will see two gold lines running along the top and the bottom. The phone also has a golden fingerprint scanner.

The last feature is the camera module, which is red and very catchy. Nubia Z11 comes with a 5. It is classy, vibrant and very attractive when you see it. The display is just simply incredible even though the some might say the colors are a bit much. Generally, I would say the display is quite good, especially if you love to watch a lot of videos on your phones. The performance. Nubia phones are generally known more for their experience than their performance but with the Z11, both experience and performance have been perfectly combined in just one slim device.

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The phone is very fast and responsive which is very crucial for social media lovers and die-hard gamers. Suffice it to say, Z11 beats the OnePlus 3T hands down in this area.

Unfortunately, Z11 tends to overheat. For instance, for those who play games or watch movies for endless hours, then Z11 might get too hot for you during your long game or movies sessions. The Z11 can get as hot as 42 degrees Celsius within 15 minutes if you plan on watching a 4k-resolution video. Unfortunately, the camera is not so great.

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Nubia phones generally have incredible cameras, but for the Z11, this is not the case. The picture quality is bad; the pictures come out looking either blurry or too white sometimes. In fact, the outcome is actually shocking because you would not like seeing yourself look terrible in a picture.

Simply put, the camera is an embarrassment, especially considering how beautiful and wonderful the phone is. If not for the camera, the phone would have been almost perfect. Tel No.