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Here's how to get the best out of your LG G7 with our comprehensive tips and tricks. You can have a traditional version with an app drawer, a simplified EasyHome with large icons and text, or no app drawer. Long press on the wallpaper on the home screen, select "Home screen settings" and select the style you want form the top option.

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Change the number of apps on the home screen: You can change the number of apps that sit on the home screen by adjusting the size of the grid. Head into the home screen settings as above and you'll see grid size. If you think there's too much crammed in or want things tighter packed, you can change it here. It's essentially a widget that appears as a new home screen page showing useful information from calendar, music, health and other areas, like device management.

To turn it on or off, head to the home screen settings with a long press on the wallpaper and toggle the Smart Bulletin on or off.

Firmware phone lg x145

Change screen swipe effect: In the same home screen settings menu you'll find the screen swipe effect option. This essentially changes the animation or transition between each of the home screens when you swipe through them. Change icon shape: By default, all app icons have a rounded square background. To remove it, stay in the home screen settings menu and choose "Icon shape", then select "original" to remove the icon background. Swipe down to search and access shortcuts: With phones getting bigger, it can be a bit of a struggle to access everything easily.

LG has enabled a downward swipe that will take you to a page that collates some of your frequent apps and services.

Android One Phones List

You can swipe down to get to top contacts, messaging conversations, frequent apps or web pages. It's really useful. Head into the home screen settings and enable "search". Open this up and you'll see a selection of background shades you can choose to customise your phone a little more.

Rearrange the order or navigation controls: In the same "Home touch buttons", you'll see "Button combination". This will let you rearrange the selection of buttons, with the option to add a notification shortcut, capture and QSlide if you want. You can also swap button positions to suit your preferences.

If you don't want them to, you can lock the navigation bar in place by double tapping the icon on the left. Or, you can choose which apps will have the nav bar hide and which won't. Head into "Hide Home touch buttons" and you'll get a list of all the apps so you can select to hide on "all" or just some apps. This changes the app icon design, wallpaper and menu colour schemes. To download new themes, either hit the download icon in the top corner or head to the SmartWorld app.

Change system font: In the same Display settings menu, under the Font section you can choose between pre-installed fonts, font sizes and select the bold option if you want thicker strokes. How to hide the notch, or colour it: Confusingly, LG is calling the notch "new second screen". You can hide it, flank it with colour and change the shape of app corners. You can choose or , or keep it at the highest setting, which will give you the most detail. Scale apps to fit With LG's screen, apps don't all automatically scale to fill screen. That means you often to see black bars across the top and bottom of the display.

Select the app you want to change and select "full screen" to force it to fill the display.

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You don't have to scale them all. You can adjust the level to your preference, as well as set a schedule for it to automatically turn on or off. Activate Always-on display: Similar to Samsung, LG phones have an Always-on display feature that shows a clock and notifications on the lock screen in standby. You can also set a schedule so it turns off at particular times. It has to be manually engaged though, so swipe does the quick settings pane an tap the icon at the left side of the brightness slider.

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The will engage screen boost. Enable or disable KnockON: You can double tap the display to turn the screen on or off. You can add up to five - but remember you'll still have to unlock your phone if you choose to use these.

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Change swipe swipe effect: Select the swipe screen effect option and then choose between five different animations which show up when you swipe to unlock the phone - if you're swiping that is. Back, home and recent app view are the default buttons in the navigation bar for nearly all Android devices.

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Change the color of the bar itself, and add or remove more buttons on the Button Combination page. Android users typically love their app drawer, so when a phone-maker does away with it in favor of a more iOS-like home screen, it can be jarring and frustrating. Notice you can also select whether or not an App Drawer button is placed in the bottom dock.

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If you opt to do away with it, a swipe up on the home screen will reveal the app drawer. LG's Smart Bulletin is sort of useful. It lives to the left of your home screen and displays various shortcuts to music controls and updates based on the time of day. Alternatively, you can customize what's displayed in your Smart Bulletin by selecting it on this same setting's page.

Device features

The G7 has a floating bar feature that puts shortcuts to common tools at your fingertip, regardless of what you're currently doing on the phone. The bar includes options to include app shortcuts, screenshot tools, music controls and contact shortcuts. Use the Floating Bar by tapping on its icon usually on the edge of your screen then swiping through the various panes. If you leave the Screen Capture feature of the floating bar enabled, it includes a GIF tool to record and create an animated image of whatever's on your screen at the time.

Access the floating bar and swipe to the screen capture tools, then select the GIF button. Resize the recording box, then press the record button. Tap stop when you're done, then save or share your creation. A dedicated Google Assistant button seems like a good idea, but in practice, it gets accidentally triggered a lot. If you're tired of hearing Assistant try and talk to you, disable the shortcut button altogether. One thing I personally find useful when using LG devices is the ability to pin an app and keep it from being force-closed.