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But for the first time, Samsung released two different Note 10 models back in August, with one geared toward those who wanted a smartphone with a stylus, and one for those power users. Both models support Samsung's S Pen stylus, but the standard Note 10 has a smaller display at 6. Either one should be good enough to get through a full day.

How to find lost or stolen Galaxy S10 - track your missing Android

True to its predecessors, the Note 10 continues to be a phone for those who expect a little more out of their devices than the average user. The addition of the S Pen means you can jot notes during a meeting, or use it as a remote to control your camera, presentations or music playback from across the room. All three models have revamped cameras, 5G connectivity and a new design.

The main differences between the three models come down to screen size, camera features and 5G capabilities. The S20 has a display that measures 6.

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The camera setup on all three models is impressive, with 10x hybrid optical zoom a feature all phones should have , and up to x zoom on the Ultra. Photos taken at that zoom level are blurry and pixelated. When it comes to 5G support, all three S20 models have it, but the standard S20 is not created equal.

How to Stop Apps From Tracking Your Location in Android or iOS | Digital Trends

The short version is that the S20 only supports one 5G connectivity standard, and it's the slower of the two standards. The S20 line is ideal for someone who is overdue for an upgrade and doesn't mind spending more for a phone. We have a full breakdown, including an in-depth explanation about the 5G differences, that you should read before making any buying decisions. Foldable phones are shiny, new and very appealing, but they're also not for everyone.

These phones are prohibitively priced, so only early adopters or the extremely curious will buy them.

Samsung Galaxy S10 deals from US carriers

However, at the end of the day, you're paying a lot for a phone that, internally at least, is on par with the Galaxy S10 line. We aren't telling you not to purchase a foldable phone — they're a ton of fun and surely a glimpse into the future of smartphones — but they're a significant investment in early technology. Proceed with caution, if you go this route. Here's your all encompassing guide to navigating Samsung's Galaxy lineup of phones.

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You can also enable a data warning that will notify you when you have used a predefined amount of data. We recommend My Data Manager, which is free and packed with features — check it out via the button below.

3 Ways to Remotely Locate Your Lost or Stolen Samsung Galaxy S10

Secure Folder keeps all your sensitive files private. Most of us have those on our phones, so it makes sense to set up the service. To get started, the first thing you need is a Samsung account — you can create one for free here. You can check out exactly how to do that by reading our dedicated post at the link.

Find out which apps have location data access

You can try out the triple-camera setup, play a demanding game to test out the performance of the device, and jump into the settings to enable other cool features like Dark Mode. Explore the ins and outs of the device and have fun.


We also suggest getting a case for your expensive Galaxy S10 to protect it from bumps and bruises. You can check out the best ones by clicking here. Buy the Galaxy S10 now. Don't miss. The most popular phone series in the world …. There are two ways of doing this. The first one is super fast and easy, but it …. Download My Data Manager.