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This edition of course omits ll. According to Lowndes, other later editions of Chaucer's Works are the following:—Edinburgh, ; 18mo. I suppose that all of these are mere reprints; such is certainly the case with the edition by Chalmers, which merely reproduces Tyrwhitt's edition of the Canterbury Tales, and follows 'the black-letter editions' throughout the other poems. The same remark applies to the edition printed by Moxon in , and attributed to Tyrwhitt as editor. Other editions are those by S. Singer, London, , fcp. Nicolas in the Aldine edition of English Poets , London, , post 8vo.

The last was really edited by Mr. Bell's so-called edition was conveniently reprinted in four volumes, in Bohn's Standard Library; a revised edition of this was published in , with a Preliminary Essay by myself. Of the Legend of Good Women, the editor Mr. Jephson remarks that 'the text of the present edition is founded upon a careful collation of the MS. Fairfax 16, in the Bodleian Library, and MS. It gives us the text of MS. It omits ll. The chief gain in this edition is that it has a few explanatory notes.

Jephson, whose name nowhere appears, except at p. The Aldine edition was reprinted in , on which occasion it was edited by Dr. With respect to the Legend of Good Women, Dr. Morris says that it is copied from MS. Bradshaw, , and MSS. In this edition, variations from the MS.

Practically, we here find a correct print of MS. Lines , are, however, still omitted, though found in MS. In the former part of l. Nothing is said about the interesting form of the Prologue as existing in MS. There are no explanatory notes. Besides the English editions, two editions of the Legend of Good Women have appeared in America, which demand some notice. Of these, the former is a very handy edition of the Legend of Good Women, published separately for the first time, and edited by Professor Hiram Corson. The text is that of Bell's edition; but the explanatory notes are fuller and better, and I have carefully consulted them.

At the end is an Index of all the words explained, which really serves the purpose of a glossary. This is certainly the best edition I have met with. The other edition is that of Chaucer's Works, edited by Arthur Gilman, and published at Boston in , in three volumes.

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The Legend of Good Women occurs in vol. The harder words are explained in footnotes, and there are just a few notes on the subject-matter.

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The chief point in this edition is that the editor quotes some of the more remarkable variations in the Prologue from MS. Consequently, it contains lines instead of The true number of lines is odd , because of the Balade of 21 lines at l. The net result is this; that none of the editions are complete, and they are all much the same.

After twenty editions, we are left almost where we started at first. Thynne's edition was founded on a MS. The same is true of all the numerous reprints from it. Bell's edition restores ll. These lines actually occur in MS. These editions are both supposed to be collated with MS. The editors practically ignore the readings of that MS.

Hence they did not discover that MS. But even A.

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Some Improvements in my Edition of No real advance towards a better text was made till Dr. Furnivall brought out, for the Chaucer Society, his valuable and exact prints of the manuscripts themselves. This splendid and important work gives the texts in extenso of all the MSS.

Guild Wars Wiki:List of guilds by tag

Thynne's ed. But for the invaluable help thus rendered, the edition of would never have been undertaken, and I should never have attained to so clear an understanding of the text.

I have already said that Dr. Furnivall was the first person who succeeded in numbering the lines of the poem correctly; indeed, most editions have no numbering at all. Thynne's edition.

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I thus was enabled to see the true state of the case, viz. It is now abundantly clear that the best authorities are C. A long list of important emendations, and an exposure of the extreme inaccuracy of most of the previous editions, will be found in the Introduction to my edition of , and need not be repeated here. In conclusion, I may mention the Poem in MS. Ashmole 59, entitled 'The Cronycle made by Chaucier. The words 'by Chaucier' refer to Chaucer's authorship of the Legend only, and not to the authorship of the epitome, which, though of some interest, is practically worthless.

The author makes the odd mistake of confusing the story of Alcestis with that of Ceyx and Alcyone in the Book of the Duchesse This 'Cronycle' was printed by Dr. I have now only to record my indebtedness to others, especially to Dr. Furnivall for his invaluable prints in the Parallel-Texts; to the excellent essay by M.

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Bech, in vol. Jephson for his notes in 'Bell's' edition; and to the notes in the edition by Professor Corson. Also to Professor Ten Brink, the second part of whose second volume of the Geschichte der englischen Litteratur has just appeared The text agrees with that usually given, and contains lines.

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The first line of 'Cleopatra' is l. Besides this, the lines of each Legend are given separately , within marks of parenthesis. Thus l. The passage runs thus :—. Description of the MSS. The existing MSS. I have been successful in finding no less than twenty-two, which I here describe. It is remarkable that, although many printed editions of the treatise have appeared, no first-class MS. This point will appear more clearly hereafter. The 'Treatise on the Astrolabie' begins at fol. The MS.