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How to Send Your Location Using Your iPhone
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  3. Why and How Apple Is Collecting Your iPhone Location Data
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While GPS used to consume a large chunk of battery power, location technology is way more efficient than it once was. Read More. Note: Google Maps creates a real-time sharing link which others can use to track your location, rather than a link to a static location. This service only works within the Apple ecosystem, so your friends will need iPhones too. This also means you can track your friends using Google Maps.

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If your iPhone is missing, you can locate it provided Find My iPhone is turned on. Find My iPhone lets you play a sound to try and locate your device, enable Lost Mode , or initiate a remote erase. You can also see your current battery level. When your battery dies, Find My iPhone will report the last known location. Have a look at these features that will impress your friends. It should come as no surprise that tech companies use the location services on your smartphone to track your comings and goings.

But they also sell that information to marketers and other companies interested in studying your habits.

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  • Knowing where you are helps many apps do their job.
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To some people, that may seem like too much. But cutting off, or at least cutting down, the amount of location data that Google and other companies collect is easier than you think. To its credit, Google does ask you to opt in to location services tracking before it starts to monitor your travels. But you may well have agreed to the idea without thinking about it.

How to Turn Off Location Services on Your Smartphone - Consumer Reports

Requests for consent usually arrive in those pop-up notifications that people accede to in order to get on with their day. If you want to go back and manage your location history, Google provides instructions for that. But here, in a nutshell, is what you need to do:. From there, you can manage the access for individual apps.

You can also choose whether to give Google access to your location history on each of the devices tied to your Google account. To do this, scroll further down the Location page until you find the list of accounts under Location Services. Select one, then use the toggle switches on the following page to manage the access device by device. Like Google, Apple provides instructions on how to manage your location data. Different choices will give you different functionality.

Why and How Apple Is Collecting Your iPhone Location Data

For example, allowing Google Maps full access will get you real-time traffic and transit updates in addition to basic maps and directions. You can then set the message to indicate that the laptop has been stolen.

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The mobile version is unique in that it does not run in the background and requires that the thief run the application. Undercover also sends data via SSL so that it is encrypted in transit. It also gives you the option of a free version or a Pro version for a monthly subscription price. The phone-based versions will try to locate your device via GPS, WiFi or cell tower triangulation, and will notify you when the phone makes a significant location change.

Like other finder apps, it allows you to take photos with the front-facing camera, push a message to the phone, and activate an alarm. The paid version allows you to receive location notification on demand, take photos, and upgrades the transmission of your data to SSL. The laptop version adds a few additional features.

12 Apple Device Finder Apps Similar to “Find My iPhone”

Like other laptop finder programs, it also allows you to take screenshots. LoJack for Laptops seems to be the most expensive app for protecting your laptop of the options reviewed, especially relative to its feature set. I include Last Alert Pro , which is only nominally a finder product, because I find it to be kind of a brilliant idea with application well beyond trying to recover lost or stolen devices. Have you ever found yourself wandering around trying to find your phone, only to have it run out of battery before you found it again?

This app simply sounds an alarm just before the battery runs out. Are there any other device locator apps or programs that you really like?

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