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  2. Telegram X April Update brings revamped notifications and account manager
  3. Samsung Galaxy A40 to sport dual cameras and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, reveal leaked renders
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He suggested the FBI could have forced WhatsApp or Facebook to include "backdoors" or secret ways to bypass security systems in their programming. Telegram was founded by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, who previously created Russia's popular VKontakte social networking site. Telegram had million users, 7 percent of them in Russia, according to the latest figures announced in In March this year, Telegram said that it had gained 3 million users in 24 hours as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp experienced difficulties.

In , the Russian authorities ordered domestic internet service providers to block Telegram after it refused to give them access to user messages. Telegram lets people exchange messages, stickers, photos and videos and create groups of up to , people. We discussed what WhatsApp absolutely needs to do in , on Orbital , our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts or RSS , download the episode , or just hit the play button below.

For the latest tech news and reviews , follow Gadgets on Twitter , Facebook , and subscribe to our YouTube channel. But the move to shut down Telegram in Russia failed and it is still functioning.

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  • Telegram chief Pavel Durov late Wednesday posted a blog titled "Why WhatsApp will never be secure.".

Further reading: Telegram , WhatsApp. On the other hand, the A40, officially launched in March, will be available in Europe soon, as will the A80, which was launched in April. The colors offered are blue, black and coral.

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The fashion for glass has changed the situation but, despite everything, we have a rather good design-to-price ratio here. Aesthetically, despite its glossy plastic shell, the smartphone has a rather premium look.

The effects of reflections are quite pretty despite the presence of plastic instead of glass. The back of the camera quickly takes smudges still though. In hand, the smartphone makes a pretty good impression, especially at its slightly curved edges. The other speaker is located at the bottom, near the USB port. The only small criticism I would like to make is that the lower bezel is much wider than the upper bezel, it's quite strange.

The quality of the finish is in line with Samsung's top-of-the-range production. The phone gives an impression of solidity and a top-of-the-range look. There is nothing particular about the placement of the keys, but it is interesting to note that the smartphone has a fingerprint reader directly under the screen, we will come back to this later.

Telegram X April Update brings revamped notifications and account manager

The Galaxy A50 is a pretty 6. This is very discreet and is quickly forgotten during navigation.

Telegram Messenger For Android - How To Download And Install Telegram App On Your Android Phone

You really have to be fussy to not like such a screen for this price. In short, Samsung remains true to its reputation as the best screen builder.

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Facial recognition is quite curious, of course, the more the environment is lit, the better it works, but sometimes it works extremely accurately and quickly, sometimes and in the same bright conditions it doesn't recognize my face at all and I find myself using the fingerprint reader. The latter is optical and not ultrasonic, unlike the Galaxy S It's quite slow and a little frustrating.

Samsung Galaxy A40 to sport dual cameras and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, reveal leaked renders

The device runs on Android 9. I really changed my mind about the OneUI interface. There are many things you can personalize, including the use of gestures although Samsung's gestures boil down to a gesture where there were keys before , and you get used to the rest. There's no problem with the notch given its size the opposite would have been surprising because Samsung has adapted the notification menu so that the top of the device around the notch is always empty.

At least there's no physical button to activate it. The experience is not perfect, of course, but if you are looking for a very powerful smartphone for less than euros, I would advise you to opt for a Pocophone F1.

Whatsapp Ip Range

As you can see, the Redmi Note 7 , which is much cheaper, even surpasses it on some benchmarks. The sound reminds us that we have a mid-range smartphone here. Without being bad, you shouldn't rely too much on it to set the mood in a room because the sound of the loudspeaker is far from convincing. Again, given the price, you have to accept these concessions. In terms of photography, Samsung has not done things by halves with the presence of three photosensors on the back.

Top 10 Phones with Quad camera

As always at Samsung, the development is proving to be very fast. We can't say that it's a real revolution in the mid-range, or that it's the best camera phone in this category, but these are very good results for the market. However, we appreciate the presence of an ultra-wide angle sensor, something that many of its competitors do not offer at this price, and when the lighting is good, the results are surprisingly positive.

At night, we lose a lot of quality, but not everything you shoot is to be thrown away either. Generally, the representation of the colors is successful but it happens sometimes that the colors become a little too bright. The camera also offers different video recording modes, including hyperlapse and slow motion, and portrait mode, which is also decent, both on the front and rear cameras.

In terms of selfies, it is acceptable enough although the portrait mode could be a little faster. This is the greatest strength of the device. With its 4, mAh battery, the phone can easily hold out for a full day.