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Day to day performance on the Samsung Galaxy A70 is fantastic.

What’s in the box

The company has done a really good job optimizing the software. With the same Snapdragon processor and an equivalent amount of RAM, the phone manages to beat the Redmi Note 7 Pro in refinement, a true testament to how well-optimized software can work wonders. Transitions and animations are as smooth as they come. I did not notice any lags in the interface, and multitasking performance was plenty good too. PUBG on the Samsung Galaxy A70 runs at all the way up to ultra graphics and, despite the warning about a possible drop in frame rate, the phone plays the game perfectly.

While the phone did get warm over longer play sessions, it was never uncomfortable to hold and the expansive screen really adds to the game play experience.

In a nutshell

An advantage of the larger dimensions is that Samsung was able to stick in a much larger battery. The 4,mAh cell in the Galaxy A70 ensures that you will easily get a full day of use and likely more. On average, the phone lasted close to two full days. Screen-on time was close to seven hours, a pretty good figure for a phone with a display as large as this.

It is easy to top off the battery. The A70 is the first Samsung phone to ship with support for 25W fast charging. The software is easy to use with multiple options to tweak the interface to your liking. It supports both the newer gesture-based navigation as well as the older navigation keys. There is limited bloat in the form of Netflix, Amazon, and Daily Hunt.

Most, but not all, can be removed. Over the last few months, Samsung has issued a range of software updates to the Galaxy A These include the standard stability fixes, as well as new camera features like Super Steady stabilization for video, a new night mode feature as well as the ability to recognize QR codes. The phone has received the January security patch with the latest update. When upgrading to a premium mid-range smartphone, imaging capabilities are one of the most tangible and visible improvements. In a country like India, where harsh sunlight is a reality for the better part of the year, this can prove to be quite problematic when shooting outdoors.

Moving to indoor lighting results in an immediate degradation in picture quality. There is a certain softness to the image, and the white balance is set a bit too warm. Additionally, aggressive noise reduction means that low-level detail like skin contours or textures are completely lost.

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The above sample was shot using the live focus mode. You can notice the crude outline around stray hair. Shooting indoors in comparatively low light, you can notice a similar drop in image quality.

Samsung Galaxy A50 review: Still one of the best budget phones - CNET

While the images are usable, there is a pervasive softness and dullness to the images. The noise reduction gives the image a watercolor painting effect. The wide-angle image produces noticeably worse results. Depending on the setting you choose within the camera app, the output will vary from a 32MP image to a pixel-binned 8MP shot. The camera defaults to pixel-binning images, which is what we have posted above. The Galaxy A70 does not have two front-facing cameras. The single front-facing camera has a wide-angle lens and if you wish to switch to a closer focal range, the camera app simply crops.

You can take a look at full resolution Samsung Galaxy A70 camera samples by clicking here. Video recording on the Samsung Galaxy A70 goes up to 4K resolution at 30fps, but there is no stabilization available. Dynamic range in recorded video is quite poor and you end up losing a lot of details in darker situations. View deals Looking to upgrade? Your network. O2 Vodafone EE.

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What Users Say based on. Be the first to write a review. The screen that gives you more Get closer to what matters on the Galaxy A50's immersive 6. Super sleek design The Galaxy A50 is pure style. Triple camera for every moment The Galaxy A50's triple camera means you will get the perfect shot no matter the conditions.

Convenient mobile security The Galaxy A50 comes with high-tech biometric authentication. The battery that keeps on going You need a phone that can last. Made to focus One UI helps you focus. How large is the screen on the Samsung Galaxy A50? When did the Samsung Galaxy A50 come out? How long does the battery last on the Samsung Galaxy A50? Does the Samsung Galaxy A50 have expandable storage options? Yes, the Samsung A50 has expandable storage options thanks to the micro-SD card slot. Does the Samsung Galaxy A50 have dual-sim?

What colours are available for the Samsung Galaxy A50? Special Features Samsung Touchwiz. Added to basket. It also comes with an aspect ratio of You can also change the vibrancy of the screen with the help of Options in the Settings menu to better suit your taste. Sunlight legibility is also pretty good.

Overall, Samsung Galaxy A50s offers a great visual performance with nothing much to complain about. Samsung Galaxy A50s comes powered with its own 1. Samsung has also added a Game Booster tool to the A50s to offer a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. Opening apps and switching through them is quick, however, there were a few hold ups every now and then.

I also observed a lack of fluidity on Samsung Galaxy A50s, but not so much to hurt the overall user experience. Although, the game took a while to load and start, it runs by default on a high-graphics settings and the overall gaming performance is quite smooth.