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Problem #1: Unregistered fingerprint unlocks the phone
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The catch here is that one can only use the Android 10 navigation gestures in One UI 2. Those gestures do not work with third-party launchers. The issue was also present on the Pixel 4 initially before Google got around to adding support for third-party launchers.

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It is likely that the stable release of One UI 2. For some strange reason though, Samsung called it Night mode instead of Dark mode. With the One UI 2. It now displays all the relevant information in an easy to understand UI. The battery usage screen also has a new UI which gives more insight into app usage and battery usage over a week, though this feature is a part of Android The Camera app has again received a slight redesign as a part of the One UI 2.

Apart from updated UI elements, Samsung now hides all the available camera modes under the More section which gives the app a cleaner look.

What’s not so good

You do have the option of customizing the list of modes that are shown above the shutter button so you can keep the ones that you tend to use more and hide others. This feature is limited to only flagship Galaxy devices like the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series though. The volume controls have also been redesigned in One UI 2. They are now sleeker and smaller in size. When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 10 series earlier this year, it announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft.

As a part of this partnership, Samsung will phase out all its cloud services and switch its users to offerings from Microsoft. Building on that partnership, Samsung is integrating OneDrive with the Gallery app meaning you can automatically backup all your photos to OneDrive. It features GB of expandable storage, a 6. The variant eliminates the wireless charging feature and stereo speakers, thought retains the 25 watt Super Fast Charging of the main series, and also has a headphone jack.

The Note 10 series features a multi-lens rear-facing camera setup with Samsung's Scene Optimizer technology.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus problems, and how to fix them

The front-facing camera on all models consists of a megapixel punch hole lens in the top center of the display. The camera software includes a new "Shot Suggestion" feature to assist users, "Artistic Live Filters", as well as the ability to post directly to Instagram posts and stories. It also contains the "Scene Optimizer" feature from previous Samsung phones that automatically adjusts the camera settings based on different scenes.

The S-Pen has also undergone notable changes compared to the Note 9. The pen is one piece of plastic, instead of two like the Note 9, and supports more advanced Air Actions that allow users to control the phablet remotely with the pen. This includes changing the camera settings and exporting handwritten text to Microsoft Word remotely. The Note 10 range ships with Android 9.

Many apps include large headers that push the beginning of content towards the center of the display, while navigation controls and other prompts are often displayed near the bottom of the display instead. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the tablet released in , see Samsung Galaxy Note Retrieved Business Insider.

Tutorials | T-Mobile Support

The Verge. Just pick your actions, and start swinging your S Pen around. The Galaxy Note 10 has an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor like the Galaxy S Change the setting to Floating button and decide which apps you want accessible while unlocking. You can unlock the phone with your fingerprint, and the app icons float above your finger without even letting go. Both features are inside Air Command—just click the pen button to get started. Screen Write captures a full screenshot, and then immediately loads it in an image editor where you can mark it up, jot down notes, and so on.

You can select just part of the screen to save as an image with square, circle, and free-form tools. You have both double-press and long-press options.

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Double-press defaults to opening the camera, but you can have it launch any app. Long-press calls up the power menu, but you can switch that to Bixby. Simply remove the S Pen while the phone is asleep, and you can create a note with Screen-off Memo. The interface is sparse by design. All you have is a few color options, line thickness, and an eraser.