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Enderle doesn't see the Galaxy Note 10 being used as a bodycam by a police officer, though. That type of application is usually reserved for devices with more ruggedized chassis and likely lower overall price tags, too. Samsung responds by pointing out that the Note 10 supports the Ingress Protection IP 68 specification, meaning it's resistant to water and dust. However, that still doesn't qualify it as a fully ruggedized device.

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Enderle considers phones used as body-worn cameras as problematic due to the extreme work environments. In those work conditions, "relying on a smartphone, any smartphone, would be risky," he said. Ray Couey, Flagship and Rugged B2B Handheld Product HHP Owner at Samsung, says the rugged cases that are compatible with the Galaxy phones help with keeping the devices secure in vehicles, but for body-worn situations, emergency workers prefer a thinner case.

A potentially brighter use case for the Note 10's camera is business-grade video conferencing. Here, the high-quality cam can connect remote workers into a larger meeting, and it might actually serve as an alternative to the cameras you've got mounted in your conference rooms should they have problems or should the meeting take place somewhere that dedicated cameras haven't been installed. First introduced in the Galaxy 8, DeX helps business users connect their phone to their PC via a simple drag-and-drop interface that lets them quickly and easily move files from one device to another.

You use a mouse or keyboard on the PC to control your phone.

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Samsung says this means you don't need to have these apps installed on your device to access them; you just need an internet connection, which essentially relegates your PC to thin client status. But while that sounds great on paper, there are several factors that impact perfornance in this scenario outside of the internet connection, including a certain amount of local CPU and graphics processing horsepower—especially in a virtual or thin client configuration. Customers should be careful to evaluate such a scenario in detail and under load before making any large-scale purchasing decisions.

Still, Samsung remains optimistic about this scenario's future.

10 Galaxy Note10 Features and Settings Users Should Know About

It sees features such as DeX used as a hot-desking option for workers who travel. I can be visiting you in your office Previously, you had to use an HDMI cable connected to a monitor.

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Samsung isn't the only vendor to offer a PC-to-phone app. Dell has a Mobile Connect tool that lets you make calls on your PC as well as send texts, get notifications, and transfer files. Do you still use dark mode regularly? Evan Selleck 1 week 2 days ago.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Works Hard to Attract Business Users

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