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Your chosen music app might not be outputting sound as well as it could be. Many services will default to a lower quality setting to allow for limited data plans and spotty mobile coverage. If neither of those things are a concern for you, though, you can crank up the quality in the app's settings menu for an easy audio boost. If you know that reception is going to be an issue, download the tracks you want to listen to ahead of time to ensure top quality as long as you have the storage on your phone.

This is perhaps the simplest check of all, but potentially the most transformative for an awful lot of people. Try it out. Does it sound significantly clearer? Even the leading smartphone manufacturers will cut costs wherever they can, and one of the easiest ways of doing that is by packing in sub-standard audio gear see also fast chargers.

One of the simplest ways to improve the sound quality of your smartphone, then, is to replace those poor-quality earphones. Halve that price again and you can still get yourself the well-balanced Jabra Move.

How To Stop Your Phone From Listening To You

Maybe you have a very good set of old-school wired headphones, but they sound disappointingly weedy through your phone. The chips that drive the sound in your phone are all exercises in compromise. So what is this new Honor 8X worth? Will it replace my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5? I bought my Honor 8x on Amazon France, it arrived 2 days after ordering it, once again impeccable service from Amazon! The links below are advertising links that allow me to buy the tested material in complete neutrality.

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Price alert: I have developed a tool that allows me to find the best prices and I propose it to you so that you can also enjoy it. How are my tests different from others on the web? Before buying the Honor 8X, I was a little apprehensive about its size because it was theoretically more imposing than my Xiaomi and I was afraid that one-handed use would no longer be possible. The first surprise is that despite a larger screen coverage, the Honor 8X is exactly the same size as the Xiaomi. If you put the two devices next to each other, you could almost confuse them.

The device therefore fits very well in one hand provided you have a large hand. My first contact with the screen on was more positive than when I started my Xiaomi because the blacks are slightly deeper and this provides a better contrast.

Once the battery was charged, I placed the Honor 8X in my studio to make some packshots. The device has a very good finish, it is soft to the touch without being slippery and its glass surface at the back gives it a more premium side than the aluminium finish devices. I would do a test in full sun later to see if this phenomenon occurs under natural conditions. The buttons float a bit more than on the Xiaomi, I have a slower click sensation but this does not hinder the use.

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When I first turned on my Xiaomi, I was surprised by the inquisitorial nature of the device and the number of questions you have to answer before you can use your phone. Of course, if you are transferring from iOS to Android or recovering an account, it takes time to retrieve the contents of the account on your new phone. Like Xiaomi, Honor tries to force proprietary applications and services that are often redundant with what Google can offer. The fingerprint sensor is located on the back of the phone where you would usually find the camera. The Honor sensor works very well and recognition is instantaneous.

The fingerprint can then be used for some more sensitive applications such as your banking application, it is very convenient because instead of going through the entire verification process to make a payment you can do it with a touch of a finger on the back of your phone. The finish of the Honor 8x is absolutely impeccable, the use of glass for the rear panel gives a more premium feeling. The device also holds very well in hand and does not slip unlike the Xiaomi, so the use of a cover is not essential.

The edges are smoothed and slightly curved to avoid looking like a rectangle. The whole thing is is really good but if you want to stand out with a phone, the Honor 8x is not made for you because it is not really different from other phones, it is a bit the problem of most phones today.

I started testing its performance in 4G and the first impression is that it is fast but slower than the Xiaomi. To be sure I still have to test it a few more days because the network speed also depends on the network, so you have to do a lot of tests to be able to draw conclusions. The Honor 8X has a mAh battery, it is above average without being exceptional. The Xiaomi does better with mAh but you have to see in real condition what it will give. It takes me several days to form an opinion. I paired the Honor with my car without any problem, bluetooth works fine for calls but also to play music.

Then I played the same song on Deezer starting with the Honor 8x, the sound seemed good to me but when I turned on the Xiaomi right after with the same song, I heard a clear difference. The sound coming out of the Honor 8x was weaker and lacked depth compared to the Xiaomi. The Honor 8x is in the top tier of the market in terms of performance. The device is very fluid and nothing seems to resist it even with many open applications. With my Xiaomi, I had the choice between 32 and 64Gb, Honor is much more generous with 64Gb from the beginning. With 64Gb you should have plenty of space to store your photos.

However, you will need to consider a backup in the cloud to avoid keeping too many photos in your phone alone. The studio is illuminated with a strong uniform white light and has been used under exactly the same conditions for everyone. I had exactly the same thing when I first tested the Xiaomi. On the phone screen, the picture looks impeccably bright and then when you switch to a PC screen, it clearly lacks light. The focus on the helmet works, you can see the blur in the background and the foreground is sharp. The colours are well saturated even if the whole is too dark. At this point you might think the problem comes from the studio but you will see later that this is not the case.

The light deficit is a little less important on the Xiaomi but it remains insufficient. The colours and especially the blue are more saturated than on the Honor. The focus, however, is less clear and it is mainly the car that has a good dive when I had aimed at the helmet. Why did I take this phone? At the time I bought it, it was one of the best smartphones in terms of photography and I wanted to compare it to the Xiaomi and Honor of First observation, with the Nokia no brightness problem at all! The difference is absolutely enormous.

In terms of colors on the other hand, they are less saturated than Chinese smartphones which seem to force the color a little bit but all this will be arbitrated by the Canon later. Now all that remains is to compare smartphones with their master…a DSLR! I think the result is indisputable. The brightness is perfect, the white is so white that I had to add a borders around the text to see it. The colours are saturated just the way they should be, not too much or too little. The sharpness is impeccable, you can see all the dust right down to the windshield.

There are colored spots on the windshield because I use a polarizer that I can no longer remove from my lens. The depth of field is also more important. Obviously a reflex is much more expensive, it is normal that the result is better and this is not the purpose of the demonstration. To be able to compare smartphones with each other, you need a model and I consider that the Canon gives the most accurate overview of reality.

Bump up your music app’s streaming quality

In terms of resolution and pixel fineness, the two devices are equal and they both do a good job. The Honor gave me the impression of presenting a bluer image than the Xiaomi and this is confirmed when I compare an identical photo on both cameras. Where the Xiaomi displays whites and greys, there is a small bluish tint on the Honor.

Honor 20 review: The almost perfect smartphone - Technology News

On the Xiaomi side it is the opposite, it is the reds that slightly dominate the image with the basic settings. There is therefore no perfect screen but for this price, it would be frankly unfair to be more difficult, both screens are good and you have to look in much higher price ranges to get better ex: amoled screen. Here again the devices deliver similar performances with a light advantage for the Xiaomi again where the color difference can be distinguished further down the screen.

While both devices deliver similar performance for red and green, this is not the case for blue at all. I had already noticed a problem with the blue in the pictures and it is very strongly confirmed here. Where the Xiaomi gently moves towards purple, the Honor completely loses control and switches to purple very quickly.

Honor View 20 Basics Tips and Tricks

Does it affect what you see on the screen? Yes, here is an example that speaks for itself:. I compared exactly the same picture on both cameras it is the Oculus in New York and it is very clear that the Honor slides to purple instead of staying in the blue. I still need to make a video like for the Xiaomi but the Honor 8x has a fast camera like the Xiaomi, there is no lag when taking pictures, not even in dark conditions.

The Honor 8x is configured in p by default, so it is necessary to modify the settings to change the videos to p. I advise you to make the change from the first use to avoid making videos of lower quality. To compare the video, I compared the Honor again with the Xiaomi, I made more or less the same video in the same place and at the same time to be able to compare them.

I voluntarily made a video where the brightness changes significantly to see how the devices behave with changing brightness. Here is the video taken with the Honor 8x: And then the one taken with the Xiaomi: If your screen is large enough, you can play both videos at the same time to compare the two devices. Without going into a purely technical comparison, the brightness is clearly better on the Xiaomi. For the rest, it is difficult to separate the two devices. The sharpness is very similar, the fluidity is similar, the Honor seems to be a little faster when it comes to adapting to light conditions.