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Ars Technica reports: Forum users on Reddit and ResetEra were among the first yesterday to report on the "official" DRM-free leak, which sat in a sub-folder titled "Original" for the Bethesda Launcher version of the game. That 67MB file can reportedly replace the MB, DRM-protected executable in the main game folder with minimal effort and no practical effect on playability. Ars has been unable to independently verify these reports, as a subsequent patch has apparently removed the DRM-free executable. But the trackers at CrackWatch and repackers in the cracking community have confirmed that the DRM-free version was distributed and working shortly after launch.

And while the DRM-free version still requires a Bethesda account login the first time it's run, forum reports suggest crackers have already discovered a simple method to patch that check for a completely offline pirated experience. A quantum sensor could give Soldiers a way to detect communication signals over the entire radio frequency spectrum , from 0 to GHz, said researchers from the Army.

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Such wide spectral coverage by a single antenna is impossible with a traditional receiver system, and would require multiple systems of individual antennas, amplifiers and other components. Org reports: In , Army scientists were the first in the world to create a quantum receiver that uses highly excited, super-sensitive atoms -- known as Rydberg atoms -- to detect communications signals, said David Meyer, a scientist at the U.

The researchers calculated the receiver's channel capacity, or rate of data transmission, based on fundamental principles, and then achieved that performance experimentally in their lab -- improving on other groups' results by orders of magnitude, Meyer said. While Rydberg atoms are known to be broadly sensitive, a quantitative description of the sensitivity over the entire operational range has never been done. The results show that the Rydberg sensor can reliably detect signals over the entire spectrum and compare favorably with other established electric field sensor technologies, such as electro-optic crystals and dipole antenna-coupled passive electronics.

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Last year's summer was so warm that it helped trigger the loss of billion tons of ice from Greenland -- enough to raise global sea levels by 2. Unlike the retreat of sea ice, the loss of land-based glaciers directly causes the seas to rise, imperiling coastal cities and towns around the world.

Scientists have calculated that Greenland's enormous ice sheet lost an average of billion tons of ice between and -- less than half of what was shed last summer. By contrast, Los Angeles county, which has more than 10 million residents, consumes 1 billion tons of water a year. Longtime Slashdot reader dbart writes: With the near ubiquitous use of smartphones in America, it's sensible to seize upon this resource to help with the coronavirus pandemic. Here's my take on a way to use smartphones to deal with the pandemic: America does not currently have a good coronavirus test -- but they are in development.

Here’s how to Access Hidden Settings on your Phone

Once a test is available there should be a smartphone app ready to deploy immediately. The app should work like this: A person would be tested for the virus at a testing station and the results of the test would be entered into the app's database.

The person could then go about their business, such as going back to work. Upon arriving at the place of work, the person would bring up the app on their smartphone.

Sony 24MP selfie camera

The app would display some information to identify the subject that was tested along with a barcode. The employer would then scan in the barcode with the app on the employer's phone which will check with the central database and report back the results of their coronavirus test and the recency of the test. The employer would decide whether to allow the person into the workplace. This could similarly be used to safely allow entry to a restaurant, airplane, theater, sporting event, etc.

iPhone 7 Spy App - How to spy on iPhone 7 without jailbreak

I've only presented a rough sketch of my idea about this above and there's many nuances to how this should work. It's obvious that everyone should be tested frequently for this to be effective. This would require testing on a massive scale, but considering the damage happening to the American economy, such massive testing could easily be justified. A capability as described above would get the American economy restarted at the soonest possible time and would allow society to function until a vaccine is available.

It would also be a very valuable asset to epidemiological investigators. If an app was designed with enough forethought it could be deployed internationally. I'm hoping to get not just a Slashdot conversation but a larger conversation started about the use of technology to defeat this virus. Perhaps there's a Slashdotter with the skillsets to make this happen who would like to take this on. If anyone has a contact at the CDC please forward this post to them to insure that technological solutions such as this are being considered.

In celebration of Windows 10 hitting 1 billion users , Microsoft's chief product officer Panos Panay teased Windows 10's next UI refresh. Gizmodo reports: In the video posted to Instagram , Microsoft starts by showing the evolution of its OS throughout the years going as far back as Windows 1. However, where things start to get interesting is around 12 seconds in when Microsoft shows off a new set of updated icons followed by a redesigned look for Windows 10's Start Menu and Live Tiles. Instead of a bunch of brightly color rectangles, Microsoft is implementing a more unified color scheme that can adjust automatically to match your desktop background and potentially other UI elements.

Additionally, Microsoft also showed off a wide variety of accessibility options including a range of pointers in various sizes and colors, what looks like improved support for the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a tease for a new built-in snipping tool, and more. Then Microsoft capped everything off by showing light and dark themes for Windows 10 along with a bunch of windows resizing and snapping options, all designed to making multi-tasking just a bit faster and easier.

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: An emergency medicine physician says she and a colleague invented a way to connect four patients to a single ventilator , a hack that could significantly increase the capacity of overburdened hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic. Babock is now an emergency medicine physician at a hospital in Detroit, Michigan and posted a YouTube video on March 14 describing the technique.

The technique is remarkably simple. Basically, any kind of T-shaped tube can be adapted to extend the ventilator to more than one patient.

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Babock's video has gone viral, and she told Motherboard in a phone interview that she put together the four way adapter set in her YouTube video in 15 minutes using supplies her hospital already had. In an interview with Motherboard, Babcock said that actually using it on coronavirus patients is a tough call, but a potentially life-saving one in a last-resort situation. We don't know how bad it's gonna get. Sometimes trying something almost MacGyverish is better than doing nothing. Twenty Android and twenty Apple users would be subjected to the same simulated test route.

Each driver drove three times: A control drive, where they did not interact with the system, a voice-enabled drive where they used the voice system only, and a touch-enabled drive, where they used the touch screen of the system only. As part of the test, users would be required to follow another car, navigate an erratic motorway, and perform a figure-eight loop. During these tests, users would be told to perform a task, such as accessing music on Spotify, input data into a navigation app, or read texts and take phone calls.

Additionally, participants would be asked to flash their headlights whenever a red bar appeared on the screen, which measured their reaction time to external events. Regardless of the infotainment system, all users showed significantly slowed reaction time. Undistracted drivers typically showed a one-second reaction time. Those who used Android Auto saw a 1.


Those who used Apple CarPlay saw a deviation of 1. HMD Global today unveiled its latest Nokia-branded mobile phones. It features a 6. On the rear, there are four cameras including a 64MP main sensor with Zeiss optics complemented by a 12MP ultra-wide lens, plus 2MP depth and macro sensors. Click here to see a list of iPhone features. Click here to see a list of iPad features. To check the Windows version follow these steps Click the Start button. Type Run and click it. In the Run window, type winver and press Enter.

The Windows version will be shown.

Four new smartphones you can buy under Rs 15,000

Device Requirements Must be at the device physically. To check the macOS version follow these steps Click the Apple icon in the top left-hand corner. Click About This Mac. The macOS version will be shown. Click here to see a list of Computer features. Before You Buy. You will need physical access to the device. Click here to see if your device is compatible Live-Chat.

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