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For daylight photography, the Oppo AX5 is good enough to get the job done. The AI-driven scene optimization here is useful, but hardly revolutionary.

Smart Cup:Tracking everything your drink | Allion Labs

The Oppo AX5s does support portrait-mode shots on both the front and rear-facing cameras, which adds a bit of versatility to the camera. When used in most of the usual ways I use a phone , the Oppo AX5s delivered the goods. Compared to the Snapdragon , the MT processor inside offers lower clock speeds 1. Still, above all else, this is another Oppo smartphone.

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The usual caveats around ColorOS apply. Sometimes, texts inexplicably arrive late.

Sometimes, notifications play up. As for battery life, I came away thrilled with the Oppo AX5s. Though, as always, your mileage may vary - particularly, if you watch or film a lot of video content or crank the brightness way up.

The Oppo AX5s does not support wireless charging, which is a shame, but not super-surprising. After all, this is still a budget device and comes with a lot of the usual compromises. All the same, I was impressed with the value that Oppo have managed to squeeze out of that cheaper price-point. Sure, the AX5s has cut a few corners.

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That spy software will reside in the smartphone with or without the knowledge of the user. The master or the installer of the spy software will have complete control of the smartphone. There are many smartphone spy software available in the market but FreePhoneSpy is quite feature rich. Call recording is most after sought feature of spy software. You can listen to the call at any time you desire by accessing your profile. Apart from conversion between the 2 parties, you can get other details as well such as call duration, call time, etc.

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Live voice recording. This particular service is quite interesting when we are talking about spy software for Oppo smartphone. All the surrounding sounds of smartphone, such as people talking, outdoors, etc. Please avoid going to unauthorized service providers as they may not be equipped with OPPO certified repair tools, and third party parts may not be properly designed, which may lead to safety issues. We know how you find ways to take care of it.

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1) Run Dual Apps

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