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Oppo R17 Pro Price in India
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The industry first bi-cell design uses a pair of 2xmAh cells to power the phone, allowing the use of a higher voltage and resulting in a faster charge.

Oppo RX17 Pro Test - CHIP

It is designed to empower users with the ability to pursue an extraordinary life. For more information please visit oppo. By Laurie Clarke. By Dan Ariely.

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By Andy Vandervell. By Matt Reynolds. James Day Photography. Catalonia has created a new kind of online activism. Everyone should pay attention. By Laurie Clarke Encryption 19 Oct Why employee goodwill is the smart metric to pay attention to. By Andy Vandervell Laptops 30 Oct Can Oppo make waves or will it sink up against more established tech behemoths such as Apple, Huawei and Samsung?

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Display Screen size 6. Display resolution x Photo Rear camera 20, Front camera Ultra-wide angle. Wide angle.