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The leap what technology has taken over the years is unbelievable. Its growth was unimaginable but authentic though.

Huawei Spy App - Tracking and monitoring Huawei cell phones

Technology has upgraded in all the aspects of productivity applications and socializing applications. The latest technology trends may predict a brighter future, but on the flip side of a coin, it can doom us. Teenagers across the world tend to use technology for making their lives miserable. But we are fortunate that technology has also empowered us to monitor these teenagers and control their tech usage. By using TiSPY application, parents can take necessary actions before their kids banish themselves to an abyss.

For those of you who are not aware of the TiSPY, TiSpy is a parental monitoring software used to monitor and control a child's activity remotely. The TiSPY software allows parents to monitor all the calls that were made by the host's smartphone and contacts those were added or removed from the host's phone. The parental software has a unique capability of monitoring and controlling all the social media channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, Tinder and many more and let parents view messages and media files sent through them. Parents can avail software's location tracking feature to track the current location of their kid and check the path of the journey.

The Geo-Fencing alert feature sends an alert to the parents when their kid accidentally enters a restricted area. The TiSpy's geofence feature allows parents to set boundaries for their kid. This feature sends an immediate alert if children leave or enter a geofenced area. The prominent feature of the TiSPY software is its surveillance. It captures lives activity on the host smartphone and records both audio, video. The recorded media files get stored on the user's dashboard. The software also comes along with an anti-theft feature which alarms an environment by ringing loudly.

The anti-theft feature of the parental software will not cease even if the phone is unlocked. It can worked indoors, showing realistic colors and shadow. Both phones are equipped front camera with 8 megapixels, [3] and support 4K video recording. Both models come in silver, grey and gold colors.

3 Effective Ways to Find and Track Huawei Phone

The Nova and the Nova Plus are preloaded with Android 6. These phones also included a battery manager, which gives users a high level of control over battery related features. They also offers ultra power saving mode, which will disable everything except calls and messages and activate a simply monochrome UI. Both phones's camera offers built-in filters, include car light trails, light graffiti, silky water, and star track.

They also offer some modes, include super night mode, slow-motion mode, All-focus mode and the full manual mode professional mode. The Nova and the Nova Plus are started to sale in October in over 50 countries. In The Verge ' s review, Vlad Savov wrote "the Nova is a good-looking device with a build quality that matches or exceeds the best in its targeted price range, which the company describes with the cringe-inducing language of aiming for young 'dynamic aspirers.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For all Huawei smartphones and tablets, WhatsApp , Facebook, and Instagram apps can be downloaded and used as normal. If you reset your Huawei smartphone or tablet to factory settings, Android Services and Google Apps can still be downloaded and used as normal.

Nothing has changed. Huawei provides after-sales service as before, in accordance with the existing warranty policy. Huawei will continue to sell smartphones. Furthermore, we will continue to invest in research and development to deliver leading innovation and the best possible smartphone experience. We are confident that our most popular devices, including the P30 series, will be able to access Android Q.

We have been working with third parties for many months to ensure devices will be able to receive Android Q updates. Technical preparations and testing has already begun for over 17 devices. In fact our Mate 20 Pro has already been given approval to receive Android Q as and when it is released by Google. In a strange turn of events, Huawei devices have been added back to the Android Enterprise Recommended website.

What makes this development strange is the fact that the US Government was still yet to make a decision on the pending license applications from US companies to resume business with Huawei. Google is also quite opaque with its additions to and removals from the Enterprise website, so we are not entirely sure about what is happening here.

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Source: Android Enterprise Recommended. Originally reported by Reuters last week, it is now confirmed that the US Commerce Department is postponing the trade ban on Huawei for 90 more days.

Huawei Nova - Wikipedia

The temporary license that allows US companies to continue working with Huawei was set to expire today. Simultaneously, we are constantly working at the Department to ensure that any exports to Huawei and its affiliates do not violate the terms of the Entity Listing or Temporary General License. Huawei has not yet released a statement on the situation. Source: CNET. This will allow the Chinese tech giant to continue working with U.

The goal of the initial Temporary General License extension was to minimize the harm on network operators in rural America, as many were dependent on Huawei for telecommunications equipment. However, this extension is only for 45 days, as reported by CNet , which is half the period of previous extensions. The day extension is necessary to allow existing telecommunication providers — particularly those in rural US communities — the ability to continue to temporarily and securely operate existing networks while they identify alternatives to Huawei for future operation.

3 Ways to Remotely Locate Your Lost or Stolen Huawei P30 / P30 Pro

This extension has come in before the previous extension expired on March 31, The new extension is once again extending it by a further 45 days. At the same time, the Department extended the TGL through May 15, to provide for this opportunity for public input.

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The initial TGL from May and the three extensions that followed were intended to allow time for companies and persons to shift to alternative sources of equipment, software, and technology e. The current extension expires on April 1, and the request for public input by March 25, , demonstrates the Department is trying to find a permanent solution. Source: Department of Commerce. Want more posts like this delivered to your inbox? Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

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