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  1. How to share any file from OnePlus 6 to other device ?

OnePlus now seems to have exterminated the gremlins as it has restarted the roll-out of OxygenOS Game Space is a new programme from OnePlus that essentially groups all of your games into a single area.

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OnePlus thinks this will be more intuitive than forcing a user to meticulously scroll through their app drawer to locate different titles. OnePlus has said OxygenOS With Android 10, the Chinese firm is also allowing fans to block spam messages by keywords, a nifty way to block out unwanted messages that could mitigate the need to block specific contacts one-by-one.

That means fans are treated to revamped user interface, full-screen gestures, and more.

How to share any file from OnePlus 6 to other device ?

As we drive around, we keep hoping it will get a lock in time to make the next turn. With this new tech, the 7 Pro can pinpoint your location down to the lane , not just the street. This technology has been available since and has made its way into a handful of phones, none of which released in the US.

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Most existing phones use a single-frequency GNSS. Using a single radio signal, your phone is tracked by satellites, determining your position for everything from navigation to e-commerce apps. But while a single signal does well in an open area, it can be bounced around by large objects such as buildings.

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The result of this bouncing is a drop in position accuracy ,which can go a low as 16 feet 5 meters. This is why, in cities, you'll find Google Maps navigation is a bit more challenging to use, sometimes placing you several streets away from your actual position.

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As the name implies, dual-frequency solves this problem by doubling the radio signals. Instead of a single radio frequency, your phone is using two. This means if accuracy drops on one frequency due to interference, there's a backup frequency to maintain a steady connection to the satellite.

With this increased reliability, dual-frequency phones can track your position to a radius of