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I canceled immediately and I am stopping payment from my cc but I also will file a complaint with the BBB. This is just unacceptable and I most certainly will not recommend them. My brother who uses RingPlus told me about it. While others have had trouble either activating and or transferring service from other providers, I have not and I think I know why.

The activations immediately gave the phones new phone numbers and fresh accounts that were not complicated by number ports, service transfers from other providers, or postal delays. Two of my family members wanted to use their phones that were already being used on Sprint.

First, we bought two inexpensive Sprint Prepaid flip phones from Best Buy. These phones were activated on a RingPlus free plan which gave new numbers and fresh, ready to use accounts. I had the two family members keep up their old Sprint accounts during this time. One number ported in 36 hours, while the other took almost 3 days. Once the ports were complete, they chose the right service plan for them. Sure, this is a round-about way of doing it as there is a little extra time and money involved, but that has been compensated for with the savings on RingPlus.

All of my family members that have been using RingPlus have been on from 2 months to almost a year with no complaints except for the occasional missed text or voice message which can happen on ANY carrier. Sorry, I forgot to add that once those two my family members chose new RingPlus plans after the number port was complete, they then SWAPPED their previous devices the ones they really wanted to use on to their new accounts.

Their activation menus, including PRL reset. How did you get the Virgin Mobile phone you bought at Best Buy to work? I thought it had to be a Sprint based phone. Virgin and Boost both use the Sprint network. While I only have had experience with activating Virgin flip phones and Sprint prepaid phones on RingPlus in fact, just activated a Sprint Prepaid Moto E last night on a free min, texts, and 1.

The Virgin flip phones basically just activated themselves once I signed them up on RingPlus. Note: I have only activated new Virgin and Sprint devices that had never had service before. The instructions for manual programming for both Android non-Android phones are given on the RingPlus website when you sign up, your phone passes the ESN check, and you activate it. These instructions can also be accessed through the Help Center. I came over from freedompop, using the same phone I had to call freedompop and ask them to release the ESN first. I can tell you that I left FreedomPop because the calling was awful.

They use the data connection for calls instead of the traditional cell lines which for me, anyway made calling nearly impossible. I used Ringplus for about 1 year. Phone service was fine but 2 issues.

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I also noticed that if I call the number and either it does not go through or there is a busy signal, the recording will play for a really long time — many minutes before I have to hang up and try again. It is almost impossible to get someone on the phone and email support takes days for even the simplest issue. They have a Chat option but it is rarely staffed and super slow, sometimes minutes between simple replies. I eventually got tired and moved over to Cricket. So glad to get that behind me.

I had never heard of them, but caught a Black Friday week deal. Not perfect, but usable, considering free. It will not be an ongoing monthly charge.

Trust Ziva Wireless Bluetooth Party Lights Speaker

You nailed it. Seems landline and other wireless, calls go right through, but with RP it plays on and advertises for a minute or two, even with our premium lines. Have any of their techies even used their own service? I dream someday of getting great service with something like an Apple 6S. Ads run for minute or TWO? If I let it ring long enough on a call to a cell phone for it to go to voicemail, the time was about 40 to 45 seconds.

I tried to call customer service number times, nobody answered the phone, I submitted a service request, nobody replied. I tried to use their chat help many times, again nobody was there to help. When it finally worked, I forgot to make a new pay. Rather than sending a notice about the amount due, it cancelled my service without any notice. Since I already hooked up all friends via the phone number, I tried to contact customer service again to restore my account. On the same day after the chat, since my phone was already out of service for a few days, I was anxious to lose phone contact with everyone, so I also created a service ticket, in which I also complained the horrible customer service I experienced.

After I tried to check if there was any material help more than the rude reply, I found my service ticket got deleted and my login access got blocked. Basically the company is telling you: Because of your low fee status, we decide to treat you like a dirt. They have a variety of plan offerings to meet individual needs if these ratios are not right for you.

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So far we have not had any service issues in which I needed to call service one the phone was provisioned. The only issue I have had was initial provisioning, and only because their information page was a little confusing.

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Unless something drastic changes with the service or price structure, I will continue to be a customer. I was not asking unreasonable prompt help. Maybe you have a better luck due to your special status. I just wrote my true experience that over a 2-week period of time, I spent maybe 10, 20 hours trying to reach its customer service for help, and I never get any help. Same story.

RingPlus Review | The Frugal Caller

Signed up 10 days ago. Three phones of the same model. Two with new given numbers work just fine. The third with ported number had sms issues, and then everything stopped working even voice. I have an iPhone 5 from Sprint I can activate for her. I mostly want her to have talk and text…. Reality is probably more text that talk. Very little data is needed if any.

She is around wifi a lot anyway. Is there any reason to go with a paid plan instead of a free plan? And, yes, all picture messages are 4 cents each both outgoing and incoming.

Picture messaging and data can be disabled in the online dashboard if you want. I decided to go ahead and activate the iPhone 5 with one of the free plans that was offered this weekend. It was quite seamless and we were up and running within seconds. I have made it clear to her that every picture message costs 4 cents. She has sent a couple, but mostly it is her friends sending them to her. Would the picture messages sent to her while on wifi be sent using iMessage and not cost additional?

I am unclear on this. The way I understand how iMessage works with Apple using their own servers for messages, I imagine you should not be charged for anything while on wi-fi. I guess the only way to really find out is to test it at it may take a long time for an answer from RingPlus customer service. If you are lucky that you never run into any problem their service is ok; If you do like me, then it becomes hell: you spent tons of hours trying to contact them to get your problem solved.

Signs Of Spyware on Cell Phone

Pictures sent via iMessage do not count as MMS. I have made the suggestion to friends without an iPhone to install Google Hangouts on their phones. Ringplus is excellent for light users. Setting up service requires a few tasks — including using additional apps for enhanced service. Customer service is limited. Their concept of subsidized or free phone calls per advertising during ring back tone is quite noble and unique due to their patent.

It will take time for them to attempt to perfect latency and audio quality because the patented technology requires routing calls through their servers. Subscribers with good Sprint coverage have less call quality issues. For those who want a phone for their children, elders and even active adults you will find it is worth trying and recommending if you understand what your are getting. Toooo many plans and promotions-but harmless.

Some even appreciate that type of approach. Beware of extreme immature behavior by some discourse participants. Particularly one in particular that Ringplus should and has not permanently censored. Although at times this member displays good knowledge of being a Ringplus user he may be annoying.


Others may not have the time to read through past threads or the knowledge. So take the good with the bad and indulge yourself in a limited but unique and cost effective phone experience. Happy New Year All!!! I run an iPhone 4 on it. I recently ported my standard Cricket number to them as I am not a huge phone user.