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The camera is always available so you can take selfies with continuous fun. The 16 MP AI front camera offers real-time image optimising in 8 scenes and will intelligently adjust the retouching intensity. Both the front and rear cameras can retouch your portrait with studio-quality lighting effects to make you look your best in every situation.

The powerful built-in mAh battery works with the smart power-saving processor to greatly increase the device's overall power efficiency. Choose your phone. Image gallery. Screen: 6. But anyone who plans to consume a lot of multimedia content on this display will be happy with it. Because it's a good size for watching movies on the go. Especially because nothing interrupts the picture here. In itself, the smartphone would therefore also be ideally suited for gamers too. Here only the performance gets in the way, but more on that later. The Honor 9X comes with Google services.

That's usually not worth an extra mention. So the Google-certified Android, on which all Google services are available, is a win for Honor. First and foremost, of course, the Google Play Store is there to download apps.

How to see the IMEI code in P Smart Z

Huawei fans might already have noticed when looking at the spec sheet that the Honor 9X is reminiscent of a certain Huawei smartphone. This is a slightly modified version of the Huawei P Smart Z. Want a pop-up camera on a budget? Meet the Huawei P Smart Z. In fact, the two smartphones are almost identical not only in terms of equipment.

Since the Huawei P Smart Z has of course already been certified by Google, this also applies to this device - and the Google services have also landed on this smartphone. A clever trick. The other special feature of the Honor 9X is the pop-up camera. We have already seen them on some smartphones and I remain skeptical. Of course, Huawei and Honor assure that the mechanism has been extensively tested. Also, I haven't seen a broken pop-up camera on any of my colleagues' phones yet. But having mechanical parts on a device that you carry in your trouser or jacket pocket all the time and that can slip out of your hand, makes you feel uncomfortable.

It is clear that thanks to the pop-up camera a lot of screen is available. Since I'm not a selfie fan, it's a good option. The camera is there, but if you don't use it, you basically have a smartphone without a front camera and I like that.

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However, if you want the large, uninterruptible screen and constantly take selfies, you should be warned: the pop-up camera takes a little time to move out. Of course, this is bearable, but annoying when using the front camera all the time. Presumably also for this reason, Honor has refrained from facial recognition unlocking here.

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No one would want to unlock a smartphone at this speed. You don't have to like it, but it is easy to use. Honor installs a little superfluous software here, such as another browser. On the other hand, it is nice to see that apps like Facebook or Booking. Generally, there are no surprises with the software.

Huawei P smart - Turn GPS on or off | Vodafone UK

Those who know EMUI will quickly find their way around. However, it remains to be seen when the final version will be available. Android is your smartphone going to get the update? The smartphone is powered by the HiSilicon Kirin F with eight cores, a slightly modified version of the Kirin , which is used in many Huawei and Honor models, such as the P30 Lite.

But also - as you have already guessed - in the Huawei P Smart Z. In fact, the Honor 9X does not surprise here. Everything ran smoothly in everyday life, the benchmark results are similar to those of other mid-range smartphones.

How to Locate IMEI & SN in HUAWEI P Smart Z – Check Serial Number

At least not if they want to use the full resolution. However, most games run smoothly with optimized settings. The sound of the Honor 9X is good when making phone calls.

Huawei P smart Z User Manual

The sound when watching videos or similar is nothing special. There are definitely smartphones with clearer and louder sound. On the other hand, I recommend watching movies on your smartphone with headphones anyway, or listening to music like that. Forgotten Password? Sign Up.

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