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The company has even won two Red Dot design awards for the visual design and sound effects on the latest MIUI, which is a first for the smartphone software industry. New colors have been added to the UI for a more organic experience along with a system-wide dark mode.

Redmi Note 8 Pro review

According to the timeline revealed by Xiaomi, MIUI 11 rollout starts from October 22 and will be seeded in phases to many old and new Xiaomi phones till December Xiaomi has removed a bunch of elements, such as dividing lines to provide more areas for content to stand out.

It will be most noticeable in the Settings menu or Contact apps, among others. Some additional colors that hindered the overall viewing experience have also been removed with the addition of a system-wide dark mode. Given the popularity of dark mode in recent months and with Android 10, iOS supporting it natively, it wasn't a surprise when Xiaomi took the plunge for its latest MIUI.

Remember your this childhood favourite? In MIUI11, you can get these on your phone screens.

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It's worth noting that the company introduced a bunch of clock styles for its Redmi K20 series, and now it's expanding that feature with more animations, patterns, and even messages. Xiaomi claims that the idea behind the symmetric patterns came from Kaleidoscope, while the addition of quotes on display gives the phone a more personal touch. As companies move to eliminate the bezels on their smartphones, the notification light is no more a viable solution.

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As a workaround, Xiaomi has added breathing light to MIUI 11, which lights up the whole display or just the edges depending on the user as alerts for notifications. MIUI11 pic. With MIUI 11, users can apply a dynamic video wallpaper to the home screens of their phones. If you own a Redmi Note 8 Pro review and are looking for ways to get more out of your phone, here are a few things that you should try! Now from the launcher settings, turn off recommended.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Smartphone

Remove recommended apps from App vault: The app vault, which is the left-most home screen pane on Xiaomi phones, also shows app recommendations. You may also customize and make app vault a useful tool from the same place. Disable app scanner: You will also see recommendations and ads on the scanner screen whenever you install an app.

To disable these, tap on the settings icon, and then disable all the highlighted options in the image above. If you are annoyed by the Alexa notifications, you can long-press the notification icon and turn them off.

The Oppo Reno 3 Pro is powered by a MediaTek Helio P95 SoC

The erratic behavior was also noticed after using the cleaner app. If Alexa is the assistant you primarily use, you may also set it as your default assistant. From here, select Alexa as your Voice Assistant and Assist app.

The dark mode is all the rage these days and for good reason. From the same menu, you may also adjust color temperature and opt for warmer tones that are less harsh on the eyes.

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The recent apps Window show snippets of what you have been doing within apps and this can seriously compromise your privacy. Someone casually switching apps on your phone could see your bank balance or notes that you have been jotting. The Redmi Note 8 Pro has the option to blur recent apps. To do so, go to home screen settings by long-pressing anywhere on the home screen and then tapping on the settings option. This is not exactly the same quick replies that Google added to Android Once enabled, you will see a text field under incoming message notifications and will be able to type and reply to these messages directly from the floating notifications without switching the app.

Similar to brands like Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, and OnePlus, Xiaomi too has an inbuilt call identification feature in call settings. You can access the same by opening the dialer app and then proceeding to settings.

Make Android 10's Hidden Desktop Mode More Useful

The caller ID feature works well and will only get better as more consumers start using it. In the same menu, you will also find an option to manage call recordings options. From here you may put select or all contacts on auto call recording and manage other call record settings.

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If audio customization is your thing or if you own a Xiaomi headphone, this could be a handy tool. As indispensable our phones may be, they are also a constant source of distraction and can weigh down on your productivity and overall well being. An effective tool that lets you do that is Digital Wellbeing. After your permitted time runs out, the particular app will still work but it will be greyed out. If Face recognition is your preferred means of unlocking your phone, you can make it a hair faster by enabling raise to wake.