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I knew this might happen, but I'd hoped for the best: I intended to keep it. However, after playing with the device for a few hours this past Friday, I decided that the Pixel 4 XL -- which I had ordered only ten days earlier and was delivered that afternoon -- was going straight back to Google.

Here's why. I've been a buyer of Pixel devices and the Nexus series of devices for several years. With these purchases, I took advantage of Google's trade-in program, which has become an increasingly poorer value every passing year. It's because, as someone who covers Android as a technology writer, I want to have the latest and greatest Android OS experience, and I want to be able to track developments when the next version goes into beta testing. The Pixel is never my only Android device, as I usually have at least one or two other Android phones from different vendors that I am testing at any given time.

But other manufacturers' Android devices are so far behind the curve in software updates that you cannot use them for tracking developments in the Android OS itself. I was relatively happy with the Pixel 3 last year, and I liked the camera a lot -- so much that I preferred taking photos with it than my iPhone XS Max. I wasn't happy with the 4GB of RAM, which made the device resource-constrained, and I thought it consumed battery a bit too quickly.

However, the Pixel did have native resolution cloud backup for free on Google Photos, so that did mitigate some of those storage issues. Enter the Pixel 4 XL. Still, I ordered one.

Find, lock, or erase a lost Pixel phone - Pixel Phone Help

Because I needed a pure Android device, and I was willing to give the thing the benefit of the doubt. But, as time went on, and while I was anticipating delivery of this product, I was exposed to many reviews from my colleagues and at other technology publications that did not portend well. With all the default settings turned on -- motion sense enabled, light color theme, and always-on display enabled -- you can watch the battery percentage drop quite dramatically every few minutes.

But let's face it: Based on Jason Cipriani's 6am to 8pm test day with a total of four hours of screen time And having a 3,mAh battery versus a comparable 4,mAh on its competitors doesn't help this phone either. Oh, and try to set that fancy 90Hz variable refresh display to run 90Hz butter smooth all the time using a developer setting?

Forget it. You'll be lucky to get two or three hours of screen time out of the device. OK, sure, but the Pixel 3 main camera was also exceptional. In the Pixel 4, Google added a second rear camera: A 2X zoom. The specifications on both cameras are Competitors now have three rear cameras, and most include an ultrawide in addition to a wide. The celestial photography mode? It looks cool in a demo, but it's not particularly useful. It's a gimmick. Google's competitors have caught up big time with night modes, image processing, and machine learning.

Google's camera is no longer unique. But the free cloud-based photo storage on Google Photos is still a good value, right?

Finding a Google Pixel 4 in your Pizza

Sadly, it no longer is. Instead of storing the photos in "original quality," it only stores them in "high-quality" mode. That's the same as every Android, and the iPhone gets. So, zero privileges here for owning a Pixel device. The 6GB of RAM on the phone doesn't always present itself as a problem, but if you keep a lot of apps open like I do -- such as Outlook, Teams, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook -- you'll begin to see performance degradation.

I tried to turn it on.

Face unlock: Quick and accurate with little support

It didn't work. It means Google didn't adequately prepare its carrier partners to accept BYOD devices on their network. Google should not claim that its phone works perfectly on all US carrier networks if it doesn't. Well, it doesn't. But a Google Pixel? We are talking about the reference standard Android phone -- the very same it sells in its retail stores! Let me know in the comments. Do share your story with us. Stay safe and take good care of your phone.

We only realize their importance once we have lost them. I know that this guide has its limitations, if the location services are off or the phone is not connected to the internet. There are apps that send their last location via text before they are turned off. Those apps are to be pre-installed before your phone gets stolen. It is always best to keep all your data backed up on your cloud.

So even if your Pixel is lost or stolen. You can at least access the data present in it. If you still cant locate your Pixel phone and you have lost all hopes to recover it. If your phone was carrier locked, it means it was meant for a specific carrier like T-Mobile. Contact them and give them your IMEI number. Your phone will be blocked. So no one can access the data in it. There are other government agencies that regulate the smartphones and carriers.

You can also contact them to block your phone by giving them IMEI number of your phone. You can find the IMEI number on the box of your phone. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions via Facebook or contact us form.

Google Pixel 4 review: More than just a great camera

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