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The CPSC said in a statement last week it was working with Samsung to announce an official recall of the devices. Samsung had already announced a replacement program where users could exchange their current Note 7 device for a new one, pending CPSC approval. Consumers can also exchange a current Note 7, and any Note 7—specific accessories, for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge with a refund of the price difference.

But after Samsung said it would recall the 2.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

But Samsung issued the news release about the replacement program itself, without waiting to coordinate with the commission, the Times reported. The delay in announcing the official recall involved "making sure we get the documents we need to provide that independent verification to consumers that they know the remedy that the company is providing is legitimate," Kaye said.

He said in general, it's not a recipe for a successful recall for a company to go out on its own, and anyone who does so "needs to have more than their phone checked. Baxter said that Samsung notified the CPSC of the potential defect and then issued the global directive to stop sales immediately. Baxter said the company has already exchanged over , units, a "fast and meaningful start.

Because they were hoping this was the best phone that's ever been released, and in fact, it's going to go down as one of the worst It's going to be very scary for Samsung. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services.

How to Remove/Fix 60% Battery Limit on Galaxy Note 7!

The original Note 7 batteries suffered a design that deformed the "negative" electrode within the battery so that it wound up touching the "positive" electrode within the battery pouch -- "pouch" is the name for the container that keeps all the parts together. According to Samsung US marketing VP Justin Denison, the battery manufacturer "designed the pouch such that it did not have sufficient space around the upper righthand corner to allow for the normal expansion and contraction of the battery that occurs when you go through normal charge and discharge cycles.

Another Samsung owner says phone EXPLODED – almost giving her 'severe burns'

So the battery elements were expanding within too-tight confines and the negative electrode wound up bent around the positive electrode. This weakened the separator -- material meant to keep the two tabs apart -- and the electrodes eventually touched. The problem didn't have anything to do with the battery's size, thinness or placement within the phone, Samsung said, and everything to do with the design flaws that eventually put the negative and positive poles into contact. The problem with batteries in the replacement phones was different. This one came down to issues with welding, as well as a crucial part left out of some handsets.

Essentially, the manufacturer didn't do a good enough job welding the "positive" tab and left a tiny nodule of material sticking out, large enough to perforate the insulating material separating the positive and negative poles and cause the battery to short circuit. The short circuit in turn created internal temperatures high enough to melt copper elements inside the phone -- and that's what first tipped off the independent investigators Samsung partnered with. But Samsung and its partners found another problem, too. Not every phone had that insulation tape separating the two volatile elements.

Some phones were missing the separator completely -- that's a quality control issue that compounded Samsung's woes. The failure of the second battery was the real nail in the Note 7's coffin.

Device features

Because Samsung couldn't replace mistrusted Note 7s with assuredly safe ones, Samsung had to admit total defeat, recalling the entire batch of replacement phones and killing the production of its best-selling phone so far. Amperex Technology created the second set, according to the source. Samsung has instituted an eight-point battery check to prevent the problems it had with the Galaxy Note 7.

With Samsung's investigation into the Note 7 fires completed and nearly all the Note 7 phones collected, it's time for Samsung to get back to business.

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Specifically the business of launching its next phone, the Galaxy S8 , as well as prepping for the Note 8, which we should see in August or September. It's is also looking outward to share its battery review process with other global organizations. Now for Samsung's tattered reputation. Making its next phone an unquestionable, flame-free smash hit will go a long way to erasing the public's bad memories of the Note 7 mess. A phone that can wow people, like a Galaxy S8 that's all screen and no bezel that's one rumor , is the exact distraction that Samsung needs to reset buyers' memories, or at least encourage them not to care anymore.

I have a few ideas for what Samsung will have to do for the Galaxy S8 to rise from the Note 7's ashes. Let's recap the unfolding of events after the Note 7 launched in August to largely rave reviews. Samsung engaged in a global recall for the Galaxy Note 7, which the company first voluntarily recalled in early September when a major battery flaw caused a small number of the phones to spontaneously explode and sometimes burst into flames, damaging property , leaking dangerous chemicals and basically scaring the dickens out of people.

Samsung offered replacement Note 7 devices that had completely different batteries, but it didn't take long before reports surfaced that these were catching fire, too.

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That's when Samsung and various organizations throughout the world including the US Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC made it clear that every single Note 7 owner needed to stop using, shut down and return the phones. As of early November, the company said that 85 percent of US customers opted to return their phones, with the "majority" of them exchanging their original Note 7 for a different Galaxy phone.

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Retrieved 26 August Retrieved 25 August The Cryd's Daily. Retrieved 10 July Samsung Galaxy Note series. Note 8.

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