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Google has come up with a crafty solution known as "Call Screen" to let the Google Assistant handle the call for you while you listen in on the caller like a stealth ninja. Pixels and other near-stock Android phones have the Google Feed baked into their home screen, but sadly, the default OnePlus Launcher doesn't. Even more disappointing is the fact that the OnePlus Launcher actually has the Google Feed code built into it, but it's not activated. Let's change that. Multiple methods can be used to update OnePlus phones, but if you're rooted with TWRP installed, you might want to try this one out for yourself.

The update method outlined in this guide works like a charm while maintaining your root status after an OTA update. One of the best parts about it — you don't have to rely on a computer like you did when you rooted the first time around. OxygenOS is often described as one of the best skins for Android on the market. It's fast, clean, and has a ton of useful features that appeal to just about everyone.

However, it's also faced a significant issue for the longest time — overly aggressive battery optimizations that frequently kill background apps, including Gmail services. One of the standout features of the OnePlus 7 Pro is the 90 Hz display. A higher refresh rate means smoother gameplay for all your favorite games, which is precisely what you'd want out of your gaming experience. However, not all games play nicely with these higher refresh rates — but luckily, there's a pretty simple fix. The OnePlus 7 Pro is an outright beast.

From the highly rated display with minimal bezels to the 90 Hz refresh rate, there's no denying this phone is great for gaming. Although not explicitly marketed as a gaming phone, it seems OnePlus unintentionally created one by cramming in great specs and game-friendly software features like Fnatic Mode. In this era of smartphones, we all know very well how easily we can get addicted to our devices.

Spending hours each day doing the endless scroll through Facebook and other social media sites just because we feel like we'll miss something if we don't.

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Both Google and Apple are aware of this and are trying to help control smartphone addition in their own way for Android and iOS. The triple camera system on the OnePlus 7 Pro is the best setup they've ever done so far, but it could always be better. The primary sensor packs a whopping 48 megapixels, but as history has taught us, megapixels don't equal better photos by default.

In fact, with where we are in terms of hardware right now, it's the software that determines a phone's camera performance.

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OnePlus has purposefully made their devices easy to root so that you can spend less time waiting and more time doing. These phones are a solid choice for anyone looking to dive into the rooting and modding scene. Using the same principles that Google has with the Pixel line, you can always be sure your OnePlus 7 Pro will get first-class treatment from launch day and beyond. When it comes to modding your Android device, you'll want to be familiar with the TWRP name and what it stands for.

It's a tool that you'll be using to make NANDroid backups or to install just about any mod file you can think of — the number of uses is quite awesome. You'll mostly be after Magisk for root access and potentially a custom kernel as well. The OnePlus 7 Pro is truly the best phone that the company has ever created to date — it's even one of the hottest phones around regardless of OEM. It offers an awesome display with minimal bezels, a smooth hertz refresh rate, a pop-up selfie camera, and the best triple camera system in a OnePlus phone so far.

It can truly compete with other flagship phones while keeping the cost down. Since we wouldn't have Android without Google, everyone has come to realize that the Pixel smartphones are a prime example of what an Android smartphone should be. With so many unique software related features, no wonder people want that Pixel experience. There once was a time before smartphones when you had to actually remember where you parked your vehicle. This really sucked when visiting a location with a large parking lot — they even made a whole Seinfeld episode about it.

But now you can just tap a button to solve this problem.

OnePlus 7T Review: Not very new, but still one of the best phones you can buy | Ars Technica

Who says we're not living in the future? We've all been there — using Google Maps for navigation and waiting for the app to find our location. As we drive around, we keep hoping it will get a lock in time to make the next turn. Usually, the company touts a device with impressive specs, build quality, and price, all without sacrificing too much. This time around, however, OnePlus decided to include a Pro device without compromise, while retaining those core values, making the 7 Pro highly competitive against the "low end" phones of their competitors the iPhone X R and Samsung S10e.

Hot on the heels of all the talk about Google's newest Android Q update, known as Android 10, there's a new beta to check out. OnePlus is one of the many partners that can now offer its users a chance to test the latest version early. OnePlus always seems to offer affordable yet powerful tools for videographers of all kinds.

The camera hardware itself is crucial, but what's hardware without good software to highlight its real potential? It doesn't matter which version of the smartphone you have, they're all powered by the very same OnePlus camera app. Phone displays have gotten taller in the past few years, and it seems the OnePlus 6T might not make use of the entire screen by default for a few games. Until an official fix happens, there's a quick workaround you can use to make things a bit better.

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The OnePlus 7 Pro is definitely a beast on paper. With a specs page that ticks virtually every box and a price point that undercuts the competition by hundreds of dollars, it's hard to overlook this phone. But before you get too excited, know that OnePlus has repeatedly shown to be misleading with their official specs. One of the best things about Android is the ability to customize every aspect of your device to make it your own.

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However, unless you have prior knowledge or experience with every single setting available to you, you might have missed a few critical features without even knowing it. Some settings are easy to find, while others might be tucked away in another menu of their own. OnePlus is known for pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible for a mid-range price. One of the best things about OnePlus phones is that their battery life is fantastic in general, but to achieve this, Oxygen OS will disable or delay notifications by default once your phone goes into deep sleep mode.

You will not be notified until you wake the phone up — this could be an issue for some. One of the biggest downsides to rooting is that it can be a pain to update every month with each new security patch. With other phones, you might have had to fully unroot the device, maybe flash a stock recovery, or potentially even flash all the factory images to get a new update.

To retain its supremacy, OnePlus Company has come up with this beautifully designed cell phone. Because of its large display, cutting edge technology, good build quality, and other cool features at an affordable price, this beast is expected to eat some of the old giants in the market. Mobile phone monitoring to spy on a target device with a phone monitoring app. It helps you to monitor the activities of the mobile phone that you are willing to spy on.

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Later, you can access your mail to verify your account as well. Then follow the steps to move on. Get a subcription then you will receive an confirmation email. Now, in order to hack OnePlus 6, you need to physically access the device at least once.