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Samsung's Galaxy A80 is mad phone design at its best, and it's coming in July
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Coronavirus Outbreak Stained bed, clogged toilets greet passengers at Delhi's quarantine facility. The Samsung Galaxy A Image: Samsung.

Amazon beauty presents Vanity Diaries. As you can see in the benchmark table below, the Samsung Galaxy A80 struggles to keep up with its bigger S-series brothers - remember that S10e is only twenty quid more than the A80 - but the A80 is significantly more powerful than the Galaxy A Again, it is clear that power is not a selling point for this phone, it's all about that camera and display.

The Galaxy A80 lacks any trace of a notch or hole punch in the display. Instead, Samsung has come up with a special trick for the camera. The result is a retractable camera module that can also rotate. If you activate the camera app, the module moves out like the slider of the Find X and the oval, elongated camera module rotates degrees on the horizontal axis. Thus the main camera also serves as a selfie camera. This opens up numerous possibilities for photographing, no matter in which direction.

Wide-angle shots are just as possible as group selfies and portraits work excellently thanks to the ToF camera Time of Flight. The camera also helps with depth detection in augmented reality apps.

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A bit of AI also plays a part in the camera app and offers scene recognition, for example, as in the current high-end models. Shots were, on the whole, rather good. The ToF is particularly well-utilized.

Samsung Galaxy A80: Why This Novelty Phone is Still Awesome Today and Where to Buy One

A new Live Focus mode lets you create a bokeh effect around your subject in real-time, and it also works when shooting video. It's a cool idea and is well executed. Samsung bet big on this camera setup and it very almost paid off, but Live Focus is definitely a win. As interesting and unusual as the camera design is, the disadvantages were apparent during my test.

Once the camera has been extended, there is even more potential for dust, dirt or water. It's also incredibly loud. This is not the smartphone for sneaky selfies with unsuspecting subjects in the background. The mechanism didn't always do what I wanted, either. Sometimes, for example, the camera did not turn completely to the selfie position.

It also remains questionable how long the mechanism will last if it is really used in everyday life. Samsung has now fixed this with a software update, so at least the company is listening and making tweaks to this new camera setup. The camera app is still quite slow overall, though.

The plus side here though is that if you want a Samsung phone with a fantastic display that is not hindered by a notch or a hole punch, then this could be a good option. Personally, I am a huge fan of pop-up cameras. Not because I take a lot of selfies or I think they're cool. Quite the opposite. A pop-up camera gives me the chance to have a full, clean display.

Getting through a single day is an absolute breeze, regardless of what you do with it. Of course, an intelligent battery management system is also used here, which analyzes habits and app usage patterns in order to optimize power consumption.

Galaxy A80 Phones:

The battery is a big positive for this phone, bravo Samsung! This doesn't mean that the Galaxy A80 is purely for show. On paper and in real life the smartphone makes a good first impression, even though the fingerprint sensor will eventually drive you mad if you persist with it. But the big feature, the camera, still leaves a bland aftertaste, because it doesn't seem like it will be very durable, it's too loud, and it's a bit too slow.

The bottom line is, I can't really work out who this phone is for. Someone who wants a big, beautiful display and a funky camera, but doesn't care about power or biometric unlocking methods, or long-term durability. Probably not.

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  8. At first I thought I was going to mind the punch hole? Not in the least, much better than the notch!

    Samsung A80 Android 10 Update

    Hmm, that sucks. I would probably trade my S10 for this just to get rid of the stupid hole in the screen. We use cookies on our websites.

    Samsung Galaxy A80 - Features and key specifications

    Information about cookies and how you can object to the use of cookies at any time or end their use can be found in our privacy policy. To the AndroidPIT homepage. Jump directly to: Samsung has a pricing problem The mid-range is for experimenting A huge, clean display thanks to a pop-up camera One UI has come on leaps and bounds Snapdragon instead of Exynos Three cameras for both sides It can easily last you two days Technical Specifications Innovation or sales gimmick? The mid-range is for experimenting Samsung is building a reputation for using its mid-range devices as a kind of testing space for new technology.

    The Bixby button is gone! The bezel-less display of the Galaxy A80 makes quite an impression. One UI has come on leaps and bounds As on all other new Galaxy-A smartphones, the software is the current Android version 9. Snapdragon instead of Exynos There is a little surprise under the hood of the Galaxy A Three cameras for both sides The Galaxy A80 lacks any trace of a notch or hole punch in the display.

    The camera also has its disadvantages As interesting and unusual as the camera design is, the disadvantages were apparent during my test. Gallery of photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy A Samsung Galaxy A80 technical specifications Dimensions: