Cell Snapchat tracking Honor 9X

This is Honor's first launch of the year.
  1. Will Huawei and Honor phones get Android 11?
  2. What is HMS? All you need to know about Huawei’s new mobile ecosystem
  3. What are Huawei Mobile Services (HMS)?

On the left side is a button that begins and ends recordings. A ring of lights illuminate when the video camera is activated, letting those around you know a video is being captured.

Will Huawei and Honor phones get Android 11?

Another light inside the glasses begins blinking two-seconds before the recording stops, giving the user a chance to extend recording up to seconds with another press of the button. Spectacles can hold up to videos clips, with an expected battery life of recordings. A charging case holds enough juice to top of Spectacles four times.

The entire product, from the packaging to the charging cable is playful, yet high quality. It's an impressive feat, considering this is Snap's first hardware product. Videos are captured in a circular format. When viewed within the Snapchat app, users rotate their phone to view different aspects of the video as seen above. Videos exported outside of Snapchat take on a circular look and lose a bit of the magic. Still, the videos are unique and easily identifiable. I've found I have to watch a Spectacles captured video multiple times to take in the entire scene, turning and moving my phone a little differently each time it's played.

What's more, any text or stickers applied to the video aren't static - they move as if they are part of the video. It's incredibly fun to use.

What is HMS? All you need to know about Huawei’s new mobile ecosystem

As a consumer, my primary use for Spectacles is to record my daily activities. Be it taking my kids out to ride bikes , showing off some of my new homebrew equipment, or creating a time-lapse video of a long drive. My biggest issue with Spectacles is how Snapchat handles editing and sharing of videos. Importing is painless, with a few taps in the Snapchat app.

What are Huawei Mobile Services (HMS)?

Where I become frustrated is the lack of options to edit a series of videos created back to back. For example, say I captured a 10 videos clips while playing fetch with my dog and I want to caption the entire video with one phrase.

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Right now, that means I have to edit each clip adding text, save, and repeat. That's 10 edits, when it should be one. Also, as far as I can tell, there's no way to export only a portion of the days' videos as a single clip without first deleting those videos you don't want to include.

However, outside of my rather boring life there are fascinating use cases. Some of these are obvious, like support for 5G should Apple finally decides to release a 5G iPhone that works with the next-gen phone networks. If there's somehow an Apple foldable, well, iOS 14 will have software to make that work, too. Other iOS 14 features take a little bit of speculative leaps to imagine which tweaks Apple might make in its continual improvements on its iPhone operating system.

Update: The latest rumor suggests that iOS 14 will have a redesigned app switcher. That will be just in time for the launch of the iPhone 12, which will be the first phones to get the next iOS. The first public beta will follow later in the month, and will accordingly get new betas after the developer versions. For now, our best guess is that the iPhone 7 will be the cut-off point, with the big question being: will iPhone SE get the iOS 14 update?

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