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Meizu 15 Main Features

We provide extra expedited shipping for who want to get the order promptly, working days to your door worldwide. As customs rules in various countries can frequently change, this can cause delays, and at times additional charges imposed by the receiving country. While we take all reasonable steps to comply with general world shipping standards, Giztop may not know the details of additional customs taxes or duties, or if any specific item was prohibited or confiscated by the receiving country. It is recommended that you investigate the relevant local laws in your country.

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Meizu 15 Plus - Specifications

The shipping company will return the tracking number to us in days after collect the package and deal with the package. So we will update the tracking number to you in 5 days. Please wait for a few days patiently. You also can contact us if you have any question. Please read these information before buy a smartphone on Giztop, it will help you to make right decision.

I just brought this one and it works really fine! My Cart 0 Place your promotion here. Search Search:. Support screen fingerprint scanner, Flyme 7. Flyme 7. Support Face ID You can unlock your phone within 0.

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Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4. Built-in GPS Helps you locate unfamiliar destinations. To accommodate your needs. Product Tags Add Your Tags:. We ship all over the world. Just buy and enjoy our service, we ship it to your door. The total shipping cost is calculated by package weight. Express Expedited Shipping We provide extra expedited shipping for who want to get the order promptly, working days to your door worldwide.

QMobile L105 Price & Specs

Google is large company that profits by selling data. Thus, I returned the phone. You could just as well use a totally self-manufactured "id" with just a s relevant "data" tied to it to feed the device with. This wa an excellent article. Is there someone out there that can perform these services since don't know how? Is there a shop that will do this? I'm not a big app user, so I don't need or want most of this crap. Hi Bertel King, Thanks for article. Is there a way to do hands-free phone dialing without google? I purchased a Moto 4g a few years ago and it came with a Moto provided app that let me make hands-free voice call in my car without being connected to google.

I have used other phones more recently Sony Z5, Nexus and I can not find a way to have hands-free without a connection to google. Is there a solution?

Zenly Locator - Realtime GPS for Meizu MX6 - free download APK file for MX6

This is thee most honest and clear article on the subject of deceitful business practices that I have read. Information gathering stealing is now the norm and our government doesn't even know the right questions to ask. If the same tactics were practiced by a bank or a burglar they would be treated as they should be. We will pay the ultimate price some day for giving up not only all of our personal information, but information categorized in a way only a super computer company like Google could attain.

Even today, they have the technology to take anything and everything from each and every one of us. Your article is very factual, but almost delivered with the fear of retaliation from the big "G". Thank you, Vincent.

Thanks Bertel King, Jr. I learned a lot from your article and from the many comments I to would like to sever all ties with them but on a Android phone that's almost impossible, but I try anyway! Here's a few things I have done to break away as much as I can:: - I dumped Chrome browser. Great article. I was inspired by the predecessor article to this one that was written some time ago. I rooted my phone and used Titanium Backup to completely uninstall all things Google from my Moto G4 on stock Nougat 7. Note that the only way to actually uninstall Google apps and services is to root the device.

The phone works great, no bloat churning in the background means ultra-responsiveness, the battery lasts at least twice as long and I'm not giving all my personal data to Google to sell to the highest bidder. I just learned Google tracks you down to the second even if your phone is set to Airplane mode or you remove the sim card!

Big Brother??? Dear Bertel, it would be inappropriate on my part to not comment sincerely after understanding the overall thought process presented here by you. Indeed, Google and other tech giants are using our identity and We must do what we can to defend our freedom. This "help" to get rid of Google Play - which has invaded my email with something I never asked for in the first place - was some twenty- page scroll of services I want.

I want a cheap smartphone with a good camera, and I don't want to sign in to google or anything else. The camera has to be in the middle, not by the edge. I only care about one app, and I don't need google to get it. Other than that, I just want the usual stuff: phone, text, notepad.

Any suggestions about what phone I should get? I have hesitated leaving Nokia N8 because of Android links to Google where I have no accounts, and wish to use my choices of browsers, navigation, etc as per a mobile PC where I fail to recognise the value of most APPs, except perhaps for spreading social hysteria! I have basically done this on the BlackBerry priv. There is no root but you can disable instead. Not optimal but a good trade off for this rendition of Android.

Coming from BlackBerry 7 and 10 I wasn't accustomed to all the nosyness and intrusion just so icould have convenience. Most BlackBerry apps were Cheap. Certainly cheaper than giving a company unfettered access. At your recommendation I only use duckduckgo. For apps I just re-activate google play, gpservices etc, log in and buy an app and re-disable. Only reason I have Gmail at all. Nowadays, Signal can be used just fine without any connection to Google or their Play Store. It's working very well on my Blackphone.

Be careful and check the checksums match the official release, you are installing via an insecure method. No ads or spying code, and it's even free for twitter lovers. You can only make a living if you "implant" google ads, analytics, tags or pay them a fortune. You should make your app available on f-droid, that is the crowd that craves these features and there are not enough good notes apps on f-droid. My mobile keeps asking me to update Google Play Services and I go through as far as the permissions window but then always abort because it's asking me to sign my life away to them and I do not give google permission to access my phone whenever they want, or leave turn it on and off when they want, or to access my contacts etc I tried to uninstall but it won't let me.

I turned off notifications but it still pops up telling me I need to update. I'm bloody sick of it.


Thank you for this! I thought I was the only one! I love podcasts and privacy and I hate being treated as a lab rat by large corporations?

I always try to avoid google. I avoid chrome, google search etc.. But i still use gmail, maps.