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  1. How to Create a Snapchat Geofilter on Your Phone
  2. A parent’s guide to using Snapchat safely | BT
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Maybe they have their location access turned off. Well, you can request their location of course! Snapchat will send a location request to your friend.

How to Create a Snapchat Geofilter on Your Phone

After they receive the request, they can either accept or deny it. Here's how to block someone on Snapchat.

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Enter your Email. Tap to take a photo, or press and hold for video. Change the way you look, dance with your 3D Bitmoji and even play games using your face!

A parent’s guide to using Snapchat safely | BT

You can even use Filters and Lenses! Happy Snapping!

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Be mindful of what you Snap! Other wise I spend all my time sending snaps to my friend. App needs to be updated to collaborate with iPhone XR. Pictures are coming out very low quality.

How To Change Location On Snapchat 2018

Please fix! Your child could be at risk from bullying from people they connect with, they can be pressured into taking personal photos or they may be exposed to explicit content at an early age. Check out our article Staying safe on social media: Advice for parents to find out more on all the above dangers. This means only people your child has added can send them a Snap. Your child can share their location with friends. This could allow your child to connect with total strangers who happen to be in the vicinity.

Look for Location and ensure it's disabled.

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  • You may need to go into your phone's general Settings menu to turn it off. Go to a chat with that friend. Click here for more on Deleting and Blocking. One of the newer features within Snapchat is something called Snap Map which allows users to see each other on a map and then interact with their Snaps. The idea behind it is that if you're at a concert or large atraction you can experience what's going on from different perspectives. The problem with this however is that it makes your location visible to others.

    Snapchat privacy settings

    If your location is turned off you should see the image above. If not go into your phone's settings and disable location access for the Snapchat app. If your child is sent unsuitable content, email safety Snapchat. Encourage them to think before they send photos and discuss the consequences.


    Our article Tips to help children use the internet safely offers advice. Keeping your child safe online doesn't just include protecting them in the apps they use, it also extends to browsing the internet. This is where BT's Parental Controls can help. Available for free to all BT's Broadband customers, the Parental Controls feature lets you restrict access to specific sites either permanently or during specific times e. Being a network filter, it'll also work on all the devices in your home from smartphones to games consoles as long as they are connected to your BT Hub.