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  2. Nokia 6.1 Review—The best answer to “What Android phone should I buy?”
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But none of those things are the major story about the Nokia 8. The reason for that is because the Nokia 8. However, even that comprehensive coverage comes with a caveat. HMD says there is no technical reason why the Nokia 8. One way to read that is that a mmWave-capable Nokia 8.

The fact the Nokia 8. And the G version of the Snapdragon boasts a few optimizations aimed at gamers, like better graphics rendering. The primary megapixel sensor sports a 2.

Nokia Review—The best answer to “What Android phone should I buy?” | Ars Technica

It also has a dedicated Action Cam mode with electronic image stabilization that the company claims is among the best in the industry. If you're in a place where the use of Wi-Fi is restricted, you can switch Wi-Fi off in your phone settings. Before starting a chat with our customer support, please leave your contact details. Tell us about your problem and we'll get back to you via email. Tell us what problem your phone is having and send it off to repair.

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Nokia 9 PureView. All phones. Nokia 3G. Android Enterprise Recommended smartphones. Support home. User guides and manuals Nokia 6. Get started Keys and parts. Insert or remove SIM and memory card. Charge your phone. Switch on and set up your phone. Dual SIM settings. Lock or unlock your phone. Use the touch screen. Basics Personalize your phone. Open and close an app. Control volume. Battery life.

Nokia 6.1 Review—The best answer to “What Android phone should I buy?”

Save on data roaming costs. Write text. Date and time.

Clock and alarm. Connect with your friends and family Calls.

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Send and receive messages. It indicates that battery saver is on.

Where is the Gallery app on my phone?

You can also define at what Battery level Battery Saver gets switched on automatically. This is one of the most important battery life improvement tip that can help you immensely. Also, note that it is valid for Nokia smartphones running Android Pie. For devices running Android Oreo check similar tips below. You can easily manage number of apps that are allowed to run in the background.

This ensures better performance and extended battery life by making sure that only those apps run in background which you really need to do so. It also minimizes use of RAM and processor and keeps them free when you actually need to launch a new app or do something. On Android Oreo 8. Toggle off those apps and games that you want to run in the background. Check the screenshots below.

Though if you are not worried much about notifications this is the default batter life extending option in Android Oreo. Here you can check which all apps are optimized to save battery. You can also choose by tapping on the name of each app whether they are optimized to save battery or not. It is also one of the very basic steps to follow when your Android device is draining the battery. Here you will find the detailed usage of the battery.