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The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is part of a new smartphone range at Xiaomi, we distinguish it with its pop-up camera but also by its incredible performance in this price range. With each new model, Xiaomi tries to raise the bar, what does the competition do? Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite test, review and price. The Mi 8 Lite had brought a touch of high-end in the mid-range segment, the Mi 9 Lite further enhances its effect with a package of new features but also a higher price. Xiaomi has an aggressive pricing policy and proves it once again with this very well equipped smartphone at a price below the competition.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 test, review and price. After the success of the Redmi Note 7, Xiaomi is back with its eighth Redmi model, which will try to set the bar even higher. Will this Redmi Note 8 also flatten competition? Huawei Y6 test, review and price. This phone offers the basics of a smartphone by keeping only the essentials. Is it any good? Let's check out. The Nvidia Shield TV is the king of all Android TV devices, it litterally chews anything you throw at it local video, streaming, games, music, It's also one of the most expensive product, is it worth the money?

Xiaomi Mi A3 test, review and price. The Xiaomi Mi A3 is a slightly unusual phone in the Xiaomi range with its Amoled display and Sony sensor, but will it be able to do better than the others in this price range? Amazon Fire TV stick: test, review and price. Amazon has successfully packaged a lot in its Fire TV stick. This small object will transform your TV or projector experience. On paper, nothing beats the Stick but what is it worth in reality? Amazon FireTV Stick test, review and price.

Price Meizu Note 9 US / UK / World

Amazon has successfully packaged a condensed technology in its Fire TV stick. On paper, nothing is done better. What is the reality? Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus test, review and price. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has it all, it doesn't lack anything except you maybe. At this price level, we expect the best, but how different is it from the competition? Micro Drone 4 cheap drone - test, reviews and prices. C'est ce que propose le Micro Drone 4.

The Mogo Pro is my second projector from XGIMI, it is one of the first portable projectors in , will it succeed in establishing itself as a reference on the market? Meizu Note 9 test, review and price. The Meizu Note 9 offers a strong cocktail in the mid-range and is positioned as a competitor to the excellent Redmi Note 7.

How to Install and avail Google Play, Gmail etc on your Meizu Smartphones

Will the proposed power be enough to dethrone the Redmi Note 7? BRID Air purifier test and review. BRID is a new kind of air purifier, it destroys many nasty particules and improve your health but what is it worth in reality? Umidigi S3 Pro test, review and price. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 test, review and price. Xiaomi is back on the European market with a strong and well equipped Redmi Note 7 that will try to crush the competition. Will he succeed? Read the test. Umidigi F1 test, review and price. Should you buy it too? Let's find out! With a GPS tracker you can track your vehicles or people on a map as in the movies but what is this type of object really worth?

Meizu Note 9 Review in Bangla -- Redmi Note 7 Pro Killer?

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite test, review and price. Read my test. Honor 8x test, review and price.

Meizu Note 9 test, review and price

Honor has managed to find its audience Europe with affordable devices for which you will find many positive reviews. What about Honor 8X? Will X make the difference? Sonic Soak test and review. Sonic Soak is a new gadget cleaning almost everything with ultrasound, does it deliver its promise? Let's check out! Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 test and review. With the Redmi Note 5, Xiaomi is taking a new step towards the European market with a high-end product at a mid-range price. Leeco Coolpad Cool1 test and review. And he also makes coffee?

Meizu - Wikipedia

No, but it's probably one of the best smartphones in this price range. Samsung Gear Is is any good? Let's check! Xgimi H1 test - review after one month. Xgimi H1 is a new chinese video projector coming from crowd funding. Let's check. Hi there One thing I believe would be good for you to test is how reflective the screen is and how good visibility outside in daylight is. I ask because I fly drones and use mobile devices with them. Screen visibility outside is a huge deciding factor when looking at devices but is rarely mentioned in reviews.

Anwering Nigel Publication date: LaurentW.

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Hi Nigel, It would be interesting indeed but I haven't found a test method yet to measure this with figures. The screen brightness level helps and this Meizu is definitely good at this. Some phones can go higher when put under sunlight but it's difficult to measure. This one is still readable in bright light even if you wear sunglasses. Redmi Note 7 and Meizu are still readable but the screen is much darker.

Anwering LaurentW Publication date: Nigel. Thanks for that.

To be honest, a picture would be great with the screen turned off. I use an ipad pro 9. It's quite dark screen when off. I'd love to see a picture of the phone outside with the screen off to see how what reflections there are because. Obviously the screen is very bright which does help, but if it's reflecting everything behind you then brightness isn't enough. Hi Nigel, sure no problem, I think I have something should help you. I'll send you some pictures by mail when I get home. Anwering Jude Publication date: LaurentW.

Hello, Thanks for the informative review. I'm interested in this phone. I have two questions in my mind. Note 9 is covered with plastic and I saw you mentioned about overheating. Is it going hotter than acceptable temperatures under heavy use? Is this serious problem for its plastic structure? Anwering Korhan Publication date: LaurentW.

Meizu Note 9 – Images and Specifications

Hello, Thanks for your comment. I don't think plastic will be a problem, it's been designed to support heating up to a certain level. I have had phones that are getting way hotter than this one. I congratulate you for your work. It was a very professional comparison. I would appreciate it if you include Turkish on your page if possible.

I wish you continued success Thanks for your compliment! I'll probably add other languages next year, I don't know which ones yet.