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Most of the features are working fine and run flawlessly, just like the Pixel devices. If you go to the app settings, there are plenty of advanced options that can change the effect of your picture quality. But you should not expect any Pro Mode or Manual control on this app as Google entirely relies on its Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning process for snapping any pictures. For more devices, you can check out our collection on Google Camera apps. Once the installation process is over, then open the app drawer and launch the new camera app. As you launch the app for the first time, you see prompts to seek required permissions.

Then, you would see a few infographics. This would help you can get accustomed with the Google camera app. Did you find the Google Camera app performing better than the stock one? Do let us know by commenting below! Saeed Ashif Ahmed is a Blogger who has a keen interest in how emerging technology can help the world become a more just, equitable, and kind place.

He enjoys interviewing CEOs of tech startups asking them what they are doing to bring greater opportunity and equity to our society. In AnTuTu, it managed to score , points, and Geekbench 4's single-core and multi-core tests gave us 1, and 5, points respectively. These scores are in the same range as those of the Realme 5 Review. Xiaomi Mi A3 gets a 3.

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We bumped the graphics quality up to Balanced, and the Mi A3 could still play the game without any stutter or lag. After playing the game for 30 minutes, we noticed that the smartphone was slightly warm to the touch, and had registered a 10 percent battery drop. The Mi A3 delivers good battery life compared to the Mi A2. In our HD video loop test, the Mi A3 went on for 16 hours and 21 minutes.

ARCore supported devices

With our regular usage, which consisted of running all benchmarks, taking photos and videos, and using an active WhatsApp account, each full charge lasted us about a day and a half. The supplied 10W charger managed to take the Mi A3 to 27 percent in 30 minutes, and to 54 percent in an hour. We would recommend that you invest in an 18W fast charger if you wish to speed this up. The Xiaomi Mi A2 offered good cameras for the price, and naturally, people are expecting the Mi A3 to fill its shoes.

Xiaomi has gone with a triple camera setup on the Mi A3. There's a megapixel Sony IMX sensor for the primary camera, and an 8-megapixel secondary camera with a wide-angle lens with a degree field-of-view. The third one is a 2-megapixel depth sensor. For selfies, the Mi A3 has a megapixel front shooter.

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The Mi A3's camera app has multiple shooting modes including Portrait, Night, Panorama, and Pro, apart from the usual photo and video modes. There is a megapixel mode that lets you take photos at the sensor's full resolution, but the regular photo mode returns megapixel pixel-binned shots for better clarity.

Xiaomi Mi A3 design

Photos taken in daylight had good details. The phone managed to lock focus quickly and set the exposure right. Objects at a distance were recognisable, and text at a distance was also legible.

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This throws the contrast of photos off, causing them to look artificial. The wide-angle sensor helps capture wider frames but you lose out on detail when compared to shots taken with the primary sensor.

Daylight camera sample from the Mi A3 tap to see full-sized image. Mi A3 camera sample with HDR tap to see full-sized image. Taking macro shots using the Mi A3 wasn't easy, as it was slow to focus and occasionally needed us to move away from the subject in order to lock focus.

ARCore supported devices | Google Developers

When the Mi A3 does manage that, it takes very good shots. It managed good separation between the subject and the background, and reproduced details well. Portrait mode lets you adjust the level of background blur before you take a shot. The phone managed good edge detection and accurate colours in this mode. Close-up sample clicked using photo mode on the Mi A3 Tap to see full-size image. In low light, the Mi A3 delivers good shots as long as you are patient.

It locks focus quickly but is a little slow to capture the image.

1. Wi-Fi and Mobile Data issues

It took slightly longer to take a shot than we anticipated, sometimes resulting in motion blur. We had to stay perfectly still for a while after hitting the shutter button to ensure that the image was sharp. Low-light shots had good detail, and noise was under control. Switching the Mi A3 to night mode resulted in brighter images with better details. Mi A3 Low-light camera sample clicked in Photo mode Tap to see full-size sample.

Selfies taken outdoors had good detail and the subjects were correctly exposed. The app has a Beautify mode which can be enabled before taking a shot. For selfie portraits, the phone managed good edge detection and did give us the option to set the level of blur. In low light, we had to keep the phone steady longer than we usually do to ensure a sharp shot.

Selfies taken in low light had good detail and were well exposed. Mi A3 selfie sample tap to see full-size image. Video recording tops out at 4K for the primary camera and p for the selfie shooter. There is video stabilisation when shooting at p with the primary rear camera, and the output was stabilised well.

In low-light, a shimmer effect was visible. There is no stabilisation when shooting at 4K or using the selfie camera. Two steps forward, one step back, is the best way to describe Xiaomi's strategy with the Mi A3. The company did bring back the 3. The new Qualcomm Snapdragon is a capable processor and delivers good performance for the price. The Mi A3 also benefits from a bigger battery, and is capable of lasting on longer than its predecessor on a single charge. Camera performance is quite strong for a phone at this price level, helping it stand out.

At its starting price of Rs. The Realme 5 Review offers the same processor starting at Rs. The higher-end variant of the Mi A3 priced at Rs. Realme's offering seems interesting based on our first impressions of it, and we'll have more information in our full review of this phone, so stay tuned to Gadgets