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In Activity mode, users can swipe through calories total burned and goal , distance traveled, steps taken, and what LG calls Workout. Workout tracks those same activity metrics during a specific time. Once a workout has been started, swiping across the touchscreen delivers time, calories, distance, number of steps, speed, pace, and with the proper heart-rate monitor and smartphone, current heart rate.

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The packaging also includes a detailed, helpful, quick setup guide that makes getting started very straight forward. While the LG Lifeband Touch will count steps, calories burned, and record workouts without being paired to the smartphone, the real power in the device comes from being connected to the LG Fitness app. The display is moderately visible indoors and looks brilliant at night, but out in daytime air it is unreadable.

In fact, pretty much anywhere we were outdoors during the day the display was nothing but reflections of whatever was around. With the Lifeband, that was nearly impossible. During a run, we were constantly forced to search for a shady spot when we wanted to check current stats, and then the display was only visible if we blocked the light with our other hand. One of the other features that we have come to depend on with other fitness bands is a vibration alarm. The LG Lifeband Touch includes a vibration alarm and allows for up to five different recurring vibration alarms to be set via the Fitness App.

The Touch can also be set to vibrate when a call comes in on a connected phone and even show caller ID info on Android phones caller info for iOS is reportedly in the works.

How To Track My LG G4

The problem was, the vibration was so light that it was nearly impossible to feel. The first two times we tested the alarm we missed the vibration entirely. While it worked OK when we were sitting at our desk, when out and about it was imperceptible. This may be a result of the band fitting so loosely on the wrist, or that the vibration motor is just too small, but either way it made us unable to depend on the Touch for notifications or alarms of any kind. We also had trouble with getting the music control mode to function.

Turns out the touch screen control on our demo unit did not line up with the graphics that allowed us to start and stop the music. To start the music we had to tap our finger way out to the side of the play button to get the Touch to start the music. Once we found the sweet spot for the play button, we were able to control the music on our iPhone 5 well.

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Unfortunately, when we were outdoors, where using the remote control could be most useful, we had a hard time seeing if we were even in music control mode. Want to check the time or a most recent stat, all it takes is a flip of the wrist and the display pops to life. The LG Lifeband Touch is an attractive, full-featured fitness-tracking band. Technology has upgraded in all the aspects of productivity applications and socializing applications. The latest technology trends may predict a brighter future, but on the flip side of a coin, it can doom us.

Teenagers across the world tend to use technology for making their lives miserable. But we are fortunate that technology has also empowered us to monitor these teenagers and control their tech usage. By using TiSPY application, parents can take necessary actions before their kids banish themselves to an abyss.

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  8. For those of you who are not aware of the TiSPY, TiSpy is a parental monitoring software used to monitor and control a child's activity remotely. The TiSPY software allows parents to monitor all the calls that were made by the host's smartphone and contacts those were added or removed from the host's phone. The parental software has a unique capability of monitoring and controlling all the social media channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, Tinder and many more and let parents view messages and media files sent through them.

    Parents can avail software's location tracking feature to track the current location of their kid and check the path of the journey. The Geo-Fencing alert feature sends an alert to the parents when their kid accidentally enters a restricted area.

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    The TiSpy's geofence feature allows parents to set boundaries for their kid. This feature sends an immediate alert if children leave or enter a geofenced area. The prominent feature of the TiSPY software is its surveillance. It captures lives activity on the host smartphone and records both audio, video. The recorded media files get stored on the user's dashboard. The software also comes along with an anti-theft feature which alarms an environment by ringing loudly.

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    The anti-theft feature of the parental software will not cease even if the phone is unlocked. The all-in-one scheduler is another dominating feature of this software. Parents can avail this feature to schedule a pre-planned photo capture. The all-in-one scheduler can be used to schedule all the features of the smartphone.

    The records get saved on the user's dashboard when the host smartphone has the internet connectivity. The installation process of the TiSPY software is a piece of cake. The parental monitoring software has to be installed on your kid's smartphone. The parent needs to sign up with a valid E-mail address and confirm it. Once the confirmation is authentic, parents can monitor their kid's smartphone activity remotely on their smartphone.

    LG Lifeband Touch Fitness Tracker with Android & iOS Compatibility – Pricing Details

    Children have more technical knowledge than their parents. The latest smartphones have features that children avail for their enjoyment.

    They browse the internet all day and download their desired content. Mobile games are dominating their free time to play and explore the world.