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Over time it will be replaced with a fully decentralized autonomous organization DAO. The market has adjusted since and the token has gained and lost value during this period. Most likely due to the overhyped sensation of the market that we saw at the beginning of the year.

The effects of that hype were felt by almost every single token including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and pretty much any of the top tokens by market cap. The current state of KIN is much more stable than it has ever been before, however it is clearly been deflated in value and Market cap to about a quarter of what it was worth at the beginning of the year.

It is likely too early to tell whether the token will continue being successful in the next 5 years, and it will most likely depend on the amount of useful applications that will be created within the ecosystem. Basically, you make money by participating. You can then spend your Kin on other products, services or other valuable things on the platform built by other members of the community. Imagined use cases of Kin include:. Because the supply of Kin is finite and users demand will grow over time, the value of the Kin tokens purchased now will grow in value.

Because Kin is still very early in their roadmap, the Kin is a solid long-term investment strategy. Since their ICO however, Kik has announced they plan to move to the Stellar network to better deal with congestion issues. We still know that the intent is to have Kin be a general-purpose cryptocurrency that is open sourced, with a fixed supply, that is fractionally divisible and tradable on exchanges. This last fact is important, because it allows users to exchange their tokens for USD.

Initially, the Kin foundation will host a private blockchain on centralized servers. The intent of a private blockchain is to improve user experience by:. To illustrate this potential issue with congestion, we can look at the success of the Kik Points experiment. There are currently , daily transactions of Ethereum each day, Kik could introduce somewhere between , transactions the average daily transaction volume for Kik Points and 2,, transactions peak daily transaction volume of Kik Points.

Since ICO, Kik has announced their intention to move to the Stellar platform, which can better handle larger transaction volumes. We expect more to be released on this shortly, likely through a technical white paper. However, we know the goal will still be to transition the Kin network to a fully decentralized and autonomous system over time. The remaining 6 million is under control of Kin Foundation, locked under the Kin Rewards Engine Schema which will be used to grow the Kin Ecosystem and fund the operations of the foundation. Rewards will be transparent, auditable and secure.

Early partners will receive higher number of kin. Kik has a track record of innovations. They were the first chat app to become a platform , the first western app to integrate bots and tested out Kik Points back in The Kik Points experiment provides some evidence that they are likely to succeed. During the experiment users completed over million offers and spent their earned points on 74 million purchases.

There were more transactions involving Kik Points than Bitcoin transactions over the same period.

How to Fix Android Delayed Notifications

Importantly, Kik Points showed us that users did not need to be technologically savvy to use digital currency. One of the ways that the Kin ICO stands out is through a demonstrably excellent team with a deep background in running digital communications, consumer mobile apps, and digital media.


The core Kin team is deeply technical and includes software developers with experience in blockchain architecture, blockchain security and anti-fraud. While Kik has a large user base, its number of monthly users stopped growing as of September This is likely due to the popularity of other apps catering to similar demographics, like Snapchat.

Importantly, this raises questions about if they will begin to lose users over time, which could hurt the value of their two-sided marketplace. The fact that their messaging service is used heavily by child pornographers could further hurt their popularity. It is critical that they offer a great user experience to help foster adoption into this new economic model. Kik has yet to release their technical whitepaper, likely due to the fact they are still identifying how things will change by moving to the Stellar blockchain. This will be an important release for current holders of Kin.

It is also important that the Rewards Engine will be governed by a well-defined process based on an objective, performance-based methodology that will be auditable and open for anyone to see. What makes the Kin ICO so exciting is that this is a proven team, with demonstrated traction, working on an ambitious goal to change products that have hundreds of millions of people interacting with each other. While the partly centralized nature of the token may turn off some, we think it could actually be a good strategy to introduce cryptocurrencies to their youth audience. It is also clear that they have a plan in place and intend to transition to full decentralization.

One of the largest issues with this ICO is the change from the Ethereum network to the Stellar network and the questions that this raises.

Snapchat messages are not completely private!

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