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As you use any android phone overtime, residual files and app data accumulates in your storage.

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If you have limited storage space. The Honor 10 Lite has some effective tools you can use to clean up and manage storage, and you can selectively clean files from popular apps like messenger and WhatsApp backups, sent images, etc. As with most other custom interfaces, EMUI 9 has the option to run messenger apps with multiple accounts. The EMUI 9 has an elaborate Ride Mode that can be used to auto answer calls when you are riding using pre-recorded voice and text messages , track your bike ride and more.

EMUI 10 Best Features - Tips & Tricks Guide

You can also check your bike riding analytics, and distance traveled for a particular ride. This could be quite handy for two-wheeler riders. As for Navigation, you can choose from different navigation bar layouts including adding a fourth button to drag down notifications , or gestures. The fingerprint sensor on Huawei phones can be put to many good uses. On the Honor 10 Lite, you can use it as a selfie shutter, to answer calls, to stop the alarm, to browse photos and to drag down the notification panel.

On the Honor 10 Lite, you can safeguard apps with sensitive and private content using app lock. You can then unlock these apps using a secure PIN or using face unlock. The most striking change is the new Phantom Blue and Phantom Green colorways and the 3D glass design.


Constructed from 15 different layers of glass with a nano-scale optical coating, the resulting visual effect can be absolutely mesmerizing. The Phantom Blue version pictured for this review shifts between different shades of blue and purple from different angles, while the Phantom Green has been designed to evoke the blue and green hues of the aurora borealis. Unfortunately, that ultra-smooth rear panel comes with a couple of downsides. Sticking with the rear of the phone, some may be a little put off by the protruding dual-camera module, although the horizontal orientation is a welcome change from the current crop of me-too iPhone X copycats rocking vertical shooters.

On the right side, we have a physical volume rocker and power key, with the former doubling up as a shutter button, while the left is home to a solitary dual-SIM tray. In a smart bit of design, the front-facing sensor is now under the glass, with the usual indent replaced with a minimalist oval outline on the flat bottom bezel.

That translates to a respectable pixels per inch.

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The extra surface area comes from, you guessed it, that notch. Out-of-the-box, the Honor 10 defaults to Vivid mode which oversaturates colors for an added visual punch.

Update 2: Official response

This can be switched to a far cooler Normal mode in the Settings menu. Everyone has a different take on how to power these …. In addition to one-touch tap to wake support, it also doubles up as a handy capacitive home button. On the audio side, traditionalists will no doubt be happy that Honor has retained the 3. Huawei Histen also returns with optional 3D audio profiles and a plethora of EQ settings. Looking at endurance, the Honor 10 houses a non-removable 3,mAh battery, which is slightly larger than the Honor 9 3,mAh and a tad smaller than the View 10 3,mAh.

I want back the little grey man to the right of the buttons at the base of the screen.

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It seems to have mysteriously disappeared. So useful for screen lock, power off etc. Any ideas? Wow, apply to my new P20 Pro. Actually, I did not try to test them all, I'll take them aloud.

What is Dropzone on your Huawei phone and how does it work? | AndroidPIT

Thank you very much. I have some apps with names in chinease, other with names not relatrd to their function. Is there a way to change names under icons? Lates H20 pro mate. Don't want to be a spoilsport, but the beautiful thing about a launcher is that when you get a new device, instead of a three-week learning curve for all the OEM's eccentric "innovations" you just install the launcher you had on the old phone, set it up how you like, and you're off and running.

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    Customize wallpapers, widgets, and transitions. Adjust the text size according to your preferences. Speed up interactions with your device Not all the options offered by a device are useful. Find files in no time : swipe down from the home screen and you will see the search bar appear. Call a contact from the off-screen : press and hold the volume key and say the name of the contact after the beep.