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Sometimes the Home screen data may get corrupted. You will have to clear the Home screen data and start fresh. These steps will reset your icons on the Home screen back to defaults. Unfortunately the whole point of moving stuff to my SD card was to free up space on my internal storage the one i really want back is Audible. I found out I could not put any widgets on my screen when I had this item turned on.

System, developer options, Apps, force quit, quit all activity when app is closed. When I tried to add the widget again it said it was already there. Oh yeah I had to get rid of the hidden widget first by clearing cache and data. Thank you! Fix 1 works :.

Redmi Note 7 Pro price

Wish we could do this to bring Spotify widget back too, but that they removed on their end :. After my last comment, I tried another app launcher which I like much better than Apex: Evie Launcher, a free app.

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I like the way it works more than Apex, and it has no adds. I found the cause of the missing-widgets problem on my Nokia 1: the app manager Launcher 3 which is a part of the Android OS, at least on my Nokia 1 was blocking all the widgets. Replacing it with Apex Launcher solved the problem. Just like Ayad on July 4, I also have a Nokia 1 which was recently updated.

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There was some widget-like thing that conveniently showed system time on the main screen, which is no longer there. What did Android folks do to screw up the widget support? I was moving some apps on my S5, how the page with Settings, and Messages is gone. I have no Settings! I have a Nokia v2, all my apps are internally stored, and I tried fix2 and nothing happened. What is going on???? This is driving me absolutely insane!!! This stupid update is going to drive me to drink…. June update removed all the widgets on the home screen and from the add option too. Only few of them are available.

The apps are installed on the internal memory. I did as you recommended fix2 but still the same. Do you please have another option s to solve that? Thank you. AS a result I can only see about 17 of over 50 apps. Please help. I need to get you notification log urgently. My problem is… When I install from the Play Store.. This has been happening for almost a year, on both mine and my wifes phone.

Samsung website tells you if your Galaxy Note 7 is safe to use or not

ALL apps installed new can only be accessed from the Play Store installed section. I have searched and this forum seems to be the straightest shooter. Thanks so much! I have a galaxy7 and just did a update now all my game widgets are gone. Followed the instructions and got my BA widget back on my Android phone. Thanks Mitch. Hi I moved whatsapp from internal to sd card on my Honor 7 phone.

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Since then the whatsapp widget stopped working so I deleted it with the intention of re-installing the widget. But it had vanished from the widget section. Suggestion 2 was preferable but I do not know the app that runs home screen on Honor 7 n some of the steps suggested are not available on this version of Honor 7. Once switched back to internal, the widget appeared.

Good call! Nope majority of the step pages are not on my 5.

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samsung - My whatsapp icon is missing - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

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