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Simplify your digital life with the fantastic Samsung Galaxy M10 Smartphone. It is packed with advanced technology that is required for living the fast-paced life. Thereby, you can. Thereby, you can enjoy games, watch movies, and browse the net for a prolonged period. Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy M10 smartphone features an efficient 1. No matter what the game and app is, the Samsung M10 dual-SIM phone never fails to impress you with its remarkable performance. When it comes to photography, this leading-edge device lets you click pro-grade photos with its 13MP plus 5MP dual rear camera.

Experience immersive viewing on the Samsung M10, courtesy of its excellent screen. It features 6. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows with leisure. It is essential to have your phone secured, and the face unlock feature of the Samsung Galaxy M10 keeps you worry-free by providing top-notch personalized protection to your data and blazing fast unlocking. Hence, you can store all the important documents and files on this phone, without second thoughts. The Samsung Galaxy smartphone features a sleek design and an alluring charcoal black finish, which gives it a distinguished appearance.

Furthermore, the F1. Similarly, the rear camera of this phone gets a boost with the live focus feature for capturing sharp portraits. Thanks to the 5MP front camera along with In-display flash, click your lovely selfies with a bright smile.

Samsung Shadhinota Campaign

Also, the F2. You can click brilliant group photos with the rear camera of the Samsung M10 smartphone, courtesy of the degree ultra-wide angle lens. Enjoy the action without having to worry about finding the charger. In addition to this, the Samsung M10 is packed with the 1.

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Thereby, this phone can handle multiple apps and games efficiently. Thanks to the user manual that Samsung itself published on its website by mistake, the technical details of the new Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 have been unveiled.

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Of course, the South Korean company immediately removed both manuals, but there is always someone faster and now they are circulating on the web. It will also have a 3. If we look inside, we still have very few details about the Galaxy M An Exynos will give life to this new Samsung smartphone that will also come with Android Oreo as standard. Slightly larger than its younger brother, its screen reaches to 6. The notch also a dewdrop shape, with light and proximity sensors in the same position in the frame, and a headphone jack Some of the differences are the NFC antenna and the fingerprint reader on the back, which the M20 does have.

Where are they on the Galaxy M10? The most noticeable differences are found inside. The M20 mounts a more powerful Exynos , its battery goes up to 5, mAh, and it has more memory and the display has a better resolution. About the third in the line, the Galaxy M30, little is known so far apart from the fact that it probably has a triple rear camera.

The Galaxy M10 handles racing games like Asphalt 9 surprisingly well, with no noticeable drop in frame rate or lag.

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I managed to complete the races without a glitch or random freezes. However, this isn't a great device for playing PUBG, if you were hoping for that. Even on the default low graphics settings, there is a lot of lag and stuttering to be found which can make the experience pretty disappointing. The Galaxy M10 does not run on Android Pie out-of-the-box, but Samsung has promised the update for later this year.

Samsung Galaxy M10 and M full spec sheets revealed | AndroidPIT

It is definitely smooth and optimised so you won't see any lags or stuttering as you go about the day. The icons come with a new coat of paint which also makes it look fresh. It still gets the usual number of pre-installed apps which includes a bunch of Samsung's own apps, Microsoft's Office suite, and a few more.

1. YouTube Gaming

You won't be able to remove all of these apps, which may become an issue for the base model that comes with only 16GB of storage. It's nice to see a budget Samsung phone come with an ambient light sensor, although I did find it to be a little finicky at times, especially while playing PUBG when it would suddenly dim the brightness even when I wasn't covering the sensor. Speaking of sensor, the M10 lacks a gyroscope, which means the phone will not be able to understand when you're tilting a phone.

Samsung Galaxy M10s design

You probably won't miss it much during day-to-day usage, but you may feel its absence if you're someone who loves to use the gyroscope in PUBG. The face unlock feature is the only biometric option here, which is kind of a bummer. It works well enough with adequate lighting around. It's not as fast as an Honor or Oppo phone, but it gets the job done. The back-firing speaker gets pretty loud and you're not likely going to cover it while watching videos or playing games.

Samsung Galaxy M10 review: A well-built, modern-looking phone that does the basics

The sound quality is strictly average as it gets muddled and lacks clarity. The Galaxy M10 also offers a 3. The rear camera manages to capture good-looking photos when there is adequate sunlight around. Colour reproduction is decent, although colours can look washed out rather than rich. The photos look decent in general as long as you do not zoom in as you will notice a lack of detailing.

The camera also doesn't offer the best dynamic range, but you probably shouldn't be looking for that in this segment right now. Photos captured indoors will lack detail and the autofocus tends to get really slow here. In low-light conditions, the camera struggles quite a lot. The camera also offers Live Focus for both the rear and selfie modes. Live Focus only works if the camera detects faces, so you won't be able to capture take bokeh shots on objects.


The rear camera does a decent job at blurring the background without making the subject look unnatural. The selfie camera does a fair job as well, although you will notice some unevenness and choppiness with the blur here and there. Arguably, the best thing about the rear camera setup is the secondary ultra wide-angle camera. You can tap the three-tree icon to quickly switch to the wide-angle mode or pinch the screen to zoom out, enabling you to capture a lot more scene in a single frame.

It works best in daylight if you want a clear image, but it won't offer a lot of detail if you zoom in.

Samsung Galaxy M10s - Unboxing & Hands On - sAmoled Display - New Processor - 4000 Battery- Rs.8,999

You won't be able to tap to focus on a subject here, but you can manually adjust the brightness.