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How to locate or track a Lenovo Z6 Pro

Locate Lenovo Z6 Pro. Lenovo Z6 Pro.

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How to find or track my Z6 Pro If you need to locate a Lenovo Z6 Pro lost or stolen to find it or recover it you can do it in several ways: 1- Through your Google account. Keep in mind that "Find your phone" from Google will only work if your Z6 Pro is turned on and has an internet connection In the case of being connected to the internet you can see the approximate location, the level of charge, you can play your Lenovo Z6 Pro even if it is silent or vibration mode will sound at maximum volume and you can block it so that it can not be used and display a message so that the person who has found it can read it and return it or, as an extreme measure, erase all its contents, all its contents will be deleted.

Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G with quad cameras, Snapdragon 855 SoC launched: Price, features

About the device: Lenovo Z6 Pro is a device with a dimensions of The Lenovo Z6 Pro it comes from the factory with the operating system Android 9. Related devices: Lenovo K10 Plus. Lenovo Tab M7. Lenovo Tab M8 HD. However, recent teasers from the handset maker supplied details about some of the key selling points of the Lenovo Z6 Pro.

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According to the firm, the smartphone will feature the Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm. While this processor puts the Z6 Pro at par with other flagship smartphones from rival manufacturers, using the most powerful SoC available from Qualcomm suggests a massive boost in performance compared to the Z5 Pro that Lenovo launched late last year.

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Despite the similarity in the names of the two devices, the Z5 Pro targeted the upper mid-range smartphone market and featured the mid-tier Snapdragon chipset. However, like other manufacturers, it is possible that Lenovo may launch a non-5G model of the handset, which may sell at a cheaper price point. Lenovo also detailed the camera features of the Z6 Pro.

One of them, called the HyperVision camera feature, may allow the handset to capture images with a resolution of megapixels. It is not yet clear how the smartphone can shoot megapixel photographs, although it is possible that the device may use software algorithms rather than specialized image sensors to achieve this effect. Moreover, the camera of the Z6 Pro also offers features like night mode, image stabilization, and super slow-motion video recording, and it is likely that one of the imaging modules of the smartphone ships with an ultra-wide-angle lens.

Lenovo Z6 Pro

Meanwhile, the Hyper Video functionality allows for faster transmission of video, likely over 5G networks. Lenovo also showed off an image of the handset's rear panel, which revealed that the camera of the handset is located at the upper left corner of the back panel and beside the shooter is the LED flash.

The image provided by the handset maker further confirms that the Z6 Pro will not be a rebrand of the Z5 Pro GT that the company announced in December