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Oppo Reno Z unboxing & key features

You can bring it back again by dragging down from the top edge. Speed up animations : If you want to make sure the app opening animations are as quick as possible, stay in the home screen settings menu and select "App Startup and Closing Animation Speed" from the list, now ensure "Fast" is chosen. By switching between the speeds you'll notice the animation when closing and opening apps will speed up and slow down.

Get to the Smart Assistant : Oppo's Smart Assistant is a collection of useful widgets and functions that lives to the left of your primary home screen. Swipe from left to right and you'll get to it. Here you'll find a collection of functions Oppo thinks you might need quick access to. Adjust which widgets appear : Again, in Smart Assistant, you get to decide which services you want to make use of. Launch camera from lock screen : You'll notice in the bottom right corner of the lock screen that there's a camera icon.

Drag it up, and you'll reveal the camera viewfinder. Change the fingerprint animation : You'll noticed when unlocking your phone with the under-display fingerprint scanner, there's an animation while it's unlocking. Now choose from five different animations. Hide the fingerprint icon in standby : Toggle the "Display fingerprint icon when screen is off" option, and now the icon won't show up on the screen while it's blacked out, in standby.

Launch Google Assistant with the power button : Like a few different Android phones in , you can launch Google Assistant by pressing and holding the power button for half a second. Raise to wake : There are a host of motion based gesture options in Oppo's software, one of them is raising the phone to wake up the screen when it's in standby. Double tap to wake : You can also double tap to wake up the screen.

Oppo Reno 5G Spy Software Features

Activate your own screen-off gestures : On the same screen as the double tap to wake option, you'll see a "More Screen-off Gestures" field at the bottom. Tap on it, and now you can choose from seven different gestures to draw on the screen when it's in standby, and decide whether you want it to unlock, make a call, or launch an app of your choosing. Quick Search : From any of your home screens, you can search for anything on your phone just by dragging down on the screen, from the middle.

You can search for contacts, apps, and messages as well as perform a web search. In the age of increased awareness of online and mobile security, it's becoming a more important part of your smartphone's operation. Here are some tips to help keep things locked down on your Oppo. Passcode protect apps : You can lock individual apps behind a passcode or fingerprint scan. Lock apps behind fingerprint : Once you've gone through the previous step it'll suggest you use a fingerprint to unlock the encrypted apps select "use" and now you can access those locked apps with a fingerprint scan.

Now select "add a fingerprint" and go through the enrolling process. Enable facial recognition : If you'd rather use the camera-based facial recognition, go to the fingerprint, face and passcode settings and choose "Face". Now tap "Enrol Face" and go through the face scanning process to enrol it. Use face scan to unlock apps : Once enrolled, you'll see an option in the Face settings called "Use face for".

Tap this, and you'll be able to use it to unlock your encrypted apps, or access your private safe.

OPPO Reno Z - The Bad Review

Clone apps : If you have two accounts for some services for personal and work or any other reason , you can create clones of some apps, allowing you to separate setups for that app. For the most part, it's social media and messaging apps. Uninstall an app : To uninstall an app, just tap and hold the icon, then tap "uninstall".

If you have the app drawer enabled, you'll need to swipe the apps up from the bottom, and then tap and hold the icon in the drawer.

OPPO Reno 2 comes fully bloated

Now toggle the option to add a shortcut to your home screen to make it easy to get to. Now you'll get a pop-up window with "Use fingerprint or face recognition" on it, tap that, and you'll now see your private safe folder, with sections for audio, photos, documents or other files. Before doing that though, you can choose "Apps Allowed to be Accessed" and choose which apps your children can use. With it activated, it stops all the background tasks, reduces screen brightness and stops the phone from vibrating when you touch it. With this activate, battery life should last longer.

OPPO Official Customer Service

One tap to save power : Right at the top of the battery settings, in the bold battery level graphic is a option called "One Tap to Save Power". Select it, and you'll be taken to a new screen breaking down what needs to be shut down in order to extend battery life. Closing power-draining apps, or switching off location services, for example, are among the options. Show the battery percentage : Right at the bottom of the battery settings, you'll find a toggle to switch on the percentage indicator in the status bar.

Switch it on, and you'll see a numerical value inside the little battery icon at the top of your screen. Activate it, and your phone will automatically guess when you might be asleep ie: when your phone is idle for a while, late at night and then stops all the background processing to save as much battery as possible while in standby. See which apps are consuming power : Again in the battery settings you'll find "Power Consumption Details". Tap this and it'll show you a breakdown of which apps and functions have used how much of the consumed battery so far for the day, as well as offer break downs of the past few days.

Tapping on an individual app shows more granular data. Zoom with the volume buttons : By default, you can switch between the cameras and zoom by either tapping on: or dragging: the "1X" on the screen, but if you open the camera settings by tapping the little cog in the corner of the camera viewfinder screen you'll see a "Volume Button" option. By default, this is set to act as the shutter and take a photo, but you can choose to have it zoom in and out instead by pressing up or down.

You can also just have it control the phone's volume as normal if you don't want either of the other two. Shoot at 48MP : By default Oppo's automatic mode binds four pixels into one, creating a megapixel picture. However, if you want to shoot at the full megapixels available, go to "Photo Ratio" in the camera settings and choose " 48MP ". Switch AI recognition off : Like so many other flagship Android phones, the Oppo uses AI to determine what's in the scene, and adjusts capture settings to match.

If you'd rather not have this, you can toggle the "AI Scene Recognition" toggle off. Add a watermark : Just underneath the AI toggle in the camera settings, there's a watermark option. Switching it on lets you add your own custom text to stamp your name on all your images. Flip your selfies : Again, in the same menu, there's a toggle switch to flip your selfies, so that instead of processing a mirror image, it does the opposite.

Add a filter : Taking a photo, tap on the three dots in the top row of icons. Now you can scroll through a handful of filters. Mess about with beauty modes : Switch the phone to portrait mode, and flip the camera around so you're taking a selfie. The experience of using both simultaneously is jarring and I returned to using just my fingerprint. It wasn't fast but it was a better experience. However, it shouldn't be expected that "better" in this case means that it was "great," even by comparison. It wasn't.

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A PIN might be the best way to unlock this phone. They didn't live up to the expectations set by the rest of the hardware. Even its Dolby Atmos compatibility — using both earpiece and bottom-firing speaker — doesn't save it from that. Ordinarily, that statement might point to speakers that are too quiet or which are distorted. The problem with OPPO's speakers is that they're exceptionally loud, clear, and unbalanced.

Because they're so loud, when I first started testing this phone playing games I had to keep the volume just a couple of clicks above off. Any higher and I ran the risk of waking up family members in a small two-bedroom apartment. Later on, I turned them up and tried again and they were almost annoyingly loud.