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The Samsung Galaxy M10 sports a 6. It has an The display looks bright with good colour reproduction, text looks sharp and offers good viewing angle too.

Galaxy M10 review: Display

Having said that, the sunlight legibility becomes an issue and it is not up to the mark. Just like few Samsung phones, we came across quite a few mistouch in the Galaxy M10 especially while holding it. Having said that, it would be great if Samsung identifies different situations in which this can happen and tackle it. Just like other notch phones, the Galaxy M10 has the option to hide the notch, and an option to select apps you want to use in full screen. In addition to it, there is a Blue light filter that is said to reduce eye strain by limiting the amount of blue light emitted by the screen, but the option to schedule Blue light filter is not available.

Coming to the image quality, daylight images are good, macro shots are fine, but it is hard to focus and the HDR shots were better.

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Live focus is not the best in detecting the edges and same goes with Low-light outputs as well. Images with flash are good even in close-ups and are not overpowering. The 5MP selfie camera is above average when compared to other devices at this price range, but not good enough in general and for social media shares.

Coming to the software, the phone runs on Android 8. Samsung has not announced when the phone will get Android Pie update. On the top of Oreo, it has Samsung Experience version 9. Other than the familiar features that we had seen in the Samsung Experience UX, this has new lock screen stories powered by glace which shows news along with an image before you unlock the phone. You can choose from 19 categories, with daily digest being the default.

You get option to install apps when you are setting up the phone.

Samsung Galaxy M10

Out of 32GB of internal storage, around 20GB of storage is usable. Google Play Music is the default music player. All these improve the audio when listening through earphones. It has FM Radio support with support for recording. Placement of speaker grille is bit awkward and the output is average. But, audio through third-party headphones is good. Unlike M20, the Galaxy M10 lacks fingerprint scanner.

Samsung galaxy m10 for sale | Q-Towns

Having said that, it has support for Face recognition. With face unlock, it takes good 3 sec to unlock the phone, which might frustrate you at times. In terms of design, the M10 and M20 look similar with waterdrop displays and plastic rear panels. The phones differ mainly in hardware and here's what you need to know. Display: The Galaxy M10 sports a 6.

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  6. Hardware & Performance.

Processor: The Galaxy M10 is powered by a 1. The Galaxy M20 gets a 1.

Software: Both the Galaxy M phones ship with Android 8. These are the first Samsung phones to sport the new display type that sees a droplet-like notch on the top of the display.


This allows for more screen real estate and minimal bezels all around. The M10 gets a 6. The Galaxy M20 is the first Samsung phone to come with this battery, which is pretty impressive. The Galaxy M10 gets a smaller 3,mAh battery, but it should deliver a good battery life as well, considering the basic specs of the device. This is an octa-core chipset based on a 14nm process and is equipped with two Cortex-A73 cores that run at 1.

Samsung says the chipset has been optimised for India to deliver high-end multimedia capabilities.

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