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Xiaomi Mi A3
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More on Xiaomi:

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A thorough petrolhead who loves technology and can talk about bhp and GHz all day long. Xiaomi Mi A3 users will have to wait longer for Android The new Mi A3 software update was 1. Xiaomi Mi A3. Read detailed Xiaomi Mi A3 review. Display 6. More Xiaomi mobiles Xiaomi mobiles price in India. Choose a variant. Further reading: Xiaomi , Xiaomi Mi A3. Aditya Shenoy Email Aditya Aditya has been reviewing gadgets for over 5 years now and began his career reviewing smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Review – Great UX, Long Battery Life & Flagship Styling

Thankfully, Xaiomi managed to squeeze an LED indicator in the top bezel, despite its size and in contrast to many devices. That's something that's been missing far more frequently from all manner of smartphones over the past few years. So it was easy to see when the light turned off that the phone was done charging. Xiaomi didn't slack on the Mi A3 camera either and this review's camera samples via Flicker highlight that. Most of the images I snapped for this test were off-the-cuff, without any real planning. Instead, I took advantage of the fact that Xiaomi's camera typically works well enough without interference and only switched between modes.

This triple-camera array is exceptionally straightforward, with modes lining the bottom-based carousel just below the lens switching icon. Special features for those, including HDR mode, AI scene recognition, and beautification, among others, tucked behind a three-dash icon, can be found at the top of the UI. Each camera tool has its own easy-to-use features. There is a Pro mode for those who like more control over photographic aspects.

Xiaomi includes a night, portrait, panoramic, and standard modes alongside filters and other features. The sole feature that seems to be missing is anything resembling AR stickers. The camera here is held back by several issues too, also shown in the sample gallery. First, the shutter speed is slower than expected and even slower in night mode. That stays the same in every shooting mode. As a result, motion blur can become a problem if the hands aren't kept steady. I also noticed that both in low-light or with night-mode active, color anomalies and artifacts started to appear.

That's particularly apparent in shots where light and colors aren't quite as they should be in night mode shots in the sample gallery. Pixelation is more prevalent than I'd like there too.

Xiaomi Mi A3

In portrait mode, similar anomalies occur. A photo taken in portrait mode of a tree, for instance, showed blackened pixels appearing just along the edge of the bark. The Sony megapixel primary sensor used by Xiaomi is great, but not enough to leave behind the fact that this is a 'budget' device. It's 8-megapixel ultra-wide sensor, 2-megapixel depth sensor, and megapixel selfie snapper aren't quite enough for that either. Audio with this smartphone is an odd mix of things that work and don't, not unlike the camera. With that said, anybody who considers themselves an audiophile should probably avoid this phone.

The biggest drawback is that it passed up an opportunity to genuinely provide great audio. For movies and similar media, it works great. The speakers are well balanced and there's plenty of punch, without any distortion until the highest volumes are reached. But therein lies another problem. These speakers just aren't as loud as some contemporary devices either.

That's not true stereo either since sound only comes from the bottom-firing speakers. They're impressive given the price but not as good as they could have been. Over headphones, the audio is surprisingly not as great in terms of balance. Clarity is high and distortion is non-existent while Audio tends toward the bass side of things. The real issues creep in when it comes to connected options. Over Bluetooth, the audio quality itself is almost perfect thanks to Xiaomi's use of Bluetooth 5.

The connection itself, whether because of antenna placement or something else, is surprisingly bad with some devices. Not every device exhibited the problem.

Some would completely cut out and jump back in every few dozen seconds. That happened at regular intervals regardless of distancing. For Bluetooth accessories such as lighting and wearables, that didn't present a problem. It did for audio. Other connections with this smartphone worked brilliantly, as did the earpiece and mics.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Price in India, Full Specs - 21st March | Digit

I never saw those speeds with the Xiaomi Mi A3 during my review. As with any device in this price bracket, a number of drawbacks and caveats exist across the board. Those drawbacks mostly appear far less impactful than with the bulk of competing devices.