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Nixing the watchband hinge for this sound bar hinge served a practical purpose while also maintaining the device's premium look. The C comes with Dolby Atmos Audio software to enhance its new speakers, which lets you choose customized sound preferences for movies, music, games, and voice. There's also a "personalized" profile that you can customize further by manipulating the surround visualizer, dialogue enhancer, and volume leveler.

The speaker itself is just fine, but aside from the fact that it was never unintentionally blocked, it didn't wow me.

I expected it to be much louder than it actually was: while on the default Atmos Audio sound settings, I turned the volume up to , and, unlike when I've tested other laptops and convertibles, I wasn't afraid of my neighbors being irritated by the loud music. It's boisterous enough to fill my entire living room and tiny, attached kitchen, but the music was faint when I moved to the opposite end of my apartment.

Lenovo went all-in with Dolby on this one, and it may convince some users that the C is better equipped as a media consumption device. Although, I think its convertible design and the Dolby audio profiles do more for the device than the HDR features. The flexibility of convertibles makes them inherently better for watching videos and listening to music since they can fit better into nontraditional environments.

Since HDR on portable PCs isn't quite the same as HDR on TVs, users will likely notice the audio improvements particularly those they choose to edit and customize more than the visual ones. The C also has new far-range mics so it can pick up commands you say to Cortana and Alexa. As far as connectivity goes, Lenovo rearranged the ports slightly on the C, but it doesn't gain or lose anything significant from the C Only the power button lives on its right side, while a USB-A 3.

Lenovo Promotion

The C borrows some design elements from ThinkPad keyboards, although the two aren't exactly the same. The keys have that rounded-with-a-flat-top look, but their 1. There also isn't a TrackPoint in the center of the keys, which will disappoint some. However, I enjoyed typing on the C even if it couldn't replicate my experience with this year's ThinkPad X1 Carbon. The space below the keyboard holds a moderately sized trackpad and a fingerprint reader, the latter of which sits underneath the arrow keys at the bottom-right corner of keys.

The C convertible doesn't come with an IR camera, nor is it an optional feature, so the fingerprint reader is the only form of Windows Hello biometric authentication available. When looking down at the keyboard and trackpad, the chassis looks pretty standard. But hidden in the back corner of the C, diagonal to the power button on its top-right corner, is a garage that holds the active pen.

Like most convertibles, last year's C didn't have a good way to keep its active pen in check. Lenovo fixed this on this year's convertible by sticking the pen into the device, where it sits waiting and charging for you to use it. The pen itself isn't my favorite—it's short and quite thin, making it difficult to hold and nothing like holding a regular pen or pencil. But it does make up for that with its pressure sensitivity and low-latency performance.

The best Mixed Reality headset yet?

Its two side buttons also come in handy, too, giving you quick access to erasers, right-click menus, and more depending on the program you're using. While the active pen won't win any ergonomic awards, I love its home in the C because it makes the pen one less thing I have to remember when I take the convertible out of my office or out of my home altogether.

It's great that Lenovo includes the pen in the C's price, but it's even better that it's kept neatly and securely with the convertible at all times. The active pen is almost always accessible, too, only blocked by the lid when it's at a specific angle. Unsurprisingly, it served me well as my primary work notebook during my testing days.

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I never experienced any lag or stuttering, although the fans were quick to make noise even when I was doing fairly light Web browsing. They aren't anywhere near as noisy as the fans on Huawei's Matebook X Pro , but you'll be able to hear them if you're working in a quiet room. We're interested to see how the Yoga C's performance compares to that of the updated Spectre x 13, which will be available this November.

Lenovo estimates the Yoga C convertible will last between nine and 14 hours on a single charge, and our testing proved that to be true. It lasted an average of minutes, or just under 13 hours, on our Wi-Fi battery test and an average of minutes, or just over 11 hours, on our WebGL test. That's an above-average Wi-Fi score and a killer WebGL score, as all of the top competing devices Matebook x Pro, XPS 13, Notebook 9 Pen , and others lasted half that amount of time on the graphics-intensive test at best.

How to find out if your Lenovo is infected with the Superfish adware and remove it - CNET

Lenovo came out of the gate strong with the Yoga C convertible. It's a solid notebook to reintroduce the Yoga line as Lenovo's premium consumer family. While ThinkPads are arguably more premium than Yogas, Lenovo still categorizes them as workplace or commercial devices. Lenovo is particularly good at taking important features—webcam shutters, booming speakers, integrated active pens, and more—and thoughtfully incorporating them into a device's design without using gimmicks.

Lenovo's notebooks, the C and the ThinkPad X1 Carbon alike, may not be the flashiest ultrabooks available, but they are understatedly attractive while being powerful to boot. That being said, the Yoga C isn't the device for you if you want a lighter, more customizable device that also has that signature ThinkPad keyboard experience.

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The X1 Carbon scratches that itch, and you'll pay for it with the device's higher price tag. The only problem is that nobody actually asked for this software, and it persisted between clean installs of Windows. In a July 31 security bulletin it vaguely refers to a vulnerability found in the Lenovo Service Engine that found a way attackers could exploit the mechanism by using a malicious server to install software.

Users do not appear to receive it automatically. The revelation is one that makes me slightly nervous: a truly clean, untouched install of Windows is now very difficult to achieve and computer manufacturers are quietly installing software without user knowledge. When we asked Lenovo for comment, they directed us back to the bulletin that describes the patch.

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