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Even did a full factory reset, but that does not help. Not sure if you still have this issue, but I had exactly the same after my phone was updated to Android 9. Turned out that on my phone it optimized all applications per default for battery usage after the Pie upgrade. As most applications won't get a direct GPS fix upon entry they will retry and this is what the Battery Optimization won't allow and thus you get no GPS. After this change I had a direct GPS fix again after it calculated the route for the selected application.

Hope it helps in your case as well. The problem is still there for me, i changed the settings as you mentioned, lets see what happens. One last addition you might want to check is regarding location accuracy. It seems that there are double settings that work against each other somehow only other change I did for the GPS stuff.

Now try again to see if it works obviously somewhere outside! The Google Location Accuracy seems to somewhat or perhaps completely overlap with the Wi-Fi scanning option above. With me both were switched on. Really hope this is the final trick to get your device going as it was annoying me greatly and can imagine for you and others that is the same! Tomorrow I'm gonna test use wase to confirm if it's solve. I to have same problems after update, will try solutions offered by other users posts.

I'll update post if successful. GPS is working ok, both in default and solutions provided. Navigation works on Google maps in car and walking, no loss of GPS signal. However will add Google maps timeline results just show straight lines between areas that I've been, they don't show streets that I've travelled. I tried chaning the wifi location scanning options, google location modes, I even did a factory reset. Nothing helps.

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Is there some way to test if this is a software or hardware problem? The test application you mentioned - how did you use it?

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I tried googling it, but there is very little information about it. View All. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

Motorola Moto G6 Review (Best Android phone under $150???)

See our Sustainability Report. This website uses cookies. That allows for the option of one-button navigation instead of the typical Android on-screen controls — something Motorola's been doing for the last few years, well before Google unveiled its plans to introduce gestures with Android P. Fortunately, the company didn't use that opportunity to eliminate the headphone jack, which remains situated next to the charging port on the phone's bottom edge. The G6 isn't IP-certified for water resistance, though Motorola says it's given the phone a water-repellent nano-coating. That should at least stave off damage from splashes.

Disappointingly, NFC once again isn't part of the package, which means you won't be using the G6 to make any payments in stores via the Google Pay mobile wallet.

Extra-wide displays have trickled down to budget devices, and so the one in the Moto G6 doesn't bring much we haven't seen from other modestly priced smartphones. The 5.

Moto G6 Review: All the Phone You Need for $250

That's perfectly adequate for an LCD. If you need a little more intensity, you can use the optional Vibrant color profile, which dials up the saturation. This suited the trailer for the upcoming fantasy-adventure film Mowgli, where the jungles of India popped off of the screen with warmth and lushness.

Color accuracy remains a strong point of Motorola's budget phones. The G6 notched a Delta-E score of 0. However, the G6's peak brightness failed to impress when we measured the display with our light meter.

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At nits, Motorola's phone was just below the nit smartphone average. By comparison, the G5 Plus turned in nits — impressive given that phone's price, but also one of the brightest panels we tested last year in any handset. Motorola has brought its dual-lens imaging tech to the Moto G6. Like the Galaxy S9 with its Live Focus mode, the Moto G6 allows you to change the strength of the background blur after shooting.

Secure phone

Motorola has also given the G6's camera Google Lens-like capabilities that allow it to identify landmarks and objects in the frame. The phone also has a document-scanning mode that converts what it sees into editable text. The G6's Smart Camera, as it's called, identified objects accurately in my experience, though it took upward of 20 seconds on average to return results. That's much too long, especially considering Google Lens is available from within the Photos app and surfaces results instantly.

Special features aside, the Moto G6's cameras are as close to average as any you'll find at this price. Normally, photos on sunny days are a cakewalk for even the least expensive handsets, but the G6 painted this scene in a park in unrealistically cool tones. The Android One-powered Nokia 6. I used this sign to test the Moto G6's selective-focus capabilities, and the dual-camera system did an adequate job of separating the foreground from the background. The detail on the sign itself is also commendable compared to the Nokia 6.

Indoors, the Moto G6 turned in a surprisingly balanced low-light picture of a collection of vinyl figures. There's certainly some noise and a fair bit of blurriness, but overall, it's an improvement on the Nokia's relatively dim shot, which allowed some color from the figures themselves to bleed into the rest of the frame. Rounding out the comparisons are a couple of selfies from both phones, where the Nokia 6. The G6 appears to have a penchant for overly saturated colors, while Nokia's budget phone kept everything in check, with crisp detail and hues that were realistic, rather than dramatic.

It's not quite as capable as the G6, but it takes better photos.

Secure phone - Motorola Moto G6 Plus - Android - Device Guides

On paper, the Moto G6's Snapdragon processor might seem like a serious step back from the Snapdragon , which delivered an excellent experience in the G5 Plus. However, Qualcomm's latest series chipset functionally equals the power of the older silicon in most use cases, so the difference is negligible. I certainly didn't notice any hiccups switching between apps in the background, exploring my surroundings using Google Maps or juggling an assortment of tabs in Chrome. The Moto G6's result in Geekbench 4, which measures general performance, demonstrated that the new device outperforms its predecessor, if only by a little bit.

Where the G5 Plus posted a score of 3,, the G6 achieved 3, In 3DMark's Ice Storm Unlimited benchmark the graphics test we typically use for low- and mid-range handsets , the G6 managed a 12, score, while the G5 Plus edged it at 13, Like the Honor 7X, the Nokia 6. But if you're an avid mobile gamer who needs something that can handle more-hardcore multiplayer games like PUBG Mobile, the G6's choppy framerate and low-detail visuals aren't going to cut it. With a 3,mAh battery and Qualcomm's energy-sipping processor, we expected the Moto G6 to deliver battery life on par with that of its predecessors.

Unfortunately, things didn't go as well as expected.

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