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  1. Software to Unlock Samsung Galaxy M20 by AFGHANTAJIKGSM
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Thulo Group of Companies. We Accept. Here's what the Essential Phone 2 and 3 would have looked like. The Nokia 8. Months-old bug in iOS 13 remains unfixed, keeps draining users' mobile data. Verizon closes company-owned stores; some authorized resellers remain open. Iron Man just leaked the OnePlus 8 Pro in the wild, confirming quad camera system.

What's the status of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger? It's a date, say deal-closing bankers. Hot phones. You can read that here. If you have too many apps open, the UI starts to stutter and become slow. It also takes time to switch between apps and simple apps like the dialer takes a few seconds too many to load. You will also observe lag while using the camera. It takes a noticeable time to switch from the primary camera to the wide-angle lens. Having said that, the Galaxy M20 also comes with a host of Samsung-exclusive features.

These are features that made the Galaxy S9 and the Note 9 so attractive. It has a dedicated game launcher that allows you to record gameplay and mute notifications, alongside a lot of options to customise the look and feel of the phone.

Software to Unlock Samsung Galaxy M20 by AFGHANTAJIKGSM

However, that may not be as good as you might think as the app store has a tendency to bombard you with notifications throughout the day. The lockscreen not only changes wallpaper every time you unlock but also shows you latest news updates, most of which are clickbait articles with little to no curation. The feature is called Lockscreen Stories and you can change your preferences or disable it altogether from the Settings app.

However, the feature itself makes the unlock process slow. There is a significant, often annoying, delay between pressing the power button and the screen lighting up. The new Samsung Experience 9. The camera on the Samsung Galaxy M20 is unique, at least for the price it is offered at.

The sheer presence of a wide-angle camera is disruptive, considering no other smartphone in this budget segment offers the ability to take wide-angle photos. The 5MP ultra-wide angle camera offers a degree field of view, allowing for more objects to come in the frame. However, the wide-angle camera suffers from the same drawbacks that the ones on the Galaxy A7 and the Galaxy A9 do. You can't tap to focus on an object when in the wide-angle mode, as the focus is set to infinity.

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The wide-angle camera is also unable to balance out the exposure for the subject. The photos often come out dark, lacking details.

1. Essential Android 10 update

The feature comes up once you have taken the photo. Using it, the warped lines are straightened out, but the photo itself gets cropped out quite a bit. The wide-angle lens is also only useful till sunset. Post that, anything you take comes out dark and noisy. The 5MP sensor is just too less to capture details well-enough. An ultra-wide angle camera is surely a good thing to have in a mid-range smartphone as it makes room for experimentation.

However, not having access to this camera in Pro Mode or even video mode is somewhat of a disappointment. It also captures a lot of details that are noticeable in close-up shots.


It also managed to make the colours in the frame pop out, for instance, the bright orange cover on the truck in the sample below, or the green logo in the next one. That helps get crisp, vibrant photos. Indoors, however, the noise starts to show even when the frame is well-lit, as the sample below will tell you.

It only works when the camera detects a face, and it does the subject segmentation using software. As a result, the background blur looks quite artificial, almost like most Honor phones in that price range.

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Getting the feature to work is quite cumbersome. You need to be exactly a meter away for the blurring to work. It takes a lot of time to process the shot in the background, and in between you can take another portrait shot. Unfortunately, Live Focus mode does not offer any adjustment of the amount of blur being applied to the photo. The Galaxy M20 also belongs to the group of phones that fails to capture good photos in low-light. Furthermore, the colours appear faded.