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  1. How to Spy on Viber Messages Without Having Access to the Phone?
  2. It’s your chance to track your kids and workers
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How to Spy on Viber Messages Without Having Access to the Phone?

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It’s your chance to track your kids and workers

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Highfliers drip — dries. Buggery is somatizing after the comfortingly recreative whipstock. The Rich Media message type allows sending messages with pre-defined layout, including height rows number , width columns number , text, images and buttons. Below you will find an exmaple of a Carousel Content Message, that allows a user to scroll through a list of items, each composed of an image, description and call to action button. Sending one button is also permitted. The parameters for Rich Media message and its buttons are also used for Keyboards.

You can find additional information on them in the following article. The client will always display the last keyboard that was sent to it. Keyboards can be attached to any message type and be sent and displayed together.

Sending a message to a user will be possible only after the user has subscribed to the bot by sending a message to the bot. The ability to send broadcast messages is only opened on application and approval from Viber account managers. Maximum total JSON size of the request is 30kb. The maximum list length is receivers. The Broadcast API is used to send messages to multiple recipients with a rate limit of requests in a 10 seconds window.

This mandatory parameter defines the recipients for the message.

Track Viber Messages in Details

Every user must be subscribed and have a valid user id. For example this should be a part of the full JSON body :. The place holders can appear anywhere in the message, even in tracking data. The list of the place holders:. The account admin will be able to edit most of these details from his Viber client. This request can be sent twice during a 12 hours period for each user ID.

Viber tracker, Phone tracker. - Tele Radio Sciacca

The API supports up to user id per request and those users must be subscribed to the account. Each callback will contain a signature on the JSON passed to the callback. In case the webhook is offline Viber will re-try to deliver the callback until HTTP status code is received. There will be a retry attempt after 5 seconds, and then another after 1 minute and 5 seconds. Before an account can send messages to a user, the user will need to subscribe to the account.

Subscribing can take place if the user sends a message to the bot - when a user sends its first message to a bot the user will be automatically subscribed to the bot. Sending the first message will not trigger a subscribe callback, only a message callback see receive message from user section. This means that if a user had a conversation with a service and then chose to unsubscribe and subscribe again, a new conversation will be started without any information related to the old conversation.

The user will have the option to unsubscribe from the PA. This will trigger an unsubscribed callback. See sending a welcome message below for more information. The receiver parameter is not mandatory in this case. The Viber API allows sending messages to users only after they subscribe to the account. To learn more about this event and when is it triggered see Conversation started in the callbacks section. An example welcome message would look like this:.

If the message recipient is using their Viber account on multiple devices, each of the devices will return a delivered and a seen status. This means that several callbacks can be received for a single message. If Viber is unable to deliver the message to the client it will try to deliver it for up to 14 days. Since some of the message validations take place on the server while the others take place on the client, some messages may only fail after reaching the client. In such cases the flow will be as follows:. Excluding file type, all message types are supported for sending from bot to user and from user to bot.

These include: text , picture , video , contact , URL and location. The following callback data describes the structure of messages sent from user to PA. The callback message parameters depend on the type of message.

Android 4 — PC Windows. MacOS You can monitor you childs phone, including Android and iPhone, from any internet connected device after creating an online account with WebWatcher. For Android, you will need to download an app to your childs phone and then pair that app with your online WebWatcher account.

Cell Phone Spy Software – Hidden Spyware – Surveillance App

For iPhone, you will need to connect the child phone to your local PC or Mac one time. Either process takes only a few minutes, though WebWatcher support will provide step by step assistance if needed. WebWatcher and Screen Time are both highly ranked apps that help parents with the dangers of the Internet.