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  1. Honor 20, hands on: A high-quality mid-range smartphone, with complications courtesy of Huawei
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The hole-punch camera continues to be a brilliant feature, as it effectively disappears when playing games in landscape orientation, and is small enough not to be intrusive or distracting at other times. Honor has made the body 7. Honor has dropped the telephoto zoom feature on the Pro model for the Honor 20, replacing it with a 2-megapixel depth sensing sensor. This makes the camera less versatile than with the 8-megapixel telephoto lens, and unable to match the impressive zoom capabilities.

But it can still take some really excellent photos. Night mode is great, capturing realistic colors with an effective white balance for natural-looking low-light photos.

Like the Honor 20 Pro, there were a few problems with focusing and over-exposure of overcast skies, but this is likely a software issue that will be cured in the future. It has to last you a couple of years, so why not get the best? Because internally the Honor 20 is basically the same as the Honor 20 Pro, the same downsides exist with the software. There are too many pre-installed apps, including Amazon Alexa as an alternative voice assistant to Google Assistant. Visually Magic UI 2.

Honor 20, hands on: A high-quality mid-range smartphone, with complications courtesy of Huawei

Here is all you need to know about the Honor Here's a device list and expected release date of EMUI 10 update, beta program, and more. Huawei indicates that the devices will receive the beta version in December month. The ban doesn't affect the Android 10 rollout for Huawei and Honor devices. Updated on February 18, EMUI 10 is the latest software version based on Android 10 and comes with new changes and improvements made to the user interface and enhanced user experience..

And we brought you the latest news, rollout date, features, and more.

Honor 20 review | TechRadar

Welche Smartphones von Samsung, Huawei und Co. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. Honor is desperate to please. It begs you to like its phones. The Honor 20 Pro is its first lead model for But should you buy either? The Honor 20 Pro has two little tech extras not seen elsewhere, but they are subtler than a fresh screen shape.

This brings its rear camera total to four, in one of the most transparent cases of tech Top Trumps seen in a while. There is an awful lot to like about the Honor 20 Pro, but these two new elements are in fact its main problems.

What is Huawei's EMUI 10?

The wider a lens aperture, the more light it lets in. However, it also demands larger lens elements of higher quality. Optical aberrations are trickier to correct the wider the aperture becomes, even with tiny phone lenses.

It is very prone to low-light lens flare. But the sensor is a two megapixel chip that would barely cut it as the selfie camera in a cheap phone. This macro camera cannot produce a good account of any of it. There are other problems too. What does this show? Their actual results are secondary considerations. This paints a pretty poor image of the Honor 20 Pro, a cynical one. However, they are extras in an otherwise great phone. It is as powerful as the Huawei P30 Pro.

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