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  1. WhatsApp, Telegram don't keep media files secure once they're on your phone
  2. 4 Huawei Mate 20 series phones with Leica triple lens camera launched: Price, availability
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Go to the Best Answer. View best answer in original post. Hi I lost all hope but then came across a solution. In the Fitbit app I have a blaze but tap on the device and then tap notifications and all the options should be on there. My Ionic doesn't sync with my p20 Pro either. Hopefully there will be a solution as I'm thinking of exchanging the phone for something else. Thx for your reply.

WhatsApp, Telegram don't keep media files secure once they're on your phone

I hope there will be a quick solution. Funnily enough the next day my Fitbit stopped working with notifications again and can't get them back Anything here help?? Yes, yes yes! It works!!!!

4 Huawei Mate 20 series phones with Leica triple lens camera launched: Price, availability

Thank you, thank you! Bit of a further update , if your phone stops sending notification , just restart your phone I found this out last night , for some reason when you phone left for a while the app goes into a deep sleep , Turing Bluetooth on or off has no effect , Turing notification on and off has no effect , restarting the watch has no effect , I also check huwawei push service that's the bit that's sends notification and mad sure that was not sleeping it wasn't , the only things Ng that kickstrats it is a phone restart but once you do that notification work and will continue to work while us Ng your phone or there is movement , only seem t happen when leaving phone or on charge over night , so I would imagine there will be a fox for it but really terrible app and software.

Yep happened, had to restart indeed.

Key Android Pie update features

Yep happened to me, had to restart indeed. Many people have this problem.

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This doesnt seem to work for me. At best I was getting about 30 minutes of syncing then it stops and says restart. I do that and no notifications -- the app still says restart to get notifications. My pebble still works perfectly which is frustrating and no other bluetooth issues whatsoever with my phone. I came up with only 1 solutions that works and to be fair it will have to do until fitbit adds the p20 pro to its list of compatible devices.

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This fix works for iconic. If you close app for any reason notifications will stop.. You will have to restart phone and manually sync again for them to work.. Remember to leave app running in the background. This uses hardly any battery.. I've been using this for 3 days now with no issues.

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I've also noticed no matter what I do I can't get automatic sync to work.. The issue is not the watch nor phone it's the app.. It's not communicating correctly with the phones background system's. As I said its 3 days now with only 1 issue.. If I turn the app or phone off I've to reboot phone then manually sync watch but no other issues apart from auto sync.

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Huawei Mate 30: should you buy it?

Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. In case, it gets too overwhelming for you, Telegram has also added a bunch of new presets for themes too. Telegram first introduced Scheduled messages back in September and has now updated the feature to send messages when the user comes online. They have also improved venue sharing, allowing users to tap a place directly on the map to select it. Another cool feature is the ability to view search results from a chat in a list view.

Now you do not have to go through one by one, instead see them all together in a list.

How to fix the Huawei Notification Problem

For Android users specifically, the telegram update includes easier night mode switch, sleeker app animations, multi sharing from other apps and more. For iOS users, there are more text sizes support, the ability to choose your external browser, faster account switching and more.